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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice really if any one can help. We're planning on coming over to Adelaide in May and I've been looking for work on the job sites for Management positions in building services or maintenance and there seems to be quite a few listed but having read through other posts on here it doesn't seem it is that easy or quick to find work in and around Adelaide. Does anyone have experience of how the jobs market is going in the engineering sector at the moment (mechanical, electrical and AC)? If it does take a while to find a permanent job how is the temp work out there? I'm not precious and would happily go and pick and pack in a warehouse or whatever if that's what it takes.
  2. Hi everyone, I emigrated to Australia in 2013 with my other half. We moved to Sydney, and since arriving here, I've been fighting off the feeling that Sydney just isn't 'right' for me. I won't go into details right now, but basically after 8 months of trying to put these feelings to the back of my mind, I've now decided enough is enough. We started to look at other cities that may suit me better. I like the look of Adelaide - personality, culture, good food, festivals, close (relatively) to other cities, fairly good climate and affordability. For these reasons we've decided to make a reccie trip to Adelaide from 25th August. I'm very excited about this. I'm in my late twenties now, and want to find a place to settle down. I'm hoping Adelaide will be that place. I'm here to share my thoughts and experiences about life in SA and to listen to other peoples. Also to try and scope out which suburbs might work for us and what the job situation is like for nurses. Joanna
  3. Hi all, I came across this forum in my search for part time talent in Adelaide. I recruit for American Express, and I am looking for a part time Foreign Exchange Specialist (12 month Contract) to join our team at Oaklands Park. More information can be found at our careers site at the following address; https://jobs.americanexpress.com/#/jobs/854523/Oaklands-Park-South-Australia-Foreign-Exchange-Specialist-Part-Time-Oaklands-Park-12-month-contract?lang=en-US However, feel free to contact me at rebecca.hope@aexp.com if you need any further information. Thanks! Rebecca Hope
  4. Hello, I have now been in Adelaide for two weeks having migrated from the UK where I was in my 4th year as a Primary school teacher. I have just put in my registration for the TRB and am now looking for any advice about getting work as a teacher. Are there any employment agencies I should sign with. Any help and advice on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks Debz
  5. Hi everyone, Firstly I want to say this forum is great and really comforting to know other people have gone through / are going through the big move. I've just joined the forum and just wanted to say hi really and ask a few basic questions. We have got an agent on board, who believes with my qualifications I could get state sponsorship. We have 2 children (3 and 6) and would be looking to move out by next xmas, so the kids can start school in the Jan 2015 with the new school term, or sooner if it happens quicker. 1. Can anyone provide any thoughts on good family friendly areas? 2. What are the primary schools like? 3. Does anyone know the average childcare costs, or do schools have wrap-around care / before and after school clubs? 4. Plus a general feel on the job market. I'm in marketing / advertising and my husband manages contact (call) centres. I'm thinking we could just jump in to those roles, as we'd do anything to get us going once we arrived, but I just wanted to understand how easy it would be to find a job upon arrival. whoops - just realised I said I'd only ask a few questions and have already asked 4! sorry and thanks in advance for your replies. x
  6. Hi I am a UK based L D nurse with 10 years experience, most of this in a mental health setting. I have in 2006 been registered as a nurse in New South Wales whilst on a working Holiday Visa. I am keen to re locate to Adelaide on a sponsorship to be close to my Friends there. My questions are Do I have to re register with ANMAC prior to enquiring about a sponsorship? Does anyone know of any hospitals community settings that recruit Learning Disabilities nursing in Adelaide? Would my experience in Mental Health be recognised even though it is not a formal qualification? Thanks in advance Rachel x
  7. I am 16 just recentley moved to Adelaide and am looking for a job in a kitchen, or being a waiter. I have experience and will be willing to do weekends and weeknights!
  8. aliogilvie

