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Found 4 results

  1. confusing place names

    I wish someone had explained this to me when I arrived: -there are over 350 suburbs in Adelaide. -many have very similar names (such as Marsden and Marden etc etc) -many have no relationship whatsoever to their UK counterparts (Felixstowe, for instance, is nowhere near the sea, and Picadilly is nowhere near the CBD) -in addition to the "City of Adelaide" there are a whole bunch oh local councils that insist on calling themselves cities. A lot of these have re-amalgamated over the last twenty years (-such as "The City of St Peters, Norwood and Payneham" ) .These Cities often include very small suburbs that are not mentioned in the title. Some suburbs are dissected by major arterial routes, and are really quite different from one part to the other. So, If you are buying a property, try this : get a good map ( -not a UBD), sit down, and work out -where the work is -where the schools are -what are the transport options -where the shopping is etc etc Then use your map to look for property, and not a list of (-often meaningless-) suburb names John B
  2. So we made the decision to move out to Adelaide by next Christmas (2015), giving us time to sell the house etc ... but we are still not decided whereabouts to base ourselves in Adelaide. Having a young family (1 boy aged 8) I prefer a community with a more quiet location, more greenery than concrete. We are not city centre dwellers. Also, within 20k of the coast preferred. My husband works away in Melbourne anyway so we are not tied by that. More important are schools, shops etc for daily living. We chose Adelaide mainly for the climate, but also because its closer to the rest of Australia than Perth! Anyone have any recommendations of towns or areas we could be researching?
  3. Hello there, hope you are all fine! For a long time I used be only a reader in this blog and it always helped me a lot since the time we lodge our application (back in 2009). You are great!! We have got our visa granted in May this year and we are making our big move to Adelaide this coming 19/Oct. At this moment I have decided to post this thread to get some help... We are a family of 5 (2 adults + 3 kids - 14y, 4y, 1y). We need to find a furnished property where we can stay for up to 1 month. During this time we will look for a long term rental and will be the time that our shipment will arrive. The big question here is: How can we find a good place, family friendly, were we can enroll our kids in a good government school, search for job, search for a new home, affordable, etc.. if we don't know yet were we are going to work? We really didn't want to go too much far from the CBD, which apparently is where most of the jobs are?? Can someone help us here? If you could give us some hints on best locations and also if there is someone who can offer a furnished property (ideally 3 bedrooms but 2 bedrooms will be fine as well). Our budget is around $500 pw but we can stretch it a little bit more if the place is really good and in a convenient place. Thanks a lot for your time and we are counting down the days to join you guys there!! Warm Regards, Luciana
  4. Hi Everyone! My wife and I, along with our baby girl (18 weeks), are looking to move to Adelaide in July 2012. We have our visas but just need to figure out where to settle!!! It's really confusing and we don't know where to start looking (in terms of areas). Ideally we would love a house (rent first) close to the coast and maybe about 30 – 45 mins drive to the city. I suppose what we are looking for is somewhere with a bit of a community, but also with things to do, like local shopping, coffee shops, restaurants etc – somewhere safe for our little girl to grow up. It terms of affordability we would be looking at around $400k (could be more depending on exchange rates) – it would be amazing to have a house with a pool 3 - 4 beds in a nice location. I have been looking at areas around Hallet Cove, but really haven’t got much of a clue as yet! Any ideas of where to consider (or even avoid) would be much appreciated. Currently living around Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire boarder UK Ian – 36, primary school teacher (and new dad) Claire – 32, primary school teacher (now a full time mum) Amelia – 18 weeks (full time attention required)