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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys don't know if this has been covered before, but here goes... We have seen a nice home on realestate.com.au in Port Noarlunga that we would like to rent long term and move into when we arrive in mid April. The agent obviously wants a close friend to inspect it on our behalf, So one my close friends in Adelaide will be doing just that this weekend. What should we get in a 3 bed roomed 2 bathroomed home in the $350 range? for that price e.g should it have air-conditioning in every room? dishwasher? I know this is not the ideal situation where we ourselves won't see the house before we sign on the dotted line but I would like to have the security of knowing we already have a home in adelaide when we arrive. Would really appreciate any pointers. Thanks
  2. Looking for ceiling insulation batts R4.0 wholesaler. Where to buy in Adelaide area?
  3. Hi all, I just wondered if my experience is common: We are going back to the UK for a holiday in a few weeks time - the first time since we moved here 2 years ago. I know life carries on in the UK...but no-one really seems that bothered to arrange to meet-up. I have kept in contact with ppl on facebook & Skype, but ppl seem too busy for even a night out. I have had so much kindness on strangers over here, but friends & family back in the Uk just seem like us coming over will mess up their routine. We fly in two days, without an offer of being picked up at the airport (less than 30miles from our home town) and very few meet ups arranged. Trying to stay positive, but feel a little sad. I wondered if others have had a similar reaction & if so can they shed any light on this disinterest? Thank you, Gill
  4. Hi, I'm selling my beautiful 4 bedroom Dechellis executive home on the prestigious Sunday estate at Aldinga Beach. Cul De Sac location with the protected conservation Aldinga Scrub at the end of the street, along with a scrub side path leading you down to the beach. The estate is a few streets back from the beach and you enjoy views of the hills of the Fleurrieu from the front door. The house is top spec with stone worktops, 4.5 kw Zen Energy income generating solar electricity, solar hot water, rainwater tanks, porcelain tiles, stunning ensuite with bath, shower, seperate his and hers vanities with full height mirrors, ..... too many extras to mention. Take a look using the link below. You won't be disappointed. Only selling as we have bought a pony and need acreage. Cheers Steve and Shell http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-aldinga+beach-110870811
  5. Guest

