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Found 12 results

  1. Seven Seas Worldwide

    Seven Seas Worldwide Shipping

    Seven Seas Worldwide are world leaders in both nationwide and global moves, helping thousands of customers each year move or store their personal belongings, excess baggage and household items. We've been in the shipping business for over twenty years and we've worked hard to ensure our shipping process is uncomplicated, affordable and supportive. We are proud members of FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, and BIFA, the trade association for UK companies moving freight internationally. Whether you need help moving an extra piece of holiday luggage or you're moving the contents of an entire house overseas, Seven Seas Worldwide will be there to collect, store and deliver your personal belongings whenever and wherever you need them. Our global network covers both the UK and Australia, serving all major cities in both countries so there’s no need for a third party: We’ll be with your belongings from A to B. A range of services are provided by Seven Seas Worldwide to suit the various needs of its customers including: · Baggage Worldwide - helping holidaymakers shift excess baggage and other specific items such as surfboards and golf clubs around the world · MoveCube® - a mini shipping container inside a trailer that is brought directly to your home for any type of house-move · Pack and Store – similar to the MoveCube but designed for transporting items to our privately-owned secure storage facilities We provide a 24/7 multilingual call centre, an international shipping network and expert advice at every stage of the journey. Plus we provide a comprehensive door-to-door service in both the UK and Australia so there will be no need to visit any depots. We are also fully aware of the strict Customs and Quarantine laws in Australia and will ensure that your items are cleared successfully. Check out the full range of our services - together with our Terms and Conditions - across the Seven Seas Worldwide website, talk to a member of our team on +44 333 733 7337 or contact us via our contacts page. Alternatively take a look at our free online quote engine now and get yourself a quote in just 30 seconds!
  2. Hi, we need recommendations for Adelaide removals please. It's being paid for by my husband's employer so we have to obtain 3 quotes. Grace removals are the preferred mover - we can just go with them without getting quotes. If we want a different one we have to get another 2 quotes. I have contacted Kent Removals and Allied Pickford for quotes. Any experience / reviews / thoughts locally on those please? I am interested in moves between suburbs in Adelaide not international to Adelaide (Kent unpacked our stuff from UK for us years ago) and not interstate moves because then obviously there will be other factors. Particularly, how have you found Grace if you have used them? Would love your thoughts please.
  3. Time to go home to England's green and pleasant land. Anyway here are our quotes for shipping home. We based this upon sole use 20' container, with all breakables packed by the removalists (BUT, toys, clothes, books etc packed by us) and part unpacked at destination (worktop unpack) with removal/disposal of all packing materials. However, we had "maybes" and "definites" - if leaving the maybes here meant a part-container we asked for that cost also. COMPANY A: Part container "not worth it", taking everything via sole use 20' = $8,858 COMPANY B: Part container would need to be 20' (???) = $10,370 (that's leaving the maybes) and if taking everything we'd need a 40' sole use container = $13,368 COMPANY C: Part container = $5,988, sole 20' = $6,995 COMPANY D: Part container "not worth it", sole 20' = $6,993 (once we'd told them what COMPANY C had quoted) Just thought I'd post this so other folk can see how quotes compare. So in essence, had we only got a price from COMPANY B and wanted to take everything, we'd be looking at $13,400 ish - by taking everything via COMPANY D it's costing us under $7,000. That's a difference of $6,400 As it happens we're going with COMPANY D as they're arranging a full clean of the house 'at cost' (circa $200) which they guarantee to be ok'd at the exit inspection - or they go back and sort it for free. Jus' saying.
  4. We're moving house on Friday 11th April & I need a hand lifting & shifting.Everything is boxed ready to go, truck hired, I just need an extra pair of 'strong' hands.Happy to pay for the help, PM me if you're interested. Moving within the Western suburbs.
  5. thebowensclan

    Local Removals Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a removal company or a man with a big van? We're in the Western subs and moving a few blocks in a few weeks time. Many thanks PS Also, if you have any spare moving boxes that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Guest


    hi friends i am new on this forum please discuss with me about removals
  7. Hello there I just wanted to know if anybody out there has used JOHN MASON INTERNATIONAL MOVERS? I am in the process of choosing a removal company. If you haven't used them but you had a good or bad experience with other please let me know. We not taking furniture only taking personal belongings (books,cds,dvds,clothes,linen,kitchen stuff,etc), therefore we would do "part of a container load", using groupage. All comments welcome, Thanks.
  8. Boxertony

    Renting a removal Van - Where ?

    To All, We are moving to Fulham Gardens in the beginning of June. Please could someone provide me with the following answers to these questions. What is the biggest and best removal van to hire on a normal SA driving licence? Where can I rent one one, which is in the western suburbs? How much are we talking to rent one for 24 hours. We probably be moving during the week, so probably be cheaper than a weekend rate Look forward to your replies and thanks
  9. Just a quick reminder that as part of our series of chat sessions with industry experts, our sister site - pomsinoz.com, will be hosting a Live Chat session with PSS International Removals tonight - 19th May at 19:00 - 21:00 UK time. To take part, either head over to our sister site - PomsInOz Australia Migration & Expat Forum and click the 'chat' button or use this link - PSS Chat Once the chat software has loaded, tick the 'Guest' option at the top of the chat window, then choose a username and enter the 'PSS International Removals' chat room. Liam Witham from PSS will be hosting the chat and will be on hand to answer any shipping / removals queries you may have. The session will last approximately 2 hours. Are you looking at moving to Australia? Do you want advice about what you can or can't bring with you? Do you want to know what is involved in the shipping process?
  10. We have booked Doree Bonner to come and pack our stuff on the Thursday 10th December 2009 they have quoted us £820.00 for a 142 Cubic Feet container. But only today we have had a phone call from Pickfords Removals, who has now quoted us £750 on a 145 Cubic Feet Container. So I telephoned Doree Bonner back and they mentioned to me that Pickfords are going through insolvency and chasing debts and that they are in finiancial difficulty and we should not go through them. So I telephoned Pickfords back and mentioned this to them and the representative said there is nothing to worry about and they had some difficulties in February 2009 but everything is ok now. What I am asking, has anyone got anything to say about this and has anyone used these most recently, is it worth going with Pickfords and saving us £70.00 or staying with Doree Bonner.
  11. We've just had a removals company round to price up our move to Adelaide and were told that the our king size beds are called double beds in Oz and the reason why people "complain" that bedding is so expensive is because they have UK double beds which aren't manufactured in Oz so all their bedding has to be imported, thus making them more pricey. Is this true, he seemed to know what he was talking about regarding other matters? If it is true we won't bother buying lots of nice new sheets before we move. He also told us we were right in not wanting to take our fridge freezer because it had a lower thermostat and less insulation so wouldn't cope with the heat, leaving us with a nice puddle of water on particularly hot days. Cheers Woody.
  12. Hello there, We now have everything in storage while we wait for our visa and I need to do the shipping insurance. Anybody had any experience of it? Have you made a claim before? Most of the time I feel that insurance is a waste of time as it never seems to cover what is really necessary. When filling in the insurance form it asks in detail the total contents by item. If I was to insure 100 cd's for example, but i owned 150, if 50 go missing could I claim for it or would they tell me that I still have 100 left that are fine? Because we already have the stuff in storage and we didn't count it we only have aproximate numbers. Any feedback would be welcome.

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