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Found 38 results

  1. http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=18103&page=1 Most of this unfortunately is not a surprise to me, as I'm sure it will be to no surprise to many of you reading it. It goes on everywhere, it's rife in London as it seems one man and his dog can become a recuiter, it takes time, experience and a seasoned approach to be able to spot them, of the 10 or so recruitment "pimps" I had contact with in adelaide, I'd say 1 maybe 2 were of any use and one of those i simply used as a factor once I actually got the position, contract and negoitiated them as a middle man becuase I did not want to deal direct with the gov, dodged a cashflow bullet on that one. Of the 10 or so recruitment "pimps" I used in London, similar story pretty useless, marginally better than adelaide if you stick to reference and the specialist agencies, currently no pimp needed so direct. These kind of plays by these people are survivable in a thick market with substantial programs of work underway, in a small contracting market, it must be hell, becuase they exclude, block and arbitrage their mates and best-margins into the jobs, so the experienced (read more expensive) applicants never get a look in... Malcolm King: Adelaide's private recruiters are listing false job advertisements, harvesting resumes to sell training and lying to candidates about their employment prospects. Thousands of job changers and desperate job seekers are wasting their time sending online applications off for jobs that don't exist. They are grilled by recruiters about their recent job interviews, then recruiters contact those employers to try sell them their candidates. Applicants are simply 'resume meat'. The English poet Shelley wrote, "in me lies such power, for I grow weary to behold the selfish and the strong still tyrannize without reproach or check." It's the tyranny of the few over the many as recruiters have inveigled their way, by craft and guile, to become the gatekeepers of leadership aspiration in Adelaide. Not a day goes by without my professional writing clients venting their spleen at private recruitment and private training agents. "As low as a snake's prostate," one client spat. In the journalistic spirit of a latter day Barbara Ehrenreich, I applied for a three-month position through a recruitment agency in Adelaide as a Senior Assessment Officer, working for the Commonwealth Government. The Government wanted 12 people to assess aged care grants across the state. It required a sound knowledge of policy and working within legal frameworks. I was interviewed and told a week later that I had not got the job. There was no feedback. No transparency of process. No accountability. I know why I was knocked back. I'm 56 and over qualified. Qualifications and executive experience are negatives in Adelaide. That's why I run my own business. I had previously worked for the Department of Employment in Canberra as an Associate Director in Labour Market Strategy. A core area was ensuring there were trained staff as the first wave of Boomers hit residential aged care homes. There's also rash of online jobs boards run by current or former recruiters, who funnel resumes directly to private training organisations. They use the resumes' private contact information to sell applicants training and then get them to access their VET FEE Help accounts. Private VET trainers (many are recruiters) have cajoled, scammed and burdened thousands of kids with unwanted VET-FEE billsfor rubbish training, delivered by people who can't teach and who are in it for the fast bucks. It wasn't until I saw a client, Bill, in his late 20s, that I realised how far and deeply entrenched some of these scams were. Bill saw a job advertised online at OneShiftfor a warehousing position in Adelaide. He sent off his resume. Three days later he was called by 'Guy' from OneShift in Sydney, who said he had not been short listed for the job. Guy said Bill's employment chances would 'improve drastically' if he undertook some Vocational Education and Training (VET) at a national private training provider. The cost was about three times what a TAFE program would cost and all he had to do was access his VET FEE HELP account. Bill said 'no'. In a world where the lowest common denominator is not hard to find, private recruitershave carved out their own niche. Unfortunately, they're also not the smartest girls and guys in the room. At a recent work function I spoke to a senior recruiter in her early 30s about the emotional impact of visiting Auschwitz in Poland. She looked puzzled. 'Did you go skiing?' She was hiring executives in Adelaide. Recruiters know very little about the competencies or capabilities of the advertised roles. Many have never been to a mine, a factory or know what an IT specialist does. If the recruiter doesn't know what the role entails, what's the point of talking to them in the first place? The brand damage to employers is incalculable. When liberty's light falls full on recruiter's startled faces, they scatter like cockroaches and wait nervously for the danger to pass. Or else they stand like pious deacons, full of their own importance, with one hand in the client's pocket while humbugging the career aspirations of tens of thousands of South Australians. A 2015 Four Corners program called The Jobs Game, found that some Job Service Australia (JSA) employees in Adelaide's northern suburbs put clients into courses run by the company's own registered agencies. There's no pretense of separation let alone transparency or accountability. Some jobseekers believe JSA's have forged their signatures and turned in false paperwork. A 2012 government audit found only 40 per cent of fees paid to agencies could be verified. What happened to the other 60 percent? Australia's welfare to work program costs $1.3 billion-a-year. Last year I emailed the reporter on the Four Corners program, Linton Besser, and he said that not one single local or Federal Government agency had done anything about it. It's a free for all with taxpayers money. One gets the distinct feeling that both the Government and the Department of Employment have put this in the 'too hard basket'. The time is ripe for a class action by those who, with evidence in hand, are willing to tell a judge and the media how they have been abused and how this scurrilous and predatory practice has effected their life. It's time to name names. We live in a world where corporations are judged by their partnerships. We should not support businesses who hire sharks and buffoons to traduce the character and intelligence of prospective staff. We live in a state that can only survive if we have the right people in the right jobs. We live in a time that cries out for authenticity, not deceptions; for truth, not lies. [h=2]About the Author[/h] Malcolm King works in generational workforce change. He was an associate director at DEEWR Labour Market Strategy in Canberra and the senior communications strategist at Carnegie Mellon University. He also runs a professional writing business called Republic.
  2. Hi All, I thought I should share my experience to you guys - to cheer up. I have got a job in my own area (Electronics Engineering - Operation, Maintenance and troubleshooting) after seven months of our arrival in Adelaide. Initially it is a six months contract, but I hope it will be extended. After we came to Adelaide, I got a casual job as Desktop Support Engineer in a project of IBM. But it was casual, and I was not getting enough hours. Meanwhile I registered in Skills for All (55, Currie Street) and attended couple of workshops organized by them. From one of the workshop, I came to know about a course in TAFE SA. It is called Cert IV in English, Job Seeking Focus. I enrolled into the course - it is free for new migrants. There I met a lot of friends and it was so wonderful to meet so many people like me. From there I learned how to build up your network. I also met some recruiters in another workshop. Believe me, knowing the recruiters personally really pays off. I got a job in HP from on of these recruiters. Meanwhile, I started building network, attended a number of networking events, and made a lot of friends. One of my friends worked in this company and when they required another engineer, he put my resume forward. The Project Manager and the Lead Engineer was very pleased with my resume. They called me for an interview and that's it - I was offered the job very next day! I hope my experience will help somebody in their endeavor. No Worries Mates - Keep trying and you will get there!
  3. adelaidepainter

