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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Newly Immigrants My name is Tony, aged 44 and I am from Burnley, Lancashire originally but lived in Newcastle upon Tyne for 13 years. I work as a Rehabilitation Consultant but hoping to go back to Teaching/Training. My wife is Jane aged 42, originally from Leicester and she is a Cancer Nurse. We having living with us is our daughter Shannon aged 20 and she works a Café Worker (she like to party) also another daughter Charlotte aged 15 and attends Henley Beach High School (Fantastic School). We have Son called Nathan aged 24 who use to live with us in Adelaide but now lives in the Gold Coast with his son - our Grandson aged 19 months. We have lived in Adelaide for nearly four years now and have been through many ups and downs from constantly moving rental properties every six months, I have had six jobs in three years, two shoulder surgeries and one back surgery and possibly another two back surgeries to undertake sometime in the near future. Nathan and Shannon hated Adelaide and wanted to go back to Newcastle upon Tyne during the first 20 months of being here (Worst time of my life) and there have been so many other issues we have been through. Nevertheless we have made some great genuine loving friends, who have now become our family and we have become their family. In fact we have gained so many good friends it absolutely brilliant having friends, we are constantly socialising, either by going out for drinks, attending BBQ's, having meals in and out, attending concerts and sporting events, etc., and you know what? Friends over here make more of an effort to remain in contact with you than your good friends back in the UK, they ring you everyday asking how you are, you are always being invited round to their homes and so on..... The purpose of this message is that we would like to offer our genuine friendship. We enjoy meeting new people, regardless what race, ethnicity, gender, single male or female, age, etc... We enjoy socialising and we completely understand where newly immigrants to Adelaide are going through. I promise you that once you have met good genuine friends, life in Adelaide becomes amazing and you become more content. We understand that we may not be the type of family you would become friends with, but at least you have made the effort to socialise and to meet new friends. If you do not get along with us - fair enough that's life, however, we may have introduced you to one of our many other friends who may become good friends with. We live in Fulham Gardens (Western Suburbs) very near Grange, Henley Beach, Seaton, West Lakes, Glenelg and Brighton. Shannon is willing to show young adults the Adelaide nightlife, Charlotte is willing to introduce her teenage friends to other teenagers, (male or female). Jane and I are not bothered if you have young children, the young children can enjoy our large swimming pool, seen as we never get the chance to watch young kids have fun in the swimming pool. Please don't be shy! Get in touch with us and we can go from there. By the way we completely understand that if you tell your teenage kids or your young adult children that you are trying to gain friends with us and they have kids of the same age, it will be a NO - NO for them. So my advise is don't tell them and we will trick them into meeting each other on the day. LOL. Been there done that. All my kids friends are via me arranging meeting with their parents and who are still my fantastic friends, I even got a Grandson out of it..... You can respond to me on here or via Personal Message or leave you phone number via PM and I will give you a phone call. I hope to here from you soon. Tony and Family

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