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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all I've recently been offered a job with sponsorship based in marleston. I will be coming with my partner (commercial vehicle salesman, no job as yet) and 13yo daughter. Which suberb would you recommend? We would at least to start with hope for a state school as we don't know how long it will take my partner to find work. Were not looking to be there until early 2017 but I'd like to start some research now. Thank you in advance
  2. Hi all, We'e getting closer! Finally got all my paperwork and managed to get 8.5 on my IELTS which should get me 80 points - woo hoo. Filing the skills assessment next week. Our plan is to come over in Dec 2016. My question is regarding what ages children are for the start of the school year in Oz. I'm assuming the new school year starts in Jan after the big holiday period? I have 2 children. A boy born in June who will be 9 in Dec 2016 and year 5 in the UK and a little girl who will just have turned 7 that December and be in school year 2 in the UK. I just want to know what school year they'll go into presuming they start in Jan 2017, e.g. would my boy be year 5 or 6? (Year 6 being the last year before they go to secondary school in the UK). Hope that makes sense! Thanks as always xx
  3. Hi all. In several months we are coming in Adelaida. My daughter is 6 years old and it will be time to go to primary school. English is not her mother ton. How could she study? Is it allowed to enroll in a state school children with very little English? Thank you in advance.
  4. wubbledoos

    Seaford 6-12

    I am trying to do some research as to what this school is like, I have seen that it has an average School ICSEA value of 969 whereas the average is 1000, are there any here that have any knowledge of the school? We have found a house off Seaford Road that we could rent but we wouldn't if the school is poor. Thanks
  5. Check out some of the cool mobile apps created using South Australian government open data initiative. http://data.sa.gov.au/related?page=1&type=application&sort=created_desc These applications might help you research in lot of topics like school zones, real-time and offline public transportation timetable, socialising (pubs) etc. PS: I would suggest moderator makes this a sticky thread as new apps are added frequently. This will be a good resource for people who are thinking to move or are new into Adelaide.
  6. Guest

    Moving after GCSE's

    Hello, I am moving to Adelaide in the summer and I would have finished my GCSE's in England by the time my family moves. I am confused as to what I would do when I get there, I would like to carry on with my education. I would like to know whether I would take 6 months out of school (as I think we are 6 months ahead of Aussie kids in England) but whether I would do that or not, would I go to college?, school?, uni?. Basically, I am just confused as to how the whole system works and was wondering if anyone that's been through the same situation could tell me what I do.
  7. Guest

    Henley high (meet up)

    Hey I'm 15 and about to join henley hight and I was wondering if anyone has a teenager who goes there who would like to meet up or something or even just facebook me, need to get an idea of the school or just someone to hang around with till I go ??
  8. Guest

    Henley high?

    How is henley high i have a meeting on Tuesday at henley high to enrol there and I just wanted to know what it is like for a15 yr old there also my birthday was on the 2nd of September (the day I moved to oz) so will I be in year 9 or 10 and if anyone has any info on what it is like on genuinely being a teenager here at all could you let me know thanks
  9. We are moving to Adelaide in September and have an idea of a few areas that we would like to live, but needs to be commutable to Edinburgh for my husbands job. We are quite flexible as we will be renting to start with, I think the deciding factor will be the school for our children aged 5 and 8. Can anyone recommend a good school in this area?
  10. hi im ellie , im 14 , 15 in february and i live in cheshire. me , my mum and dad got our visa last week and we are looking at the brighton area in adelaide , we're also thinking of brighton secondry school , anyone got any advice on starting the new school ? or any info on the school and area. hope to make some new friends on here x
  11. Hey all, I graduated year 12 in 2011 and I am in my second year of education (secondary)/ arts (history and political studies) at Flinders. So I'm familiar with the current curriculum, and I have studied various subjects including, Japanese, Science, Math, English, etc. I know a lot of people are worried about the curriculum or wanting extra help and I'm offering my services. Because i'm busy with uni for the time being it might only be helping with eassys. I can look through an emailed draft. But if there is interest in more help we can organise that I live in the Hallett Cove area. You can contact me if you have extra questions. Hopefully it will help everyone : ) Alecia
  12. Hi guys, I could really use your help, im doing my year 12 SACE research project on why people move from the UK to Australia and i need to collect a heap of research, if you have a spare two minutes could you please complete this survey for me? It's just the basic reasons to why you in particular wanted to make the move with your families... pleaseee do it, will only take a max. 2 minutes of your time and will help me out a great deal please please pleaseeee help a girl out the link to the survey is below, thank you so much! http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s.asp?s...t8hucd29203642
  13. Hi everyone For my SACE Stage 2 Research Project i am researching the reasons why people emigrate from the UK to Australia, having moved from the UK to Australia a year ago today, this is an area of interest to me! I need to collect a whole heap of primary research and it would really help me out if you guys on here could complete my survey... it should only take a max. 2 minutes of your time! It's just basic multiple choice questions for the reasons you moved to Australia please please pleaseeee help a girl out the link to the survey is below, thank you so much! http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s.asp?s...t8hucd29203642
  14. Guest

    Hallet cove r-12?

