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Found 14 results

  1. How long does it take after moving to Oz to secure a mortgage? Short answer: it depends. I can see the rolling of the eyes from here. Different banks have different criteria, you need to tick the boxes. However long that takes, that is how long you have to wait. There are no hard fast rules on how long you ‘should wait’ to buy a house but there are some important things to know. The process itself is super quick The actual purchase process here is a lot quicker than in the UK. The never ending chain of teetering disappointment is very rare here. Property is bought and sold within weeks. Find out how much the banks will lend you, find a suitable house, put an offer down, exchange contracts, settle and move in. From start to finish in Australia you can be putting down an offer on a house today and potentially be moving in 6 weeks later. It can be that quick. Are you actually ready to buy? Why do you want to buy? Are you in a rush to buy? Why? Do you know the exact state and suburb you want to live in? Will the kids be accepted into the school there? Are you happy with that school? Is your commute to work a nightmare? Is it a dodgy area? If you have just arrived, renting is a great way to get to know Australia and trial out living in different places so you know exactly where you want to buy. The last thing you want to do is buy in an area soon after arriving only to realise your dream location is on the other side of the country. Where to start Ok, let’s assume you are set on buying as soon as possible. The first step is figuring out what it will cost overall and where is the money coming from. If you have enough to cover the shortfall between what it costs and what the bank will lend, you are good to go. If you don’t, then you need a plan on how to change that. Do you need to save more? Or do you need to wait for some circumstance to change so the banks are more favourable towards you (e.g. do you need to complete probation? Does the bank require you to have worked for longer than 6 months?). If you are a PR or Australian Citizen with 20% deposit (plus costs) then happy days, the banking world welcomes you with open arms. If not, don’t give up! There are so many different banks and policies out there so you don’t know exactly until you have had a professional unequivocally tell you so AND (most importantly) what you need to do to change that. If you are a temporary resident most banks may only lend you 60 – 70% these days. BUT if you purchase with someone who is PR or a Citizen then it can be a whole different ball game. It all drills down to finding the best fit for you. One last thing. Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR)- Australia is catching up If you are coming from the UK you probably already know all about credit scoring and the importance of having a clean bill of financial health. Australia has technically had CCR in place since 2014, but the uptake has been sluggish. This is about to change and may be a rude awakening for a lot of Aussies. From 1 July 2019 all major banks are required to share 100% of their data with credit reporting bodies, so this will become more and more relevant here, as it is in the UK, in the coming years. As of right now, lenders are slowing sharing their data and eventually will use this as a tool in their lending decision making. So whilst I wouldn't run to get an Aussie credit card, it is not a bad idea to think about ways to start developing your credit rating here, because it will be a brand new file. Setting up with an Australian phone plan is a good start, and if you are renting first even paying your utilities bills on time can help build up your score. Keep in mind that yes, a good credit score can help, but some banks value it more than others and it is not the be all and end all at the moment. What is more important is knowing which bank to go with and what is best for your particular circumstance. Hope this helps, any questions feel free to ask!
  2. Me and my partner are moving to Adelaide from Dubai in the 2nd week of November and are looking for short term (or long term) rental places not too far from the city (with convenient access to public transport). Can someone refer some suitable places or websites for a 1 bed or studio rental. It seems that onset of Summer is a peak / busy time and rentals are hard to come by. Also, what documents /proof, etc. do I need to get a place on rent? Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. thebowensclan

    Packing Boxes Needed Please

    Does anyone has any packing/moving boxes please?We passed ours on & are in need again, I can collect this weekend. Thanks in advance
  4. MOVING SALE! After 4 fantastic years in Adelaide it is time to move back home...We need to sell our family car and the washing machine! Land Rover V8i - 7 Seater - FOR SALE! (Asking $5,000) Features: Leather seats 2 power sunroofs Low mileage for a 1994! 6 disc CD player Anti-theft alarm Power windows and locks Child-proof locks Airbag SRS Electric mirrors Remote locking Awesome heater for winter! Good air-con Petrol engine Recent repairs: 2012: Clinders re-bored and new expansion tank 2014: Radiator hoses replaced, engine flushed, new brakes, new seals. All repairs done by Triumph Rover Spares (7 Magna Court, Lonsdale, SA 5160) Up to date with all oil changes and routine maintenance. Rego good until June 22! Upcoming repairs: New tires Leaking fuel hose Roof lining saggy Missing a tail-light on the back right bumper (Just wanting to be honest....) AND>>> Electrolux LifeStyle Wash System Front Loader ((**Like New**)) It has been a great machine...many cycle options and "hand wash" option is perfect for delicate clothes. Never damaged anything Great water and power usage. Has a good spin cycle that leaves clothes damp but not dripping wet....clothes dry so fast! This model also has the Cold Water feature...awesome for colors and difficult to find. Love the Quick Wash mode! Asking $450 The car and washer are available May 30th
  5. Guest

    help with everything!

