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Found 28 results

  1. We have recently moved back to Adelaide after 17 years in America. We have a 17 & 19 year old and would love to meet other expats with late teens that have moved to Adelaide. Let me know if this is you! Thanks Kym
  2. Hello Ladies and Gents, After the wonderful success of our meet up last Friday (19th June) at BSS. We've decided to arrange a couple more. It was wonderful to meet so many nice people the other night. Thank you all for coming, and for bringing your partners/ friends. The next two will be as follows (providing you lovely people are interested). One on Friday 10th July from 7pm onwards in Adelaide CBD (open to suggestions of where), and another, long lunch from 12pm onwards on Sunday 12th July in Glenelg at The Moseley Hotel. As always there is no charge for any of this (you just purchase your own food and drinks). It's always a great chance to meet new people and have a bit of a laugh. It's open to anyone (Friday night is over 18s only as it will be in a pub), Sunday is open to people of all ages, and you don't have to be a POM - any and all nationalities welcome. Please register your interest for either event below, and feel free to invite others. Please also suggest a pub where we can meet on the Friday evening. I'll set up separate events pages for each event (you can come to both if you like). With the Sunday meal I will be asking for "firm" confirmations closer to the time so that I can book us a table. Looking forward to it!!
  3. Ladies and Gents, Who fancies meeting some new friends and having a little bit of a laugh by the beach whilst enjoying a nice lunch? We'll be having a long lunch from 12pm onwards TODAY (Sunday 12th July) in Glenelg at The Moseley Hotel. We've booked a table under the name "Karen Davies" in the downstairs restaurant. As always there is no charge (you just purchase your own food and drinks). It's always a great chance to meet new people and have a bit of a laugh. It's open to people of all ages, and you don't have to be a POM - any and all nationalities welcome. Please feel free to PM me or just turn up. I've set up an event on Facebook, the link is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1591820054403672/ **Incidentally, if you have kids and would like to bring them along, then you're very welcome: they do have a kids menu on the website, but there's no play area for the kids**
  4. Hello Everyone, Just a little reminder that the meet up tonight is happening at Madame Hanoi​ Bar & Restaurant in the Adelaide Casino on North Terrace in the CBD (practically on top of the train station). Official meeting time is 7pm, but a few of us will be there from 6.15pm. As always there is no charge (just buy your own drinks and food). We don't have a table booked as yet, but they do have tables available from 8.30pm if anyone fancies some food. Since it's in the Casino, it may be a good idea to ensure that you have photo ID on you and that you check out their dress code - it actually seems quite chilled but states as follows: Dress code The following will not be permitted at Adelaide Casino: Torn clothes Gang patches or other insignia Dirty clothes or footwear Clothing featuring offensive language or imagery As always: if there are any newbies who are a little shy or just don't fancy walking in on their own then feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to meet you outside and walk in with you For those of you who are interested, we have set up a Facebook page which can be found here: *event passed -FB link removed For those that aren't keen on Facebook then feel free to PM me (on here or on Facebook), or ask any questions on this thread. As always: everyone and anyone (over the age of 18) is very welcome: all nationalities, backgrounds and cultures - the more the merrier!
  5. Hello Everyone! I would like to let you all know that we are going to be meeting for drinks on Friday 19th June from 6pm onwards at Bank Street Social. Anyone is welcome: new members, established ones, young, un-young (you just have to be over 18 as it's in a bar) :-) Only "rule" is that you must be friendly and try say hello to everyone (don't worry - we are all in the same boat and happy to meet new people - it's always a bit never wracking the first time). Details below for anyone who doesn't know where it is. Bank Street Social https://www.facebook.com/bankstsocial 48 Hindley Street, Adelaide SA 5000 FYI - this is one of those bars where they like you to 'dress appropriately' - so shoes, a nice top and skirt/ pants (basically no thongs). Who's game? PM me or message on here and we can set up an FB group or whatever