    Jobs and Rentals

    Hello all We are now in the 6 months leading up to our move, flights and short term accommodation are booked and it is starting to feel real. I am finding it in equal parts exhilerating and terrifying but thanks to being a long term lurker on these forums I know this is normal and to be expected. Anyway, a couple of questions about jobs in Adelaide and on long term rentals. I have heard mixed opinions on applying for jobs in Aus from the UK - I work in HE and have applied for around 12-15 posts at a similar level to what I do in the UK over the last few months, mainly to throw my hat in the ring and test the water and with the hope that a solid job offer would enable us to move over even faster. However, despite the fact a lot of these jobs were less technically skilled than what I currently do I have not even had a snifter of a positive response, just a continuous stream of 'you were not successful' emails from the various HEIs. So, I know this could be that I have just not made it through shortlisting (although I do find this surprising for such a high volume of applications) but I wonder whether being still in the UK has a bearing on the decision? What are people's experiences with this? Every so often I see a post on here where someone got the job from the UK and that is making me a bit nervous as to why I am not getting anywhere with my applications. I am assuming that it is the minority of people who actually secure work before arriving? Anyway - leading on from this, it seems unclear as to whether you can secure a long term rental without securing a job first - can anyone shed any light on this? I would have thought it was compulsory to have an offer of work but some posts seem to suggest that it has not been part of the process as long as you have landlord references and the compulsory 100 points. I have booked short term accommodation for 8 weeks on the basis that I thought you would have to have a job to get anywhere with a rental but I am now wondering if this is in fact true? Any help/comments greatly appreciated. Ali
  9. Hello fellow British folk! Let me introduce myself; my name is Larissa, I'm 20 and I've been here in Adelaide for what I've just realised is 6 months tomorrow! Hi. While I've been here I've had a few odd jobs (you'd probably laugh if I told you), but now as money is tight - and I'd like to at least save up to get a few weeks somewhere else in Oz before I leave in September - I'm in a frantic search for work. I've had a few interviews, but luck doesn't seem to be on my side. Does anyone know of anywhere (retail, waitressing, etc) with vacancies? I trekked around Adelaide yesterday for the 1021st time to hand out CV's, but didn't have too much luck. Please help a pom out! Beyond kind regards, Sheila (Larissa)
  10. I've been reading other people's posts regarding life in Adelaide, migration issues, integration issues and the works. I've been handing out tips and getting loads of them back. Unlike many of you I'm not a Pom rather an Iranian. I look at your posts and you all seem so worried all the time, regarding moving home, getting a job etc., etc. I think to myself, if these guys are having it so bad then what am I going to be facing when I finally get there? If an English bloke can't get a job in SA what chances does an Iranian have of securing one? I've been posting out resume's with nothing back at me yet. I've been trying to contact recruitment agencies to sign up with them and still nothing. Coming from a country with so much trouble we are used to moving around and flourishing everywhere we go and this is a fact. But wetting my pants when reading your posts is an understatement. Any tips, any recruitment agencies (in the hospitality and tourism scene) that you guys can recommend? Anyone that answers and not just boast off about how good they are on their website. Cheers:smile:
  11. I thought I might get some interest from this forum or you may know of someone that may be interested: Lead & Assistant Coaches Little Kickers launched in Australia in May 2009 and is an International company founded in the UK with classes now operating all over the world. Our Adelaide franchise is launching classes late October 2011 in Athelstone and further classes in the Northern and Western suburbs to follow. We are looking for Lead and Assistant coaches for the above classes. Our classes teach children from 2 – 5 years old soccer in a fun, non-contact environment and therefore an ability to connect with your inner child is paramount! To be successful in this role you must have good verbal communication skills and be comfortable in front of a group. A passion for sport and an interest in soccer is also essential for these roles and a good level of physical fitness is required. Full training will be provided, however we would welcome applications from people with previous sports coaching experience or working with children including parenting. You must have a personal commitment to sustaining professional working practices in the workplace at all times including excellent time-keeping and punctuality skills. You must have the ability to work as part of a team. As we work with children a full criminal police check is required and the lead coach must have a valid first aide certificate or be willing to obtain one prior commencing work with us. Also being in possession of a drivers licence and car would be an advantage. Our classes are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. We are happy to receive applications from people who can work all of the days or can just do one of the days. We offer a good hourly rate and are happy to consider candidates for immediate or November/December starts. Little Kickers is an equal opportunity employer. Full job descriptions are available on our website www.littlekickers.com.au Please email your enquiries or CV with a cover letter to Lia Princi lprinci@littlekickers.com.au
  12. I am an electrician from the uk with over 12 years experience in commercial industrial and residential work. I have my restricted license but am waiting on TRA to get back to me so I can do my wiring rules. I am looking for work as an electrician, a ta or even a labourer if any one can help please let me know I am am here on a permanent residency visa also. Thank You
  13. I am emigrated here on 27/06/11 and was wondering if anyone could help me i am an electrician with 12 years experience in the uk looking for work in adelaide if anyone could help with either where to look or have any work available it would be much apreciated
  14. Hi all, I'm originally a Brit but lived in Brisbane for 15 years before going overseas (2006). I've trained as a primary teacher in New Zealand now and we intend returning to Oz (Adelaide) soon. I'm relying on supply teaching when I return as I'm not sure if there's full time work available? My registration (I've only got the provisional as you have to have a minimum of 2 years' full time here and jobs are non-existent, except supply) is reciprocal. What is the situation with supply work in Adelaide? What about getting a permanent position or long term relieving? Has anyone got any ideas? I read a post from Brisbane where one person had only got 1 day's work in 3 months, and that's scared me! Do you go to each school individually or is it centralised? How about the Catholic schools? Has anyone tried them? Hope someone can give me some advice and let me know the realities!!! I don't want to be unemployed! Chris
  15. Hi, I am the owner of SPLODGE, Children's Entertainment. We are Adelaide based, and run by lovely Scottish and English lassies!! We need staff to work occassional weekends and school holidays running birthday parties and Events with Children. Candidates must have own transport and be police cleared. Also must have a passion for working with children. We will provide all training including the opportunity to learn face painting (if you are artistically inclined). Ideal position for a student or childcare worker looking for some extra weekend work. PM any interest to me please. Glitter:v_SPIN:
  16. Hi, I found some jobs here that might be of interest, as they often have jobs for engineers, accountants, call centre, admin, etc and some of you are looking for them. But dont apply for a permanent position if you dont have permanent residency as they only want permanent residents ... but I think that if is a contract it might be ok. http://origin.pageup.com.au/searchResults.asp?stp=OW&sLanguage=en&lWorkTypeID=&lLocationID=2285&lCategoryID= Good luck.
  17. Please here are some latest job openings in adelaide.If you are looking for jobs Apply online Jobs in adelaide

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