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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I'm Flora, I recently moved to Adelaide to study but being a bit older than the average student I'm finding it hard to meet people. Would anyone be up for drinks? I had a look and couldn't see any recent posts about a meet up. Flora
  2. Guest


    Hi my name is mike I am coming out in April 2013 on working hol visa, got a couple of friends in maslin beach area, sodas just popping my head in to say hello, looking forward to my travels
  3. Guest

    Newbie :-)

    Hi everyone Just thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to the forum We are moving to Adelaide in August on a 176 visa. We have some friends already living in Willunga so we are going to stay with them initially then look for somewhere to rent once we are sorted with jobs (I'm an Environmental Manager, OH is a secondary school teacher). Ive just booked for some tea cartons to be shipped with PSS and was just after a bit of advice... I know shoes have to be cleaned and it's easier if they're in one box but the customs form asks which brand/type of disinfectant has been used for cleaning these items?? Anyone know if I'm supposed to use a certain type?! I was just going to use some bleach! Im sure I'll have many more questions over the next few months, hopefully not quite so random!! Sarah x
  4. Hi all, I've been in Adelaide about 2 months now (originally from the North West.....dare I admit I'm from Bolton?) and my girlfriend joined me from Canada early in December. We're now on the other side of a very un-Christmassy xmas and I thought I write a post to introduce us. I'm 35 and have a job teaching at the Uni of Adelaide, my partner is a professional photographer, she's still looking for works if anyone has leads! We've moved to North Adelaide and are still adapting to things here but enjoying much of what Australia has to offer and our first sunny summer Christmas....although we both thought it was pretty weird. Anyway we're on the look out for fun activities to do, we're pretty active (like running, cycling etc) but are probably happier enjoying a beer or a few glasses of wine in this weather. Would love to meet some of you and share our Adelaide experiences. All the best for a fun NYE! Jack and Laura
  5. Hello all, It's been a while since I have been on here but we will hopefully have our visas very soon after recently doing the final bits (medical and police checks etc). Starting the process of getting things researched and we're not sure what to do with regards to rental once we get there.... Any suggestions on: a) how long we will need (approx of course) for a short term rental whilst we find our feet and a long-term rental b) rough prices for a 2 bed place with not too long of a commute to the CBD. c) any areas to avoid! d) any websites/people/help at all!! Thanks so much in advance. All of a sudden looks like there is so much to learn!! Tori x
  6. Guest

    Newbie waving hello

    Hello everyone! I'm new here, although I've been lurking for quite some time, and I've posted a couple of times on Pomsinoz. I'm Danielle, I'm 32, and I'm really hoping to move to Adelaide in the (near) future with my husband Dave and our babies Brody (2) and Summer (7 months). I've just sent off my application to VETASSESS, and I'm going to see if I can get on an IELTS test within the next month or so. Then it's wait nervously for my results before I can apply for State Sponsorship (and eventually 176 visa)! I am looking forward to chatting to you all, and hopefully meeting up one day in Adelaide! Best wishes Danielle
  7. Dear All, First off a big thanks to all who have posted on here as I've found it a really good resource to find out opinions and information about the city. I'll be moving to Adelaide permanently with a full-time University job waiting for me to start. I see quite a few people asking advice about where to live, which probably depends quite a bit on your personality and needs. From a more practical perspective, what is the best way to go about finding housing? I have been checking on the realestate.com.au site to find places, which has been quite useful to get an idea of prices and locations. If people know of other means to find housing I'd be really curious to hear. Also, leaning on the experiences of people having moved before, are there things that one typically has forgotten or overlooked before moving? Certain things about Adelaide it would be good to know for a newbie prior to landing in Oz? Just trying to get a feel for the dos and don'ts of the move. Thanks in advance for any replies. Jack
  8. Guest

    New and excited!!!!

    Hi all, Just to introduce ourselves; Liz (32), ChrisJ (33) and Izzy (15months). We're at the very early stages of applications - Chris is the main applicant and has just aced his IELTS test and now we're waiting on a +ve skills assessment so we can go for SA State Sponsorship. Chris's occupation (Systems Administrator) currently has high availability on the SSML - fingers crossed this is still the case when we get to the top of their pile!!!! Looking forward to chatting with all you lovely people and hopefully making some connections for upon arrival. Liz x x
  9. ajford

    Hi -small introduction

    Hi all, And good morning, I should have said hello a while a go-so sorry for the slight delay- We are finally in the final stages with the visa process, police checks and the meds have finally been completed and have been passed,Just waiting for the golden news we hope it will be very soon,-as we want to be in Adelaide asap. There is myself, Lisa,and my son Mason 8 & Isabelle who will be 3 in May and i am a another chef, we are from Leeds and we want to settle in Adelaide. The process has taken over 2 1/2 years to get to where we are now and like everyone it has not been easy. we have found PIA fantastic so far so a big thankyou to everyone who has provided such great advice and help. we are excited , and worried at the same time to be honest ......and I thought we were the only ones who felt like this regarding the move.. I hope my posts get better with time-so i apologize if there not any cop.I know i have posted things earlier and possibly in the wrong place-soz Anyway the rambles over ,I will probably ramble more again later Thanks Andrew

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