    Not sure whether to return

    Hi I have lived in Adelaide for 2.6 years and have a wife and son with me. I just received permanent residency after being on the state sponsored visa. For myself I have never taken to it here and have really made few friends, all those I have are French, Italian, Israeli, not Australian but my son loves it and has flourished at school here (which as he had some issues before arriving is great). I have a job here, not well paid but stable and think at my age 46 it will be a challenge to get another job in UK in my field public sector at the moment. My wife had work for a year but has been unemployed for 6 months now and believes in bad times English qualifications are less readily accepted than Australian ones. She works in admin and has only had interviews from either other English people or foreigners (like ourselves) here. We lived in a nice part of England just South of London in the countryside in a medieval village with family. When I came out here I hated England feeling it had little future, due to poor education, social breakdown, poor economic control, decline of religious values and uncontrolled immigration. I still loved the English countryside, people and history. I think when I came I had a view Australia would be all the good bits of England without the bad bits. Of course that was stupid Australia is another country as foreign as any other. I have found the Australian directness quite a challenge professionally and I think it creates unnecessary conflict. At a personal level I have found it necessary to be far more assertive than I care to be, or I have ended up at the wrong end of any transaction. I do miss the English and European culture, art, architecture, gentility so much it is like a pain in my heart. After more than two years it is no better but worse. I also miss my parents and due to familly sickness have returned three times in the 2.5 years. My parent's health has deterioated so much since I came out and I have great fear if I can get back if they need me. It takes so long to get there and is expensive and needs time off work. Every time I go back I fall in love with England again and all the cultural offers it and Europe have. On a practical level the cost of living here is astronomical here and having just been back I know it is cheaper in Southern England even for food and utilities atleast. Housing is similar I would say. In my experience health care is mixed in both places and luck, Australia is much easier to see a GP but you wait along while for specialists even with insurance which privately you would not in UK. Anyway my heart is in England/Europe but am unsure if this is the moment to go back to that economy. My son loves it here too and will be bitterly dispappointed to leave. If we stay though we find we are getting in debt as my wife can not get a job. Any ideas ? Can your heart change after two years? Should I stay out of fear of unemployment if I go back and for my son? It jsut can make me very miserable here I feel dispaced. I also now believe you can not run from the world's problems, tehy are all here just lesser or different but still here. Australia is a very secular country and a very capitalist country and you have to like that to thrive here I think. It also has remarkably low environmental standards I have found as that is my work. Incidentally I have been in the same work place and gone to the same Chuch for all the time i have been here but made no real Australian friends. I know England is in trouble but trouble but I think it will take a lot to wash away the culture that is in teh English people. sorry for the long post I did not want to write until I felt I had given it a fair shot here
  6. Hi, we are selling our 4/5 bedroom home with 22 panels of solar electricity installed by Zen Energy. House was built by custom home builder Dechellis Homes in 2010. Fantasic location near the beach and with the scrub at the end of this cul de sac with views over the hills. The house is located on the prestigious Sunday estate in Aldinga. This house is the Wild Orchid Design but with modifications to make the most of its superb layout. Too many good points to mention here so take a look at the link below and get yourself a beautiful home with no electricity bills. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-aldinga+beach-110362581
  7. I admit it, I am homesick. I want to go home. I miss my local area, my friends and, most of all, my home. I miss knowing where everything is, I miss the public transport, the people - even the TV shows that I watch. I miss the weather, the food, the language, the bloody politicians and the newspapers. Oh GOD! I need to get back to Adelaide. It is lovely in Singapore, I am having a fabulous honeymoon with my wonderful hubby but...... I want to be at home; which is now Adelaide (well, Glenelg to be exact). Funny, innit? Who'd a thunk that only 5 months after arriving in Oz I could already miss it when I went away? Anyway, we leave tomorrow, arrive back in Adelaide on Sat morning and that will be our PR activated - after that, I never need to leave Oz again. Phew. As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is. Australia has stolen my heart and is refusing to give it back. That suits me just fine. See you soon. Rachel xxx
  8. Hi I am after a four bedroom home anywhere in the Western Suburbs. Just wondering if anyone is aware of vacancies or trying to get out of their lease and what meets our requirments. Ideally we would like to move around the begginning of May but we do have slight flexibility. Hopefully someone will come up trumps for us. I constantly look for Homes on the several real estate websites, but their is nothing what appeals to us. I look forward to your replies..... Oh! if you have an amazing home to rent, built in wardrobes, air conditioning, car parking for three cars and a massive swimming pool to rent for less htan $500 then PM me and not on this thread, because every bugger would want it lol.
  9. I had a bomshell dropped on my lap last night, both my son aged 21 and my daughter aged 17 have decided to go back to the UK. My Son has a job, earns around $1400 every two weeks, plays semi pro soccer for $300 a game, gained some friends, plays golf with me at the weekends. I thought he was settled. But he mentioned that he wants to better himself and does not want to work in an office all his life. He wants to be a Physical Education Teacher at a Secondary School. Because of our visa we are not entitled to any financial assistance with education here in Adelaide and it is so expensive. However he can go to Edge Hill University near Liverpool and gain student loans to support himself through University. He mentioned that he needs qualifications to suceed here in Adelaide and that he has minimal educational qualifications, he would also like to join the Police or the Fire Service, but he cannot because of our 475 visa (not having PR). I am heartbroken but to some degree I totally understand. He will stay at his Grandma's when not at University, about one hour away from his University. My daughter aged 17 did not want to come to Adelaide in the first place, she did not want to leave her boyfriend, her hairdressing apprenticeship and friends. She has not met any local friends since the four months we have been here, she has had 11 hairdressing trials and not one have offered her employment (slave labour). She has stated that she wants to return to her Grandma's with her brother and then gain another hairdressing apprenticeship and get paid for it. In addition it will only take her two years to become a qualified hairdresser as here in Adelaide it is four years to become qualified. With my daughter, she has continually been pulled back to the UK by her boyfriend and her friends, but these friends and boyfriend actually live a two and half hours drive away from her Grandma's. But she does have her half sister, who is due her baby in late July and three half brothers who live near her Grandma and also two cousins her age (from her mother's side) Yet again this will break my heart but again I do understand where she is coming from. Both kids have stated that they will return but I cannot see it. I have been a single parent with these two children since they were born and it so hard to let go, but being a parent I need to support them and let them loose. We have only been here for four months I just wish they would give it longer and enjoy their first summer here in Adelaide, especially for my daughter. Finally, yesterday we also found out that this amazing four bedroom, which we currently live in, has been sold behind our backs and we have to move out on the September 1st, when our tenancy runs out. Yet again I am gutted because I am so settled, content and happy in this home. The only advantage I can think of is that it will be much easier for us to find a two bedroom home, than another four bedroom.

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