  6. Hello Everybody! Thought it might be nice to organise a little meet up in the CBD on Friday 21st November from around 5pm...just gauging interest right now - does this suit everyone? There's been some interest from a few different people of different ages and backgrounds so it really would be a 'free for all'. If you're interested how about you reply with your name, age, place of origin and a few interests - just so we can start the ball rolling and get a bit of conversation going? Also if you have a particular meeting place in mind then feel free to recommend I'll start it off with: NAME: Karen AGE: 33 years young FROM: North Wales INTERESTS: Live music, comedy shows, outdoor exercise, wine tours and nice food!
  7. Hi Ladies and Gents, A few of us are going out this weekend - you're very welcome to join us, here's where we are going: Saturday 3rd May - 8pm onwards Sweet Streets - a pop event held in Leigh St and Peel St in the CBD - here's the website: http://www.tastingaustralia.com.au/sweet-streets.htm Sunday 4th May - 11am-5pm Tasting at the Bay, Partridge House, Glenelg, here's the website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1481165692096450/ Both events are free to attend. You just pay for any food/ drink you buy. Let us know if you fancy either Karen
  8. Anyone interested in this? Town Picnic Saturday 12th April 2014 - 11am-5pm Rymill Park Sounds like it's going to be a great family event (you can even bring your dog) - free entry - bring your own picnic or pre-order one online. Here's the website with the info: http://adelaidefoodandwinefestival.org/home/portfolio/townpicnic/ Also there will be a “how to drink wine with an excitable dog” wine class for dogs and owners in the foodie dog arena at 2.15pm - how good is that?! Would love to meet people there - we have a fair few PIA's going already so you won't be on your own - don't worry if you don't know anyone - that's the point! And if you DO know people, then great!! Who's up for it?
  9. Hey guys, Sorry for the short notice, however a few of us are heading over to Fork On The Road (FOTR) tonight at 7ish for some food, drinks and a good laugh - please feel free to join us - anyone welcome, young/ old/ male/ female/ hemaphradite/ a-sexual...etc etc. Be great to meet some new (and not so new) people. Just PM me for contact details. Cheers! Karen PS Websites for the event are here if you want to know more: http://forkontheroad.com.au/discoforkapril4/
  10. Hello fellow forumites I will be applying for south Australian state sponsorship for 190 visa. I think, I need some real friends from South Australia as it is asked in the application . so in this respect, I am looking at this forum to get genuine friends to keep me informed on the real situations in South Australia. I think having some friends in SA will help me in a long way to get myself well stabilised when I make the move in the near future Pm me if you want a genuine friend you can help to realise his dream of migrating to oz. Thanks.
  11. Ah goodness me! It has taken us AGES to finally sit down at the computer and write up our recce to Adelaide. We got back on 17 Feb, but seem to have all had awful jet lag (very weird as we didn’t have any jet lag out there, thank the lord!) and haven’t been able to keep our eyes open long enough to do anything in the evenings! We did want to write it up, however, as we can’t contain how awesome the place, the accommodation and all the friends we met out in Adelaide are. Now not jet lagged, we are simply just depressed that we can’t come out and settle immediately (DAMN YOU, AHPRA. HURRY THE HELL UP!!!) We had an, ahem, interesting, flight via Singapore and Perth (only saw the airports, sadly) with 14 month old twins on laps and a 4 year old. Quick tips: 1. Don’t have twins. Just don’t. And if you do, don’t fly with them without a stopover to Australia when they’re 1.....(hehehe!) 2. Sky cots are, I’m sure amazing for tiny babies, but any baby over 6 months, just forget it. They’re too small to sit a decent sized little person into and placed too high to manoeuvre a sleeping baby into. If baby magically falls asleep in said cot, you have to remove them at any sign of turbulence, therefore beginning the long process of boring them to sleep again. 