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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, How are you. I am on 489 visa, and I have about 1 more year left before I apply on 887. I was sponsored by a state. Over the time things have changed, and I am finding really hard to survive here with my wife. I am wondering if I can move to some other state, and still live in regional area. I know that I can stay anywhere in regional Australia, but bit worried that what if the state which sponsored me takes any actions against me? Till now they havent asked me to fill out any survey which they said they will during sponsoring me? Should I still expect them to send surveys? Have anyone like me had gone through this before, if you have please share your experience? I need to know that how I can move from this state to regional VIC, without any problems or hassles. Sorry for long post, I am new here so hope will know how to write here. I hope I will get some favourable replies. Regards Brett Lee
  2. Hi I want to ask my fellow members about this confusion I am facing. I am applying as a production manager (manufacturing) under the GSM category. Last week I checked the occupational ceiling report in the immi.gov.au website and the total ceiling value for this position for 3480 and only 2 had been invited. So that means a lot of seats are available. This position is on the state nomination list of SA and ACT. I am now applying for a skills assessment from Vetassess which takes around 3 to 4 months and then can I only apply for EOI for state nomination. I checked again today on the ACT state nomination list and the occupation of production manager is now shown as in limited availability and on the SA list it is in High Availability. So how come this occupation has changed from Open to Limited on the ACT list when only 3 invites have been issued and 3480 positions are left. I am worried now that whether should I apply for skill assessment now or not as after 4 months the SA list will also show this position as full or not available. Then what is the use of the occupational ceilings. Also I want to ask that if I apply for my skills assessment and after my result at that time if this skill is being shown as closed in all the states then what happens. Can I apply again for this skill in the next year or not. Is every occupational ceiling reset again in every year of July. Please help me in this. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I am currently studying nursing in Adelaide and would like to apply for the 189 or 190. My plan is to apply for the skills assessment --> wait 14 weeks --> apply for an EOI for the 189 and simultaneously apply for SS --> hope to get 189, and if it's not successful... --> 12 weeks later --> apply for 190. My question is simply does this plan sound feasible? Is it possible to apply for the 189 and SS? Thank-you kindly, kg123
  4. Hi All, I am 475 visa holder sponsored by NT government. Is it possible me to work and stay in SA, If I got a job in Adelaide? Will this break my visa conditions? Will this effect me when I go for PR after 2 years? Please advise me. Thanks in advance. SandaPink
  5. Hi, been a member of pomsinoz forum for a wee while now, and after reading there and further research, have come to the conclusion that South Australia is the one for us, decided to join up here. We are at the very early stages of the process, and wondering if anyone else has hit the brick wall / merry-go-round when it comes to skills assessments... looking at the CSOL and the ANZSCO code 399999 technicians and trades nec skills assessment is apparently carried out by TRA. Look at the TRA site, they refer you to VETASSESS, look at VETASSESS, it isn't on their list. It is on the immi CSOL, it is on state sponsored migration for SA, so how do you get assessed? Also been following a very detailed thread with regard to children with a disability, as we have a daughter with cp, and wondering how the new system is faring for people with disabilities.
  6. Hi Everyone Finally, I am within reach of applying to stay in Australia. I graduate from a Bachelor of Science in July and will be able to nominate my skill for migration. I have previously seen a migration agent, and didn't much like his approach (which essentially consisted of verifying that I could apply and giving me copies of all of the forms necessary). I am hesitant to see another agent but need a little help regarding which visa to get! After trawling through immi.gov.au I believe that I am eligible for either: Graduate Visa following by Skilled Migration/PR visa (requires 12 montsh work experience); or State Sponsored Visa followed by PR visa ( this potentially includes a work experience waiver). What is the benefit of the State Sponsored visa? Apart from teh work experience obviously, which I still need to clarify. Thanks! So exciting! Shells
  7. OMG Completely in shock. I was not expecting our SA state sponsorship to come through until at least the new year now and we had not had the fabled third line appear to say a decision is pending yet - and then I just logged in all nonchalant this morning and BAM! It's gone straight to approved!!! To be honest I have read the page I can now see with instructions on it 3 times but it is just not going in as I am in a mild panic....have texted husband at work to say its now full steam ahead with the full visa app....in a way this has happened at a brilliant time as we will both be at home a lot over xmas and new year to upload documents etc..... I need to calm down, get a grip and then try to properly understand what the next step actually is!! What a fantastic christmas present! I was also convinced that we might have missed the boat with my occupation as it dropped to low before we lodged the SS (Project and Program Administrator), so very very relieved this has all worked out so far! Next step the 176 Application!!

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