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Found 5 results

  1. KPG

    How do I go about it?

    Hi Guys, Well by God's grace things seem to be progressing well and hopefully if we clear our Health Check then we seem to inch closer in acquiring a 489 Visa and considering it would take 5 to 6 months i.e. May - June we should have our visa in our hand. If things go as per plan then we intend doing our landing in Sept - Oct 2018 but I have many queries on how to go about it? We are a family of 4 (2 children aged 9 and 4) which suburb in Adelaide do we decide to live in and what should be the criteria while choosing a suburb ? (close proximity to the city, schools, public transport etc) considering that there wont be any income when we reach, what is the monthly outgoing should we expect? We plan to rent 2 bedroom apartment / house. can my children get admissions in a government school? ( i know it wont be free as I am on a 489 visa) and what would the fee structure be like? (Grade 6 and Grade 1) what is the best way to scout for jobs? appreciate if anyone can share a template of CV's that are normally followed. are rental properties normally furnished or unfurnished? can we get a short term rental where we can be flexible to move out once we decide on the suburb we want to live in? I would also appreciate any additional info that you think can be useful, like from your own experiences, lessons learnt, do's and don'ts etc. Thank you. KPG
  2. Hi there We are doing a Validation visit to Adelaide in July/August. We're a family of 4 and the 2 little ones are age 2 and 7. We have currently booked a few days in Glenelg and a few days in Stirling to get a feel for the different areas. We are wondering on the 3rd area we could visit and need some help. Should we also stay in the CBD? Should we stay more down south like Brighton or Seacliff? Maybe Norwood or more north of the CBD? We are trying to find out what suburbs are nice to live in, not too cramped and not congested (we're from the UK so not interested in too many queues ?). We need to also look for good Primary schools. Once we move, our final destination will need a good sized garden, along with a view of some sort (sea or hills), it just boils down to space and views but not too far out with lots of traffic. Not asking for too much are we! ?. Has anyone got any advice on where this 3rd holiday stay could be? I am thinking of Norwood, Brighton or going 40 mins north or south from the CBD, but don't have any idea on how remote they really are. We both need jobs, so don't want to make it difficult for ourselves xxxxxx
  3. Hi thereMy situation is a bit complicated so bear with me but we would appreciate some advice from those who live in Adelaide currently. We moved to Melbourne 2.5 years ago and recently had our daughter (6mo). We are currently in the UK on a visit making the most of my maternity leave. My hubby doesn't particularly enjoy his job in Melbourne and was hoping for a change of career (currently a Plumber). Whilst in the UK he's been offered two jobs - one offshore working out of Aberdeen for £60K and one in Adelaide working for an oil company for $73K (while he trains). With both options I wouldn't be working. We love being back in the UK with family and friends and seeing our baby girl with them is priceless. We could be very comfortable here on that wage. We don't know much about Adelaide but know things would be tight on 73K and with no family or friends and at home all day with a baby, would I go mad? I just don't know. We don't particularly love Melbourne, it's too big for us and it's gloomy for most of the winter.Can anyone give any advice on Adelaide and family friendly suburbs maybe with lots of Brits? Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone! My wife and I, along with our baby girl (18 weeks), are looking to move to Adelaide in July 2012. We have our visas but just need to figure out where to settle!!! It's really confusing and we don't know where to start looking (in terms of areas). Ideally we would love a house (rent first) close to the coast and maybe about 30 – 45 mins drive to the city. I suppose what we are looking for is somewhere with a bit of a community, but also with things to do, like local shopping, coffee shops, restaurants etc – somewhere safe for our little girl to grow up. It terms of affordability we would be looking at around $400k (could be more depending on exchange rates) – it would be amazing to have a house with a pool 3 - 4 beds in a nice location. I have been looking at areas around Hallet Cove, but really haven’t got much of a clue as yet! Any ideas of where to consider (or even avoid) would be much appreciated. Currently living around Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire boarder UK Ian – 36, primary school teacher (and new dad) Claire – 32, primary school teacher (now a full time mum) Amelia – 18 weeks (full time attention required)
  5. tori0609

    Hopefully coming to Adelaide

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, my hubby and I travelled to Oz in 2007 and went up the East coast (though didnt go to Adelaide!) worked for 6 months in Sydney; However, we are in the process of getting our Visa and looks like it will be Adelaide - we are 30 and 32, have a 9 month old baby and any advice at all with regards to work/areas/schools etc. would be VERY much appreciated! My hubby is a bricklayer and I have worked in admin though a stay at home Mum at the mo. Thanks in advance!

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