3. If you have a tiny baby and/or your children are a little more adaptable then ours don’t fly BA. When the sky cots are in place you can’t get the TV out of the arm of your seat and therefore miss the many fine Bruce Willis offerings, or more importantly, your 4 year old can’t watch Dora....... We did, however, arrive at Adelaide airport in one piece on a glorious sunny afternoon and immediately headed for our rental at Aldinga Beach. We had booked The Dolphin through Judi at Roo’s Rentals. Although it isn’t the most swish place on the Esplanade, it turned out to be absolutely perfect for us. The view from the house and front garden is breathtaking. Lord knows how much you would pay for a view like it in a resort. We would wake up to see families of dolphins swimming past and sit on the veranda and watch the most beautiful sunsets at night. Incredible! It has a beach house feel and is reasonably basic inside, but we soon realised that open plan Australian houses are very good for letting little ‘uns run around without falling over each other – a revelation to us, who spend most of our time in our Surrey semi treading on toes! Judi herself is awesome. She bravely put up with us firing questions at her about emigrating, whilst our little ones smeared various foodstuff about the property and was more than happy to help at the end of the phone when we managed to trip the electricity. Oop! Fantastic lady. Fantastic rental. Thank you! As far as Adelaide is concerned we found all the surrounding suburbs totally stunning. At first whilst looking at houses we were adamant that a beachside location was the way forward, until we considered the price difference! So, having met up with a lovely couple who lived in Aberfoyle Park we found that most neighbourhoods have local parks which is great if you have small children. There is no point going into boring detail about where we liked, what we did etc. Suffice to say that what made us feel at home instantly was the support and help that we received from people on this community forum. Everyone has been there, done it and got the t-shirt so were very helpful in giving us their experiences. Especially Rob and Mel and Julia down at Aldinga. We went to a bbq when we first arrived and Jason was very helpful in giving us his experience of nursing over there. So, a massive, huge, enormous thank you to all of you who helped us and we feel like we have made good friends and a base already. The trip was a cross between entertaining the kids, who love the beach and trying to look at work opps, living expenses and doing menial (but necessary) task such as opening a bank account. We did so much on the trip that we were not happy to be going home. Suffice to say the flight home was ‘ahem’ interesting and we are grateful that we have no learnt to break it up with a layover overnight somewhere. The UK upon return is still the same cold, frosty dank place it has always been and we were ever so grateful to have the National Census land on our doorstep yesterday, which apparently is illegal NOT to fill out! I love you Con-dems....and especially you David Cameron. Back to the grindstone, and awaiting interviews, processing of nursing registration and just waiting (semi) patiently until the time arrives for us to pack up and finally come. You may have gathered that I (Nigel) have taken over the writing part from Catherine halfway through this recce, and I am not as eloquent in my writing presentation or descriptive as she is, so I will sign off now. Suffice to say, the recce was a must do. We believe that it would be too much to just ‘dive in’ and we are grateful for the opportunity to do some research. Plan for the flight if you have kids, pack minimally. Speak to people over in Oz, make yourself available, take the help and also be willing to help others. It struck us that you need to speak to people and become part of things. You cannot just stay British and have a prideful stiff upper lip expecting that things will happen! Winners MAKE things happen, losers LET things. Stay open minded and enjoy the sun! A massive thank you to Judi....awesome house roos rentals rock!! Julia----like minded and supremely helpful! Rob and Mel---awesomeness!! Amanda and Jason – great BBQ.....all at the beach meet up and our Scottish friends many thanks and I will reply to your post! Xxxxx Live the dream guys! We are trying too................ :biglaugh:
  12. Hi ladies and gents, Myself and My friend Jen are heading into the CBD today to sample some food, drink and fun! We're up for meeting new friends - we're both in our early 30s and hail from Betws-Y-Coed in Wales and Ballater in Scotland (respectively). If you're game then reply to this thread and we'll come say hello!
  13. Guest