    Experienced painters wanted

    We are a small painting business based in Adelaide looking for more painters to join our team. We are absolutely booked out and it isn't even the busy season yet. Please pass details onto anyone you may know. - Must have minimum 5 years experience. - Knowledge in new homes and residential repaints - Strong eye for detail. - Ability to work unsupervised and in team environment. - Willing to work overtime and weekends when required. In return we can offer - Above award rates of pay - Long term job employment - We may also look at sponsorships/visas after a trial period is completed if required. - Work van/tools - Uniform/PPE Please PM or email info@jaydugginpainting.com.au
  4. Hi I moved to Adelaide a month ago with a PR visa. Despite registering with loads of agencies and looking on Seek, Career One, Indeed, LinkedIn every morning and evening I haven't been able to find a job yet. I have 8 years marketing experience for professional services firms (Actuaries and Law firms) but I am looking for any type of office / business support job to get me started and help me meet people and settle into life in Adelaide. I'd be more than happy to do data entry work for example (which I quite enjoy) and part of my marketing roles have always included administrative tasks. I know the job market is tough but I don't want to give up just yet. I also know that 4 weeks searching for a job might not seem like too long for some people but Im really eager to get stuck in and miss working. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knew of anything that might be coming up where they work that i might be able to apply for. Thanks Em
  5. Hi all, I came across this forum in my search for part time talent in Adelaide. I recruit for American Express, and I am looking for a part time Foreign Exchange Specialist (12 month Contract) to join our team at Oaklands Park. More information can be found at our careers site at the following address; https://jobs.americanexpress.com/#/jobs/854523/Oaklands-Park-South-Australia-Foreign-Exchange-Specialist-Part-Time-Oaklands-Park-12-month-contract?lang=en-US However, feel free to contact me at rebecca.hope@aexp.com if you need any further information. Thanks! Rebecca Hope
  6. We're moving house on Friday 11th April & I need a hand lifting & shifting.Everything is boxed ready to go, truck hired, I just need an extra pair of 'strong' hands.Happy to pay for the help, PM me if you're interested. Moving within the Western suburbs.
  7. Hello All, I have been aggressively applying for IT jobs in Adelaide. It has been really tough. Not that easy to get through. I have gotten a Skype meeting setup with a recruitment consultant from a big IT recruitment agency in SA. I am not sure what to expect. I have spoken with lots of them in the US but I am really nervous and confused as to what to expect on this call. If someone has done this already, can you please shed some light on the same? It will be really helpful. Thanks..
  8. Hi, We will move to Adelaide in the next months. Have found two hospitals running a stroke so far. I am just wondering whether there are jobs available on Stroke Units. Is there any common abbreviation used, as eg. SCU (Stroke Care Unit) or similar? Actually I couldn't find any ads here. Or would you advise to keep an eye on other areas with more Stroke Units? Thanks
  9. Guest

