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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am on 489 visa in Tasmania and will be applying for 887 visa soon and want to know what are the documents that need to be submitted while applying for 887 visa?
  2. Hi there wondering if anybody knew of any visa lawyers in adelaide, that can post my visa and advise us on it, telling us what to get etc. I am a British, and my boyfriend is from New Zealand, he is only 17 (as am I) and he wants to apply for a youth mobility scheme visa.. Also,we don't know what kind of visa to apply for after that. thanks rebecca
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to PIA. We are a couple from India planning to migrate to Australia. Our consultant here recommend the following for us: Me - He recommends Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) with CSOL - Corporate Services Manager - 132111 Wife - He recommends Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) with CSOL - External Auditor - 221213 Assuming we get this visa in this subclass I have following questions: 1. After visa is issued and we do EOI for these occupations, how much time does it take to get the job (i assume the state government will give us one) in these occupations in Adelaide? 2. Both these occupations in CSOL show "OPEN" in Adelaide in SA region, does it mean there are vacancies in Adelaide? 3. Ideally how much per week do you estimate me and my wife will earn? Looking forward to prompt reverts. Thanks. 4.
  4. Hi guys, I need your advice. I am working with a company that agreed to be my sponsor, but because they are afraid to invest and fail in the visa process, they asked me to organise a migration agent. Could you please advice me which migration agent will be efficient, helpful and has a wide experience in 457. Thanks a lot!! Silvia
  5. Hey Guys, I need some help with my 485 visa, just wonder which Migration Agency would you suggest to go in Adelaide, Agency that you have previously dealt with? Cheers Gari
  6. Hi all I'm moving to Adelaide with my Aussie partner in a few weeks. I'm going on a working holiday visa. we are looking to move to oz permanently so are considering the de facto visa. As we are a young couple and he is a student we do not have a joint bank account. But we will be getting a letter from the landlord saying we have been living together for 8 months over here(plus the year in oz) will also be getting a letter from his doctor has he informed them when he moved in. I can also supply bank records of our spending. when we move to oz he will be going to college again and we will be living together in his family home. Has anyone been in a similar or harder situation and been granted the visa? Sick with worry now thanks
  7. Hello All, I am going to Australia next week to validate my PR. I have the visa label on my passport but is there anything else I need to be carrying with me (I will be carrying my grant letter too)? How long does the immigration take once I land in Australia? Please let me know. Thanks.
  8. It will be year in February 2011 that we have been living here in Adelaide. We came over on a Skilled Migration (Subclass 475) State Sponsorship Visa. Which means the criteria we have to meet to gain permananet residency, is for either my wife or I to have worked for at least 12 months (full-time 30hrs+) and for us to have lived in South Australia for at least 24 months. From February this year we have both worked for a year and from February 2012, we have met this criteria and can apply for permanent residency, which will provide us with more security and peace of mind, etc. However several months ago my current employers offerred to sponsor me for a permanent visa Skilled - Regional (Residence) Visa (Subclass 887). I was really grateful of this opportunity and accepted this from my current employers. My Employers had to provide lots and lots of paperwork and send them away, which got approved and now a Case Officer has requested for us to pay for the visa and also undergo medicals. The cost for this will be apporoximately $4,500, for everything. Now we have been given a Case Officer, I am now thinking that with us only having a year to wait anyway via the State Sponsorship Visa we are currently on, just wait and it will be a lot cheaper as well. Also I am not tied to my employers for a minimum of two years and also save ourselves $4500.00. In addition the first job I gained was as a Rehabilitation Consultant with really good wages, but I hated the company and I spent 3 months of hell being there and then my current employers offerred me the same job, but for $20,000 less money. I love my current job and my current employers are amazing, but the wages are poor. I frequently get opportunities to do the same job for other companies for approximately $20,000 more per annum. I have no idea what I should do for the best? Be loyal and stay with my current employers, for at least another 2 years and pay $4,500 to gain the security of permanent residency for my family and I and furthermore I also love my job and current employers. Stay on my current state sponsorship visa for another year and then apply for permanent residency, saves us $4,500 and does not tie me down to my current employer for another 2 years. But delays the security and peace of mind, which permanent residency offers, also my Son can apply for the Police on a permanent visa. Do I stay on my State Sponsorship Visa and leave my current employers for another company, which pays me $20,000 more per annum, but extremely worried that I may end up being in another company I hate working for, because I could not cope again with a horrible company to work for, even if the money is better. I happy to read other people's opinions about my situation and take on board what suggestions you may provide me. I eagerly wait!
  9. Hi Everyone, I just thought I'd post a this link to a special report published in todays Weekend Australian newspaper. It has lots of really useful info for prospective migrants to the state. The report was also a a liftout feature in the hard copy of the newspaper and contained lots of adverts aimed at encouraging people to settle in Adelaide. The main thrust being to point out the positives in relation to the bigger Australian capitals. -Housing affordability. -Lifestyle. -Shorter commuting time to the city. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/specials/0,,5018858,00.html Hope you find it useful.
  10. Guest

    Hoping to be in Adelaide soon!

    Hi there, I'm just starting the immigration process and am hoping to come to Adelaide via a 475 visa. I just have one more itvw with an agent tomorrow to decide it's the best way in!! Spoken to Ian Harrop who seems great and also speaking with Go Matilda tomorrow. My background's journalism (TV, Radio and Print) but for the last six years my job's basically been Public Relations so hoping to get Vet assessed as such. Fingers crossed:) If anyone knows of any handy tips please let me know and also of any good media jobs (reporter/PR/ Media Relations Officer etc) . I'll be hugely grateful! It's nice to know there are so many of you already there and it's a much less daunting prospect as I plan my move. I love Australia and recently spent 15-months in Perth. I came back because I didn't find exactly what I was looking for work wise but at least if I come in on a 475 I can temp til I do. Cheers, Jenny

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