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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, If all goes well, then my family and I are planning to move to Adelaide in the month of Aug - Sept 2018 and have a few concerns / questions on money transfers. can one open a bank account from overseas, i.e. before arriving in Adelaide? If so then how do we go about it? (Money transfer from UAE, Qatar) any recommendations on banks? Some with low service charges etc? is the transferred money taxed? If so then what % Appreciate any other additional info that you may think is useful. Thank you. KPG
  2. Dear forum members, I will be moving to OZ next month and have a query on keeping money overseas. I am a permanent resident, currently, in my home country, I hold local currency (Euro) and AUD. I will open a bank account at NAB next week and will transfer all my AUD to that account prior our move in OZ. However, I would like to keep on my bank account in Germany my EURO and when exchange rates will become better, I will exchange to AUD and transfer them to my OZ bank account. The problem is that I don't know how long it might take for the AUD to get to its low rates, therefore I might keep my EURO in Germany for a while. My question is, what is the policy of the ATO if I keep a bank account overseas and NOT gaining any interest rates on it and then transfer that money to OZ? let's say after a year residing in OZ. I am looking forward to getting your inputs on this issue, Eugene
  3. Hey everyone~ im 20 years old and my boyfriend has convinced me to move to adelaide in the next couple of months.. were hoping we will be there by september! but tell you the truth... I get goosebumps talking about it!! i really want to go.. I've travelled all my life and i am ready to make a move on my own without my parents... but this means starting a new life and i have no idea how to go about making plans for this move!! (oh god i sound like the most clueless, young girl ever!!) my parents are against me going.. with valid reasons... i hardly have any money and i have no plans for a job or anything.. I'm completely winging it! so my question is.... what is the least amount of money i absolutely NEEED to have when i land? and what should i start planning before i get there?? any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!! so desperate thanks in advance to anyone who comments!!
  4. Guest

    moving from canada

    hey everyone, I'm just wondering if i could get some new opinions thrown at me?!? HEELLPP! I currently live in toronto, canada.. i am 20 years old... hardly any work experience.. and my boyfriend and i are planning to head out to adelaide in 2 months (max!)... I'm just wondering: how much money should i plan to bring? my expenses will be as least as possible and until we find a place to rent we will be staying in hostels.. thanks in advance for any answers
  5. I thought I would start a thread regarding claiming your income tax back from the Australian Taxation Office. I am aware that there has been many new migrants who have emmigrated here within the past year and will need help and assistance regarding claiming back the tax. I am one of them. I have downloaded the E-tax download via the folling site: Download and use e-tax 2010 I am going to attempt to claim back my tax via the online E-tax. I have also been told that we could go to H&R Block and pay a tax person to complete it for about $100 or gain your own private accountant to complete it for various prices from $110 to $200. Any advice is very much appreciated...............
  6. Just to let you know that on Saturday just gone, we went to put some money on the Lottery, which was so confusing, as it was our first time we had done it. So I just said to the woman on the lottery counter "here is $10.00" and she did not give me any change, bloody hell thats a lot of money, me expecting $2 for 6 numbers. Off we went I have had the lottery ticket in my wallet all weekend. Anyway I said to Jane the wife go to the lottery counter today and check the lottery numbers before you catch the bus for work. The woman said “you have won”, Jane could not believe it at first,” how much’ she said $1492.20, all of a sudden she starts placing cash in Jane’s hand. So Jane is currently on the bus to work with this money in her purse. We have just put $700 down for a lush corner unit and still owe $700 so that has now been covered. We are going to buy a Washing Machine as well. So first time we did the lottery and we won $1492.20. Life in Adelaide is so sweet………
  7. We have found that the cost of living is an important factor to take into account and before we came to Adelaide I always looked for those posts mentioning about people's cost of living here in Adelaide. First impressions I would say Adelaide is only slightly more expensive than where we living in Newcastle upon Tyne and of course some things are slightly cheaper. Right just read this next bit of this message! We have only shipped Washing Machine, Dryer, Golf Clubs and 2 TV's the rest is Clothes, Pictures, Photos, Culterly, Pots & Pans. Thats all. So of course we need to purchase some essential furniture, for instance Beds, Dining Room Table and Lounge Suit. We had decided on three cheapest places. 1. AMart 2. Fantastic Furntire and, 3. IKEA. After visiting all three we decided to go with AMart at Gepps Cross not the Anzac Highway one. AMart sold furniture packages. So we purchased the following: 3 Queen Size Beds 3 Queen Size Mattresses 6 Bedside Cabinets 7 Piece Dining Room Set (6 chairs & 1 table) 2 3-Seater Bed Settee's 2 ETU's (TV Unit) 2 Coffee Tables 2 Lamp Tables For the price of $1,664.00 = £963.00 approximately. The only problem is that we move into our new rental on the 10th March and this lot of furniture is not going to be delivered until the end of March. So if anyone is going to purchase furniture on arrival do it quickly on arrival as it takes ages for it to be delivered (Delivery cost us $55). For all readers who are currently residing in Adelaide, please can anyone help us out with the following. We need 5 blow-up beds only 4 if one is a double from the 10th March till the end of March till our beds turn up. Can anyone help us out with this problem. I absolutely love this place and only yesterday I mentioned I am going home now, meaning my home here in Adelaide.
  8. Well our house as fallen through and we are now back to square one. All our money is tied up in the house. We have both gained jobs in Adelaide but no money to actually make the move unless we sell our home first. Nevertheless we just want to get to Adelaide and waiting for the house to sell could take ages and cutting us up inside. So we went to the bank and have arranged to go on interest only mortgage until we sell our house etc. This means that our mortgage has gone from £440 per month to £229.42 thus a saving of £210.58 per month. So we made the decision to bite the bullet today and we have now booked and paid for our flights to Adelaide for the 8th February 2010 with Cathay Pacific from Heathrow - Hong Kong - Adelaide. The full price we paid for five Adults £505.00 per person one way, totalling £2520.00. Their website is: www.economytravels.co.uk Jane the wife will start her job soon as we get their and I will start mine after we have sorted the kids out and settled a bit better. We will pay for this mortgage of £229.42 whilst in Adelaide and the leave the keys with the estate agents and let them show people around. We just thought with both of us gaining suitable employment why are we sitting here with winter arriving, when we should just go for it at least we will be earning fairly soon and its summer over in Adelaide. Plus ideal time for our 11 year old daughter to start school. Our problem is though we have no money saved up now because we have paid for our flights. We will have to save up now to send our furniture over and have set up fees for when we arrive. But we have got $5000 in a National Australian Bank Account on our arrival. I have also applied for AOA and the Meet and Greet Service, hopefully this will help us financially and settle much quicker. Financially we are worried but the suspense of just waiting and waiting and waiting for our house to be sold is torture, especially when we thought we had it sold, etc. Underneath I am also very worried that we may not have enough money, but I am still trying to be very positive, especially in front of my other family members. But still excited (weird eh)? Once we have settled we are going to try the Barbie thing, so everyone is invited, especially kids around the age of 21, 17 and 11 yrs old, so my kids can gain somemates, oh! and their parents for the wife and I lol.

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