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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All......failed medicals on 190 visa due to significant cost of Humira injection. Currently on natural justice 'invitation to comment' stage. However disease in remission hence specialist not agreeing on significant cost as he has recommended shifting to routine oral medication and treatment which has nominal cost. Hoping to get a letter from specialist with that prognosis and submit to MOC. I have two queries: 1) Since this a change in medical circumstances, do you thing there is chance that MOC might reconsider since now the significant cost is not there? 2) For chronic conditions is it AUD40000 for lifetime or is it AUD40000 for first 5 years and then calculate proportionately for lifetime? 3) If MOC does not change decision and Visa is rejected, what is the scope of ministerial intervention or legal procedures? Was hoping for some expert advise from Gollywobbler who has helped so many with her wonderful advise as seen in another forum...Is she active here? With two little babies (2 yr old and 6 months old) who were both born in Australia I need this residency to pursue my dreams here! Does anyone have word of hope here?
  2. Hi All, Need some help about this. I was filling my 887 today and was being told by DIAC when I called them that we don't need to book for medical. Now when I am lodging my application it's not allowing me to proceed further as I need to provide my booking reference which came as a surprise not able to proceed further. Other Issue issue is that when I am trying to book online form my medicals it's asking for HAP ID which I recon I won't be able to get till I apply. Anybody knows what should I do?
  3. Hi all - this is my very first experience on this forum so please be gentle with me! My husband and I are in the middle of applying for a permanent visa (119 RSM?) as he has been offered a job in Adelaide. I have trying not to get too excited as I am really worried about whether I will get through the medical. I am 44 and have had a kidney transplant for the last 25 years. I am on a number of meds (anti-rejection and blood pressure) and, although all my results are good and I have good renal function, realistically I will need further care in the future (although who knows what's in the store for any of us really .....) The medical panel is booked for next month and in the meantime I am going to see my consultant and get him to write a letter explaining my history, current situation and prognosis. I would really really welcome and advice fron anyone who has been through something similar. I so want to embrace this experience and live it to the full but I daren't start to dream quite yet ...
  4. Hi guys, just checked my online 176 status and found the following: ---- Health requirements finalised Message Further medical results received Message Further medical results received Message Further medical results received Message HIV blood test received Message ---- Does this mean that I have met the medical requirements? When I click on the "message" button on the right, I can see the following: "Health Requirements have been finalised - application being processed further. " """ """""'
  5. Hi, would appreciate if someone could share experience about the medical test, like the flow. Looks like I need to download the form 26, 160 and fill out part A, and take those to the clinic. My understanding was, once all is done, the clinic will attach those result to the online system. But, the clinic is mentioning that without the "Examination Reference Letter", they cannot promise (??) to attach result electronically. Is it normal? How did you send your medicals?

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