    New mates

    Hi everyone, Moved over about 5 months ago and loving the aussie lifestyle but would be good to make some new mates outside the work crowd to meet up for a few beers etc, if you’re in the same boat give us a shout. Cheers Mike
  14. Hi all, So basically... I hate my job and am counting down the days until I can get the heck outta there!! (If anyone knows of ANY work let me know, like I said, I'm desperate ) Anyway, so now that I'm having a hard time dragging myself out of bed to go to work each morning I think it's about time that I meet some fun people who I can go out and do some CHEAP random fun things with to take my mind off my miserable worklife. I'm originally from Berkshire, lived in Yorkshire for a while, then Dorset, then lived in Melbourne for 4 years and have moved to Adelaide to live with my fiance about 6 months ago. Paddy is also from England (Coventry) and he has plenty of friends through the rugby club he is involved with so I need to give him time to spend alone with his mates as well as giving him a break from my moods. If anyone wants to meet up for waffles in Brighton or a spontaneous paddle down the beach etc. then just pm me and we shall work it out!!! Like I said i'm looking to do things on the cheap (need to save my pennies for when the straw finally breaks the camels back), also I like a social drink or two on a nice warm evening but I'm not a massive drinker so I don't tend to spend Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every week down the pub, it's just not my thing... Hope to hear from some like-minded people. Cheers, Michaela
  15. Lorna

    Meet ups

    How many meet ups are there???? Myself and my partner only arrived a few weeks ago in Adelaide and are looking for new Meet ups. I can see that there is one in Port Noarlunga but sometimes the dates don't suit and it is not always easy to get over there. We live at Henley Beach. thanks
  16. Guest


    Hi my name is mike I am coming out in April 2013 on working hol visa, got a couple of friends in maslin beach area, sodas just popping my head in to say hello, looking forward to my travels
  17. Guest

    Hey! Drinks?

    Hey everyone! This is just a quick post to see if any one wanted to get together for afew drinks. Im 19 years old and im just trying to find some people my own age Cheers, Luke
  18. Hi all I'm a Pom and I've been in Oz for a year (today!) and I'm struggling to meet people my age in the area I currently live in. At the moment, my Aussie husband and I live in Coffin Bay - a beautiful part of Oz but hardly a social hotbed for anyone under 60! (No offence intended to those 60+!) We are thinking about moving to Adelaide (possibly to one of the suburbs such as Mount Barker?) and would love to know if there are people out there who are a similar age to me (34), and my husband (35), so we can get a feel for the place before we make a decision about whether to move there or not. We are both very sociable people, love having a barbie, being outdoors, watching sports, taking the dog and kids out (husband has a 3yr old boy and 4yr old girl from his previous relationship), having people round for dinner and a chat etc. I'm 5 months pregnant so wild party nights out aren't an option at the moment! My husband has moved around Oz a lot as he was in the Navy and then a Police Officer with SAPOL for 10yrs. Therefore his friends are spread all over Oz. He's missing the friendships and social life of being a copper so if there are any coppers/ex-coppers/military/ex-military out there, feel free to get in touch! He's a typical Aussie so he's more than happy to go for a beer or kick a footie about! It would be nice to chat to people who can give me an idea of what it's like to live in/around Adelaide and maybe make a few friends before we move. I'm looking forward to moving to an area where there will be more people our age and more things for us to do! Lou x
  19. Guest


    im 11 and looking for friends moving to adelaide in august
  20. Husbands go off to work, kids are at school and women are home alone and nowhere to go socially... So here is a start to make friends and chat. ***Search for us on Facebook*** "South Adelaide Coffee Mornings & Get Togethers" Kaz (Mum of 3, Seaford)
  21. I'm a young girl who moved to Adelaide a week ago (Henley Beach area) and really need some girly friends to make my stay here a whole lot better. Could get together for some shopping or a few drinks etc. I'm not from England myself, I'm actually from New Zealand but I nanny for an english family over here, so I think that counts! Lol. Please reply!
  22. Guest

    Here we go...

