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Found 5 results

  1. Ready now! Sought after location in the Coastal Estate of Seaford Rise, Esperance Boulevard. 2 minutes walk to the shops. Less than 5 minutes to the gorgeous Moana beach. Beautiful, unique, not your average Hickinbotham home. Lots of amazing features, extras and spaces. Listed with Raywhite on realestate.com.au - please check out the pictures. $549 ONO Any questions please ask!
  2. So we made the decision to move out to Adelaide by next Christmas (2015), giving us time to sell the house etc ... but we are still not decided whereabouts to base ourselves in Adelaide. Having a young family (1 boy aged 8) I prefer a community with a more quiet location, more greenery than concrete. We are not city centre dwellers. Also, within 20k of the coast preferred. My husband works away in Melbourne anyway so we are not tied by that. More important are schools, shops etc for daily living. We chose Adelaide mainly for the climate, but also because its closer to the rest of Australia than Perth! Anyone have any recommendations of towns or areas we could be researching?
  3. Recently arrived in Adelaide and now considering the next step of buying our own place. We like the look of the Blackwood Park & Craigburn Farm development, think it may be able to offer us the best of both worlds, countryside but close to the beach also. Does anyone live on the development? Or know what it's like in that area, schools, we would be interested in info about both Primary & High Schools & know that The Blackwood Primary & Blackwood High School would be the closest. Google is great, walking around the place better, but sometimes word of mouth is even better, thank you.
  4. My name is Elle Whyatt and I own a company in Adelaide called Running In Heels. I have been approached by a UK Production Company who are looking to cast expat Brits, who are about to move, or are currently living in Adelaide and want to buy a home. Please see below. CHANNEL 4 IS ON THE HUNT FOR BRITS TO APPEAR IN A BRAND NEW PROPERTY SHOW. IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY MOVED TO AUSTRALIA AND STRUGGLING TO FIND YOUR DREAM AUSSIE HOME WE COULD HAVE THE ANSWER. WE HAVE A TEAM OF PROFESSIONAL HOME FINDERS READY TO HELP YOU WITH THE LEGWORK. WE’LL AIM TO FIND YOUR IDEAL HOME AND EVEN HELP BROKER THE DEAL … If this sounds like you, please contact me on 1800 700 406 or 0405 100 744, my email is elle@runninginheels.com.au
  5. Hi everyone its took over a year to get to this message. I use to read and be ever so envy of those people who write these updates. Now it's my time. Here goes: Arrived on lunch time on Wednesday 10th February 2010. Went straight to our four week fully furnished rental from Donna Jacob, well recommended. A really nice three double bedroom house located in Seaton very near West Lakes Shopping Centre, which is amazing. After 20 mins we went to West Lakes changed our English Sterling to AUS$ then went to Coles shopping, what an eye opener regarding the prices. But enjoyable seeing the different brands etc. The people on the till were ever so friendly even packed your bags for you, lots of people waiting behind us and we felt obliged to speed up, but the people waiting said "NO WORRIES" lol. So laid back the Ozzies are and ever so friendly, the kept saying "love your accent" and "you are ever so brave to come over to Adelaide". The same first day Wednesday afternoon we went to the bank, all our bank stuff was sorted and cards ready to be picked up, once again really friendly people/staff. On the way home we visited a car rental, organised a car rental and left with the car rental, whilst driving home I just randomly stopped at a car dealers, just to get an idea of the prices etc. After twenty minutes being there I knocked down the car dealer on a Vauxhall Holden from $2000 to £1000 and three weeks left on the Rego. So my Son drove the purchased car back following me in our car rental. Next day Thursday we went into Adelaide Centre sorted out the Medicare, Tax File Numbers, purchased five sim cards from Vodaphone and also the pay-as-you-go Internet Dongle, purchased a Sat Nav and a Printer/Scanner/Copier all in one. Visited West Lakes and Shannon my daughter got offered a weeks hairdressing trial for an apprenticeship in hairdressing. Also viewed another three rental houses. Next day Friday we visited Glenelg, what a lovely gorgeous amazing place, paradise on your doorstep. Whilst walking along the promenade, we were saying "I cannot believe that we live here, we could come here everyday if we wanted to". That was the time and place where everything we wanted and dreamed about came into reality. Honest readers dreams do come true and Adelaide was the definitely our home from now onwards. Went to view another two rental houses. Friday night a great family who we met on this amazing website came to our home and welcomed us to Adelaide, they came with their lovely daughter. One hour later my son and their daughter went out drinking down Hindley Street. They have seen each other everyday since, they say they are just friends, but I know its more than that. lol. Saturday was rest day we spent the day sunbathing on Henley Beach and viewed one rental home. Sunday we met up with a really nice family from this website and ended up going to the Gorge, we fed the kangaroos, held Koala Bears and took photos, walked around and saw every animal you could think of. Cannot stand Bats urghhh! On our return we went for a meal with this family. Monday my son Nathan aged 20 and I got invited to to lunch with the Italian owner and Director of Adelaide City at the ground in Oakden. We had a five course meal, wine the full works, shown round the ground and discussed soccer contracts and wages for my son. In the evening we went to see Adelaide City play a match at home and both Nathan and I spent the evening in the Directors box and again having a buffet at half time. Free drinks too. Tuesday I visited MINDA in Seacliff and got a job offer from them, as long as I can get my skills assessed via the skills recognition board and complete the senior first aid course. Tuesday afternoon we veiwed three houses and a bit of shopping. In the evening we went back to Adelaide City and Nathan received some medical treament/physio because he has a slight ligament strain in his ankle. At this point the owner/director of Adelaide City also offered to purchase him a car so my son can get to training and also offered him a job at his company called BEST BRICKS, working in the office, and can also help him if he wants to gain his own accommodation. Every person we have came into contact who are associated to Adelaide Juventas Soccer Club are absolutely amazing people. What a friendly and helpful bunch of people. Tuesday evening we met up with another amazing family from this website and went for a drink at the Marine in Glenelg, but had to pick the son up on the return from the cinema at Marion with is new girl - mate/friend lol. Wednesday first thing I received a phone call from the director of Adelaide United asking Nathan and I to go and see them about playing for them, so the last two days we have been speaking to him, but feeling bad to Adelaide City, so we have arranged to go and see the Manager and the Director of Adelaide Utd this Monday afternoon. We did the right thing and told Adelaide City and they was really nice about it. This surprised us. Later in the afternoon we visited the welcome meetingn at the state government offices, waste of time, but did meet the big boss of the skills reognition board and have an appointment on Friday to see her to complete my skills assessment. Another three houses we viewed in the late afternoon and agreed to apply for a 4 bedroom rental bungalow house at Ferryden Park. Today Thursday we went visted the estate agents and applied for the house at Ferryden Park and we go it, absolutely well chuffed. Jane the wife visited her employment at the North Calvary Hospital and was shown round and got her shifts off the clinical director. This evening Nathan and I went back to Adelaide City for more Physio treatment and to watch a bit of training. Tomorrow (Friday) I will be taking back the car rental, visiting the Driving Licence place at the Marion to Rego my car and sort out SA driving licences. In the afternoon I am going to the Skills assessment meeting. Saturday is a BBQ attendance and Sunday is an afternoon with an associate from Adelaide United at his home. Jet-lag what's that, feel brilliant.

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