    need something to do !

    Hey guys, I just moved to Australia 1 weeks ago, and I'm bored of hanging around with my mum and dad, anyone out there wanna meet up (im currently in henley beach, but im moving up to Brighton) and talk about teenage life here, also If anyone can help I am looking for a Job,if anyone knows anything please reply !!  oh anyone between 15-17
  10. In short: the government only class unemployed as those seeking employment, and have decided to allow some of those on the dole not to have to look for work (to keep the numbers down). http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/hiding-the-real-dole-figures-through-misleading-unemployment-figures/story-fnii5s40-1226703778533
  11. Guest

    JOBS - Chef's

    One minutes i can read positive things about jobs then the next i read they are hard to come by For those with experience, can you help please? Once we move, how likely would it be if my husband went door to door (so to speak) looking for a Chef job? We would be pro-active before hand sending CV's to companies etc. He is head chef to a small brigade or sous chef in a larger brigade. Are we being un-realistic? Thank you
  12. Hi my names joe im 27 years old iv been in adelaide afew months now and aus 13 can anybody put me in touch with any pipe layers? Iv phoned pipe laying firms after pipelaying firms sent resumes after resumes and applyed for job after job and seem to be getting anywhere. Iv been civil labouring for a while through labour hire companys but yet to find any thing permenant work please can anyone help me??!!?
  13. Hi my name is Jay I'm 22 graduated from university int he UK last year and I moved to Adelaide last week and I'm desperate to get back to work in one of these areas: graphic design/web design/photography/videography, if anyone is able to help a brother out that would be amazing! I am able to help out with just about anything, from photographing a wedding to designing your company a new letterhead and as I'm new here I'll do it all for a very good price! At the moment the easiest way to contact me is via email at jay.wennington@googlemail.com Thanks, Jay
  14. Hi Everyne,This is my 1st post and 1st time on poms in adelaide so hopefully if I've asked a stupid question someone can point me in the right direction.I'm a Sales Director for a very large IT Reseller in the UK. I've got a lot of experience in corporate sales, in management and in business. My wife is from Adelaide and we're looking to relocate in the next couple of years or so. I've looked at the local IT Resellers in Adelaide and they seem more like local shops selling to consumers. Does anyone have any advice on finding a job with my experience in Adelaide? Am I better looking for a move to Melbourne? What are the likes of IBM and telstra like in Adelaide?Any advice greatly welcomed
  15. Just wondering if anyone is having as much trouble as I am finding work?? I am 23 & have four years experience in freight forwarding, customer service and admin, but I cannot catch a break? It can't be that nowhere is hiring, yet everywhere I have emailed or called has advised me they are not hiring, or I hear nothing back?? Is this the norm??
  16. Rob and Mel

    Printer vacancy

    Hi All, I work for a printers in the city and we are looking for an experienced printer to run the digital press. We print brochures, business cards and flyers. If you think this might be the type of job you are looking for, please send me a PM and I'll send you some more details. Thanks, Mel
  17. Guest