    Hey, Just wanted to say a quick Hi! Myself and my OH are at the starting line for our application for Oz. We have decided (with a little encouragement from the SMPs ) that Adelaide is the place to be! We have hired an agent and in the process of getting OH stuff together for skills assessment! Really sociable and hoping to make a few friends before we get out there to ease the pressure. Been having a little wonder around forums and everyone here seems lovely and helpful, even more than PIO! Hope to get chatting with you all soon! Jade x
  23. To All, It's that time again for another BBQ/party at ours. Our previous one we had for my wife, Jane's 40th birthday BBQ at the end of January 2011 was a really good celebration, with over 63 people turning up - a great turn out. This time it is my daughter's 18th Birthday celebrations. Same guidelines as last time. Therefore I would like very much for all younger adults (male and female) to come and celebrate my daughter 'Shannon' birthday on the Saturday 16th April 2011. This will help you sociaslise with people of your own age and meet new friends. I am suggesting that we commence around (5.00 p.m.) at our home in Ferryden Park (North West), which is 9km from the CBD, near Woodville, Kilkenny, Athol Park, Angle Park and Croydon. This will help people to chat/socialise and a have drink, I will even put some BBQ food on. In addition we have Mam's and Dad's who are welcome as well. I would like all newcomers to join in, nice way to meet people who have been through the same experiences. I have found it hard to bring older teenagers/younger adults to Adelaide and for them to leave all their friends back in the UK, so come here and meet people your own age, who feel the same as you and have been or are going through the same as you. Every time we have a BBQ new people come and its great. Also I want the regulars to come along as well. If you would like to come, please can you inform me via this post or you can PM me if you require further details or you want me to keep you informed via telphone/text message, leave your details via PM. Each and everyone who states that they would like to come I will contact you via PM or telephone or text message with our address and which buses you can catch from the CBD. Bring your drink and nibbles remember and hopefully see you on Saturday 16th April 2011. Thanks and I hope to see you soon!!!! Tony
  24. Boxertony

    Boxertony 1 Year Update......