    Hey, im Tate c: im 15, turning 16 in 5 months and im in year 10. Sometime soon im moving to hallet cove r-12. I know nobody there ._. whats the uniform like? in the ways of piercings, hair, jewellery, clothes, etc. I guess im nervous
  15. Guest

    Hallet cove r-12?

    Hey, im Tate c: im 15, turning 16 in 5 months and im in year 10. Sometime soon im moving to hallet cove r-12. I know nobody there. whats the uniform like? in the ways of piercings, hair, jewellery, clothes, etc. I guess im nervous.
  16. Recently arrived in Adelaide and now considering the next step of buying our own place. We like the look of the Blackwood Park & Craigburn Farm development, think it may be able to offer us the best of both worlds, countryside but close to the beach also. Does anyone live on the development? Or know what it's like in that area, schools, we would be interested in info about both Primary & High Schools & know that The Blackwood Primary & Blackwood High School would be the closest. Google is great, walking around the place better, but sometimes word of mouth is even better, thank you.
  17. thebowensclan

    Grange Primary School

    We are looking at Grange Primary School, West Lakes Shore & Henley Primary and was wondering whether anyone knows of them or has children at the schools?We would just like to gather as much info about the schools, good and bad please?Many thanks
  18. We recently moved over from the UK and our 14 daughter is at Aberfoyle High. Next week is work experience week and as she only started school 2 weeks ago we have not been able to sort anything out. She would like some experience in working with animals or marine life as she wants to go into animal conservation/marine biology. Have tried a few places such as the RSPCA but she needs to be 18. Any advice would be gratefully received. Bex
  19. Guest

    So many questions!

    Hi, driving myself crazy researching surburbs and schools and everything really! Hoping I can get some good honest opinions on here First question is how did you sort everything out when you got to aus, my oh and I were thinking about coming out alone sorting schools, a rental and things then my in laws bringing the kids out a month later? Has anyone done this? Do you reckon I could secure a rental in a month? And other question is we are completley torn between aldinga beach and seaford rise, seaford rise seems to be more livley, closer to everything, good schools BUT aldinga beach looks really new and fresh and is right on the beach! Any advice please, sorry about the questions! Caz xxxx
  20. Hi to all, We land in Adelaide on the Wednesday 10th February and we have short-term rental in Seaton. We have gained the Skilled Migration (subclass 475) Visa. I have a daughter who is currently aged 16 years old and will be 17 years old on the 8th April. What I am aware of is that she has to be in some way in compulsive education (School or TAFE) until she is 17 years old, unless she has a job working over 25 hours. I do not see the point in enrolling her in education for a couple of months till she is 17 years old. Currently she is working full-time on an amazing Hairdressing Apprenticeship in an excellent Salon in Newcastle upon Tyne and she loves it, especially with the good wage she gets. As you may guess she does not want to go to Adelaide with us because of her job, friends and especially her first love the dreaded boyfriend. So under duress! We have agreed that she comes to Adelaide until she is 18 years old and then she is an Adult and can then decide if she wants to remain in Adelaide or go back to the UK. So of course she is determined to go back to the UK and I get the impression that she is going to cause us quite a few problems in the year she resides in Adelaide. I have sorted out a lot of potential male and female friends she can meet up with and get to know once in Adelaide, who have all been in her situation and of similiar ages. I know our kids dont like their parent/s to arrange friends for them, but this gesture by me - her dad is meant well, plus it gives me chance to hang around with their parent/s lol. These potential friends have sent my daughter messages via MSN Messenger and Facebook but my daughter just will not entertain them, even in one of my previous posts I have mentioned that I will be having a BBQ Party for those older teenagers and young adults to attend and gain the chance to socialise and hopefully meet new friends. Neverthless once she has arrived and met some of these new people and starts to enjoy the good weather etc., I am hoping that that mind set in returning to the UK will be changed. Problem though!!! Ideally I would like my daughter to continue with her Hairdressing Career, ideally with an appropriate hairdressing apprenticeship/job here in Adelaide. Attending TAFE is a no go area as we are on the 475 visa and at this moment in time I cannot afford the relevant education fees. I am quite confident that once she has gained a good social network she will then settle and hopefully stay for good. But it's the gaining the hairdressing career for her whilst she is in Adelaide I am extremely worried about. SO WHAT DO I DO ????? Paramount that she gains hairdressing opportunities.!!!
  21. candylis


    hi well when im older i wanna be teacher so i was wondering wat its like and im planning to train in the uk and teach in japan or school of the air and mayb teach in auz but i was wondering wats best to do primary or high school wats it like just everything really p.s this will help with plp alecia:wubclub:

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