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Found 12 results

  1. Willow

    Capital Gains Tax

    Hi I have sold the UK property and paid the capital gains tax in the UK. Do I have to pay tax here when I bring it into the country?
  2. Dear All, What Tax documents do you upload for 887 visa ? Would it be Individual Tax Return Document (which sent to the ATO to process Tax Return) or the Notice of Assessment or/and both ? /Thanks
  3. Hello, If all goes well, then my family and I are planning to move to Adelaide in the month of Aug - Sept 2018 and have a few concerns / questions on money transfers. can one open a bank account from overseas, i.e. before arriving in Adelaide? If so then how do we go about it? (Money transfer from UAE, Qatar) any recommendations on banks? Some with low service charges etc? is the transferred money taxed? If so then what % Appreciate any other additional info that you may think is useful. Thank you. KPG
  4. Dear forum members, I will be moving to OZ next month and have a query on keeping money overseas. I am a permanent resident, currently, in my home country, I hold local currency (Euro) and AUD. I will open a bank account at NAB next week and will transfer all my AUD to that account prior our move in OZ. However, I would like to keep on my bank account in Germany my EURO and when exchange rates will become better, I will exchange to AUD and transfer them to my OZ bank account. The problem is that I don't know how long it might take for the AUD to get to its low rates, therefore I might keep my EURO in Germany for a while. My question is, what is the policy of the ATO if I keep a bank account overseas and NOT gaining any interest rates on it and then transfer that money to OZ? let's say after a year residing in OZ. I am looking forward to getting your inputs on this issue, Eugene
  5. I am going to be at our King William Street office on Thursday 27/02. If anyone would like a freebie half hour chat about their tax affairs please feel able to send a PM or an email to me (click on my name to the left of this posting). Best regards.
  6. Hi, I am an IT professional and willing to work as a freelancer. My freelancing clients could be from out side of Australia. And most of the payments might come via online. Can anybody please advise how much tax I have to pay for it to ato ? BTW, I am Tax purpose permanent resident. Please advise if it is really feasible other than doing other thing locally.
  7. Hi there, Does anyone have any idea whether agency fees are an allowable tax deduction when calculating income? Thanks in advance.
  8. thefrnd

    Taxes for 475 holders

    Anybody, can give any idea about the taxes for the 475 holder ? Is it the same as the PR ?
  9. Guest

    Income Tax

    Hi Guys, What is the income tax ratio in Australia? How about corporate tax? say if someone's salary is around $50,000 what will be the net income? Cheers:smile: Ali
  10. Hi folks out there Oz (and here in UK), I'm looking to migrate down to Adelaide from Cardiff, most likely next June. I've been working through a limited company in the UK for a while and have some savings in the company account. My company is a one man band working in consultancy. If I pay the cash in the company account out in dividends I'll receive all those dividends and one some of that I'll have a personal tax liability. So if I pay it now I'll be due a tax bill. I was advised by an accountant that if I closed the company in transit to Australia I could avoid that tax liability. If I closed the company in the UK I'd be liable for tax here, if I closed it in Oz I'd be due for tax there. But if I closed it in transit there would be no liability. Has anyone done this, or knows if this is legal either in the UK or Oz. I don't want to break ant laws, but if it's legal, maybe... Thanks all, Dave.
  11. I thought I would start a thread regarding claiming your income tax back from the Australian Taxation Office. I am aware that there has been many new migrants who have emmigrated here within the past year and will need help and assistance regarding claiming back the tax. I am one of them. I have downloaded the E-tax download via the folling site: Download and use e-tax 2010 I am going to attempt to claim back my tax via the online E-tax. I have also been told that we could go to H&R Block and pay a tax person to complete it for about $100 or gain your own private accountant to complete it for various prices from $110 to $200. Any advice is very much appreciated...............
  12. Hi All, We're moving out to Oz in a few months and have some money to bring out from the sale of our house. I'm considering bringing all the money out up front, especially if the rate looks good. Alternatively I may just bring a few thousand out and leave the remainder here until we are sure we'll be staying. What are the rules on paying tax when bringing funds over. If we've been resident in Australia say for 6 months and then bring money over will we have to pay a higher rate of tax than if we bring the money over immediately? Thanks! :v_SPIN:

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