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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I am new to this site, so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm (hopefully) coming towards the end of my visa application, currently waiting for my skills assessment from VETASSESS for a "PR Professional". My migration agents, Migrate Me, have put me in for state sponsorship Perm residency for South Australia however, now they are saying that there might be a chance that in order to be granted the visa I will need to have a job offer. Could anyone recommend any recruitment agencies, preferably based in South Australia, who have a record of dealing with overseas job seekers? I am not overly confident in my migration agents - having already put me in as a PR Manager and failed - so any general advice would also be most welcome! It's been over a year and a half since I started the migration process. Thanks, Ross
  2. Hi all Lovely sunny day here in Adelaide! A quick question, Patrick has just arrived and is putting his CV together. He's here on my 457 Visa and can of course work - what's the best way to explain it? A less is more approach as in: Visa Status: Full working rights in Australia or, should we be more descriptive? Also, his background is finance - general and specialising in tax... any suggestion of any good recruitment agents or contacts would be very gratefully received! Cheers Rachel
  3. Hello members, I have recently arrived on PR visa in Adelaide. I am a Civil Engineer and I am looking for some recruitment/HR agencies in Adelaide in Engineering category. Can someone please point out any information regarding this, as this would not only help me but other aspiring engineering job applicants also. I have seen some CV mentoring professional help, but this one is specific. I'll appreciate any responses. Regards.
  4. I've been reading other people's posts regarding life in Adelaide, migration issues, integration issues and the works. I've been handing out tips and getting loads of them back. Unlike many of you I'm not a Pom rather an Iranian. I look at your posts and you all seem so worried all the time, regarding moving home, getting a job etc., etc. I think to myself, if these guys are having it so bad then what am I going to be facing when I finally get there? If an English bloke can't get a job in SA what chances does an Iranian have of securing one? I've been posting out resume's with nothing back at me yet. I've been trying to contact recruitment agencies to sign up with them and still nothing. Coming from a country with so much trouble we are used to moving around and flourishing everywhere we go and this is a fact. But wetting my pants when reading your posts is an understatement. Any tips, any recruitment agencies (in the hospitality and tourism scene) that you guys can recommend? Anyone that answers and not just boast off about how good they are on their website. Cheers:smile:
  5. Hi, I have heard that there are a few recruitment agents on this site, I need you advice. How do we get your attention? I understand you get lots of CVs everyday, but what do we do, so that you register us and look for suitable work for us? Been here over 2 months and still nothing. Have applied for loads of jobs and nothing! Only got to meet one agent! When I contact the agencies directly they say send the CV through but never hear from them again. When I apply for a specific job never hear from them ever ... Been told I'm over qualified, do I dumb down my CV? I just want a job, even if just temping, data entry, that sort of thing will do for now. I know things here are different but in the UK when I was looking for a job I had lots of agencies ringing me all the time, not only me but any of my colleagues looking for jobs. Here they never ring. We work in Supply Chain/Logistics with also Export experience. What can I do? Please advise.

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