    Hey my names leah im super new to this site and ive just discovered you all in my last month here in adelaide! oh well I was wondering if anybody could offer me any help at all! im here on a working holiday visa and I have to head back to the uk to finish my studies and i hope one day to make australia my home but until then i hav elots to be getting on with. The reason I came to oz was to stay with my fiance and now her mum has decided to move back to the uk so I been doing research into shipping containers etc and flying the pets back but its taking forever to hear back from people. I Am slowly reading through all the other discussions in this section but I have one main thing i need help with. My fiance is australian born, her parents are scottish and live here in oz. however she just applied for a Uk passport and got it (yay) however i have now heard that she has to live in the uk for 3 years before this passport is worthwhile? so what Im getting at is will she need to apply for a visa to work in the uk? sorry for rambling on its so much info to get through all at once but any help from anyone would be perfect! thankyou!!
  6. thebowensclan

    Local Removals Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a removal company or a man with a big van? We're in the Western subs and moving a few blocks in a few weeks time. Many thanks PS Also, if you have any spare moving boxes that would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Guest

    Help! - Reconnection Fees?

    Hi everyone, My husband & I are in the process of buying our first home (yipee!) The current owners have asked if we want to keep the house phone and internet they have at the moment but the only problem is we need to let them know ASAP as their provider requires a 30 day notice period - but we're not even sure we can get the place yet (waiting on our finances to be approved, contract signed and satisfactory inspections to be completed etc).... We're tempted to just tell them to cancel and we will reconnect when needed, although I've heard reconnection fees are ridiculously high?! Can anyone shed some light on what they've done when moving? And if you've had to reconnect how much it costs? Thank you
  8. If anyone is looking for an amazing genuine leather couch then this is it... It has to be sold as it won't fit on the plane!!!! SOLD
  9. Hi we've just moved and have a stack of boxes left over for anyone who needs them. we also have p;lenty of packing paper and some bubble wrap if you want it. the boxes vary in size, but all suitable for moving, not ones from Bunnings etc... We're in Leabrook, Eastern sub's, so if you are moving and need boxes, let me know, they are yours if you want them. Cheers Kev
  10. Hey everyone~ im 20 years old and my boyfriend has convinced me to move to adelaide in the next couple of months.. were hoping we will be there by september! but tell you the truth... I get goosebumps talking about it!! i really want to go.. I've travelled all my life and i am ready to make a move on my own without my parents... but this means starting a new life and i have no idea how to go about making plans for this move!! (oh god i sound like the most clueless, young girl ever!!) my parents are against me going.. with valid reasons... i hardly have any money and i have no plans for a job or anything.. I'm completely winging it! so my question is.... what is the least amount of money i absolutely NEEED to have when i land? and what should i start planning before i get there?? any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!! so desperate thanks in advance to anyone who comments!!
  11. Guest

    moving from canada

    hey everyone, I'm just wondering if i could get some new opinions thrown at me?!? HEELLPP! I currently live in toronto, canada.. i am 20 years old... hardly any work experience.. and my boyfriend and i are planning to head out to adelaide in 2 months (max!)... I'm just wondering: how much money should i plan to bring? my expenses will be as least as possible and until we find a place to rent we will be staying in hostels.. thanks in advance for any answers
  12. Dear All, First off a big thanks to all who have posted on here as I've found it a really good resource to find out opinions and information about the city. I'll be moving to Adelaide permanently with a full-time University job waiting for me to start. I see quite a few people asking advice about where to live, which probably depends quite a bit on your personality and needs. From a more practical perspective, what is the best way to go about finding housing? I have been checking on the realestate.com.au site to find places, which has been quite useful to get an idea of prices and locations. If people know of other means to find housing I'd be really curious to hear. Also, leaning on the experiences of people having moved before, are there things that one typically has forgotten or overlooked before moving? Certain things about Adelaide it would be good to know for a newbie prior to landing in Oz? Just trying to get a feel for the dos and don'ts of the move. Thanks in advance for any replies. Jack
  13. Kacymru

    Blog about Oz

    For those of you that might be interested I've been writing a blog about coming to Oz, there are a few pictures and videos on there...feel free to have a nosey...kacymru
  14. Guest

    Leaving my mum.

    Hey guys, my name is Hollie and i'm 16 years old i have a difficult situation that i need to sort out. i was wondering if anyone could help me? okay.. I live with my mum and 2 sisters, but recently my dad dropped the bomb shell we was moving to Australia, i was very upset at first as he does not live with us. although he then said he will pay for me and my younger sister to come over and live with him... the thing is I dont want to leave my mum and older sister, but then i can't leave my dad and my younger sister.. is there anyone in my possition, or has been? and had to leave one of their parents? please let me know!! get back to me as soon as you can, thankyou guys x x x

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