    moving from canada

    hey everyone, I'm just wondering if i could get some new opinions thrown at me?!? HEELLPP! I currently live in toronto, canada.. i am 20 years old... hardly any work experience.. and my boyfriend and i are planning to head out to adelaide in 2 months (max!)... I'm just wondering: how much money should i plan to bring? my expenses will be as least as possible and until we find a place to rent we will be staying in hostels.. thanks in advance for any answers
  18. I've been reading other people's posts regarding life in Adelaide, migration issues, integration issues and the works. I've been handing out tips and getting loads of them back. Unlike many of you I'm not a Pom rather an Iranian. I look at your posts and you all seem so worried all the time, regarding moving home, getting a job etc., etc. I think to myself, if these guys are having it so bad then what am I going to be facing when I finally get there? If an English bloke can't get a job in SA what chances does an Iranian have of securing one? I've been posting out resume's with nothing back at me yet. I've been trying to contact recruitment agencies to sign up with them and still nothing. Coming from a country with so much trouble we are used to moving around and flourishing everywhere we go and this is a fact. But wetting my pants when reading your posts is an understatement. Any tips, any recruitment agencies (in the hospitality and tourism scene) that you guys can recommend? Anyone that answers and not just boast off about how good they are on their website. Cheers:smile:
  19. If you live in the Council areas of Onkaparinga, Marion, Mitcham or Holdfast Bay then I have good news - I am running 3 free workshops (May 31 1-5pm, 5th June 1-5pm and June 15th 9-1pm) for job seekers in the South to help you find all the FREE help, support, advice, careers guidance and resume writing services locally. Yes FREE workshops to tell you about free services to help you. So, if you want to know how to get help to progress your career, change jobs, find a job, write a resume this is your chance. Resume writing Interview skills Interview Presentation Training/Skills for All Volunteering opportunities Local networking/confidence building and support Open to all job seekers 18-80+ (and under 18's with a guardian) who love in these Council areas. No other eligibility criteria apply. Book now with me (Bridget) via bh@developmentatwork.com or 8322 8455. (Details in advert on pg 27 of Saturdays CareerOne too - Sat 19th May). These workshops are run by Bridget Hogg, HR Development at Work and funded by the Councils and South Australia Works.
  20. Hi again, Have you guys heard of any cruise liners that are hiring and operating from Adelaide? Will working aboard one affect my eligibility to getting a PR with a VF 475 SS visa? With this visa I need to work full time for a year in SA. I'm not sure how that will work out if I'm out on the sea:unsure: Cheers:smile:
  21. Rob and Mel

    White card

    Just thought I would post something on here about the white card situation so others don't fall for the trap that I fell for. I did my white card online about a year ago after being told that all white cards are equal and will be accepted Oz wide no matter where issued. Well its turns out that this is a load of ****. Because one of the states will not come to the party the others have thrown there toys out of the pram so you have to have one issued in the state you wish to work. I know there has been a few conversations on here about the white card and how to get one. So the conclusion is, If you have a white card issued in another state with no picture on it its only fit for scraping ice off your windscreen. You will have to get a new one issued in SA with your picture on it. Sorry to bring you bad news but hope I can help someone with this info. Rob and Mel Ps..A white card is the safety card you need to work in construction of any sort.
  22. Hello, Need a quick help from you guys. Although Electrical Engineer is in SA Occupation Demand list. However, i want to know from you guys how good are job opportunities for ELECTRICAL ENGINEER in SA (Specially in Adelaide? What about the scope of smart metering and energy management. This is what i am specialized in. Cheers
  23. I am an electrician from the uk with over 12 years experience in commercial industrial and residential work. I have my restricted license but am waiting on TRA to get back to me so I can do my wiring rules. I am looking for work as an electrician, a ta or even a labourer if any one can help please let me know I am am here on a permanent residency visa also. Thank You
  24. Hi everyone - this is my first post on Poms in Adelaide. Me, wife and 2x kids will hopefully be flying out soon having got a state sponsored visa. I also have Cert IV and Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management) as well as 10+ years experience as a Mortgage Broker in the UK. Does anyone have any tips on the best way to try to start job hunting from the UK? Is it even feasible? I have skype, etc for communication from UK. Basically, we're just waiting to sell the house and then we'll be off. Might even consider renting our house out if we can make the figures work and have a decent chance of finding employment reasonably quickly. Would really appreciate any help on this... Cheers, Tim
  25. Hello ladies and gents! I'm here in Adelaide on my first 12 month work/ holiday visa and would like to the 3 month's fruit picking out of the way so that I can get a second visa.... Have trawled the internet but not found a great deal of fruit picking jobs here in SA (but found lots of people LOOKING for work). Anyone got any idea of where I can find jobs or if there are any fruit picking jobs going in and around Adelaide area? Thanks!

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