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Found 6 results

  1. HealthTimes

    What is forensic nursing?

  2. Hi everyone, I emigrated to Australia in 2013 with my other half. We moved to Sydney, and since arriving here, I've been fighting off the feeling that Sydney just isn't 'right' for me. I won't go into details right now, but basically after 8 months of trying to put these feelings to the back of my mind, I've now decided enough is enough. We started to look at other cities that may suit me better. I like the look of Adelaide - personality, culture, good food, festivals, close (relatively) to other cities, fairly good climate and affordability. For these reasons we've decided to make a reccie trip to Adelaide from 25th August. I'm very excited about this. I'm in my late twenties now, and want to find a place to settle down. I'm hoping Adelaide will be that place. I'm here to share my thoughts and experiences about life in SA and to listen to other peoples. Also to try and scope out which suburbs might work for us and what the job situation is like for nurses. Joanna
  3. Hi, We will move to Adelaide in the next months. Have found two hospitals running a stroke so far. I am just wondering whether there are jobs available on Stroke Units. Is there any common abbreviation used, as eg. SCU (Stroke Care Unit) or similar? Actually I couldn't find any ads here. Or would you advise to keep an eye on other areas with more Stroke Units? Thanks
  4. Dear forums friends, After much persual of issues relating to 'do we as nurses need to do the IELTS exam if we are from UK'...... My family have literally just landed from the most awesome recce ever and meet some amazing people from this forum. I will post a longer recce summary once jetlag has gone and we have had some sleep ;-) I just wanted to say that I had taken much advice about this dreaded IELTS exam that AHPRA 'apparently' need. I sat the exam, passed, and last week went to the Adelaide office of AHPRA to submit my completed AGOS-04 nursing application in person. Staff told me categorically that I DID NOT NEED TO DO THE IELTS EXAM IF MY SECONDARY EDUCATION WAS IN ENGLISH!! I showed copies of my secondary education and nursing papers to prove that my education was in English. So, please save the money and the bother (I was freaking out about sitting the IELTS!)..........and don't sit the IELTS!! In saying that it may come in handy for PR, not sure.....maybe forum users can guide me on this..... awesome forum. met so many friends already.....recce to follow
  5. Dear forum, I recently posted stating that I had been to the AHPRA offie and been told that the IELTS exam was not needed. I have spoken with someone from the agency Peyton O'Grady who said that they had received written confirmation from AHPRA management that the official rule now is: UK NURSES HAVE TO DO THE IELTS! Blimey, the confusion. I am sorry for stating so self righteously that i had been there and been told not to do it. It appears that according to the agency (who have very close links with AHPRA) uk nurses do now have to do it, for 457 visa and anyone going on permanent residency! Boooooo......so good luck to all still to sit it
  6. Hi, this is our first post but we have been getting lots of info from this site for months, thanks! We are in the process of applying for our 175 visa, we had the medicals on Friday so not sure how much longer its going to take, think we still need a case officer. We hope to make it to Adelaide by November so fingers crossed. I am a nurse working on a surgical ward at the moment, I've got about 18 months experience so far, does anyone know the best way to get a job? I contacted an agency but they are not interested in putting me forward until we have the visa. Is there work for nurses in Adelaide at the moment? I want to work on a ward, would prefer surgical but am happy to do medical.... whatever just want a job!!! Any info would be great, we are thinking about Hallett Cove as a base it looks much nicer than Manchester..... Thanks Jane, Woody and the Dogs

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