    On the 10th February 2011, my family and I have been in Adelaide for one year. Wow! one year it just seems like it was yesterday when we landed, does time travel faster in the land downunder or what? Ummmm! What a year it has been! We had our house up for sale for 6 months but it was not selling, so after speaking to a fellow member of this website in November 2009 at 11:30pm UK time. I decided, sod it! Lets just go, we have our visa's, the house is not going to sell, lets rent it. So we rented the house to a lady aged 59 years old with custody of her two small grandchildren. My parents gave me £2000.00 for the flights and we booked them for the 8th February 2011. I started telling the contacts I had made regarding jobs I have been semi offerred, e.g. MINDA, that we are on our way. Wait for this now! Our family of five consiting of my wife and I, son aged 20, daughters aged 16 and 11 arrived in adelaide with £5000.00, just under $11,000. We did not bring any furniture with us. We had already had a furnished house sorted in Seaton for $750 per week, all bills inclusive. We arrived at 12 noon, by the time of 6pm that day, we had sorted out the banks, a big shop and hired a car. The next day we sorted our tax file numbers, bought a car, got all members of the family a mobile phone and pay as you go internet. The third day we had been here I walked on Glenelg beach in 37c heat and could not believe that we live here. From the third day of being here in Adelaide, it was my home, I never looked back, I never converted the $ to the £. I embraced the life of a aussie. By the end of the week Jane my wife had a start date for job on the Cancer Ward at Calvary North Hospital, because money was scarce she had to start within two weeks of arriving. We moved from Seaton to Ferryden Park, had to pay $3,000 bond and rent and no furniture. We furnished the house with the following: 3 Queen Size Beds with Mattresses 6 Bedside Tables 2 x 2 Seater Bed Settee's 2 x TV Units 2 x Coffee Tables 2 x Lamp Tables 1 x 7 seater dining room table set. Costing us $1,660.00 brand new from Super A Mart (Gepps Cross) 1 x Freezer 1 x Fridge Freezer Both costing $650 with delivery from Harvey Normans (Gepps Cross) Many friends who we had met, lent us culterly, blankets, washing machine, blow up beds and TV. I had been offerred 11 jobs, within two weeks of being in Adelaide. Great start. I decided to take the job at MINDA, but had to do my Australian First Aid and get my Skills Assessed again. In the meanwhile I gained a job at De Poi, as a Rehabilitation Consultant (WorkCover), the money was great, but I worked with 67 horrible women, I hated the job. I was constantly called into the office saying I fart to much, do I have a mental health problem, for instance: short term memory loss, just because I put those small yellow sticky notes on my computer screen, which remind me of things to do. I hated going to work everyday. I worked their for three months. In additon the lady who rented our home had never paid the rent and took all my furniture, my floorboards, the light fittings, my shed and even my Combi Boiler. We had lost $30,000 in the value of our home. Police found her, but they could not prosecute her because it was a civil matter. I got my keys to the home posted them back to the bank and walked away. That same weekend in June I applied for 5 jobs and two days later I got all 5 jobs, so I picked another Rehabilitation Consultant role (WorkCover) for $20,000 per annum less, within a few days I loved the job, my work colleagues and management, also the Chief Executive asked me to go for a drink with him, which I would of been daft to refuse not to. He offerred me to sponsor me for Permanent Residency, providing my family with more security/stability. I took up this offer. In the meanwhile Jane was really enjoying her work, apart from going back to shift work, as she was working in outpatients in Newcastle upon Tyne. My son was playing professional soccer for Adelaide City and we also had a chat with Adelaide United as well, who was aware of my sons talent. He also gained a job at the Director and owner of Adelaide City's business, BEST Bricks and Pavers as a salesperson, which he is still working there, but has now stopped the soccer. My daughter 16yrs old did not want to come here and it was a nightmare when she arrived. Constantly on the phone and facebook to her boyfriend, would not talk, would not sociliase, would not go anywhere with us, she constantly stayed in the house for 7 months, this caused a lot of arguments and upset between our family members. My mother offered to pay for her flight back to England, my daughter would not talk to me, she was not interested in gaining the PR or even attempting to make an effort here in Adelaide. Then my son all of a sudden booked his flight for the 5th September 2010 and was going back for good and never returning, also he was going to book a flight for my daughter to go back with him. I understand where my son was coming from and that he wanted to support his sister. I wanted both children to stay until we got the PR Visa but they would not. At the same time we had found out that the amazing home we was living in had been sold and we had to move out, we managed to get a much smaller two bedroom with a study room just around the corner, because both children were going back. 2 days before we were moving my son decides not to go back to the UK, hence my daughter not going back. Everything I told him to try to get him to stay he ignored me, but when his mates at work told him the same he decided to stay. Another problem we were moving to an house with no bedroom for him and really small. We had two days to gain a 4 bedroom house, lucky enough we got a 4 bedroom just around the corner from a patient at Jane's hospital. 6 weeks later my daughter got a job in a cafe on King William Street, she has just passed her driving test and currently driving my car, she has saved up $2,500 to get her own car and will be 18 years old in April, so she can then at least get in the pubs and meet people. My daughter told me that she is staying now, 8 months of upset and worry for my daughter and now its over with. My son is very settled and has a car now. Jane takes her driving test this coming week and we have savings for her to get a car. We have just spent Jane's 40th birthday in Sydney, we have lots of really really good friends who seem to be much nicer than the friends we had in the UK, I find that the friends over here make much more of an effort to meet up with you and especially help you with anything. We have no debts and money to spend and save. Jane and I dont miss anything in England and we have no interest in going back, our parents have even said not to go back for their funerals, in a nice way. I want to say a big thank you for all the friends we have met via this wonderful site and for all the help/support they have given us for this past year.

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