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Found 7 results

  1. Zulubravo

    Teaching minefield!

    Hi, we are trying to negotiate the minefield that is applying for teaching jobs in Oz. Fully qualified 4yr BEd and masters in education. Currently assistant head in U.K. Over 14 years experience. Any help greatly appreciated in how to apply for jobs as so confusing! In process of applying for visa. Thanks
  2. Hi All, This summer I met a lovely girl from Adelaide whilst on holiday in the South Of France. We met up again for a few days in London at the end of her tour of Europe and discussed seeing each-other again. I flew to Adelaide in December for Christmas and New Year and had an amazing time. Sparks flew and the girl has booked flights to come to the UK in a few weeks time. Since my trip we speak every day and have discussed if there would be a future. One of us is going to have to move, as we can't be long distance forever. Hopefully after her visit to the UK we will be clearer if one of us is going to take the plunge! I'm just enquiring if anyone knows about Primary Teaching jobs or Music related jobs in Adelaide? 1. Who are the relevant boards I'd have to contact to get my English teaching qualifications validated? 2. What would be the best Visa to apply for and are there any funded Visas? 3. How challenging is it to find teaching jobs in Adelaide area and when is the best time to apply? Thanks for any advice cheers Raphael
  3. Hello, I have now been in Adelaide for two weeks having migrated from the UK where I was in my 4th year as a Primary school teacher. I have just put in my registration for the TRB and am now looking for any advice about getting work as a teacher. Are there any employment agencies I should sign with. Any help and advice on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks Debz
  4. Are there any teachers out there currently applying or teaching in local schools? Just arrived and looking for advice on how best to approach the application poceedure or any schools/people to be wary of? Married 32 year old male...Inbox me if its sensitive material
  5. Hi all, I'm originally a Brit but lived in Brisbane for 15 years before going overseas (2006). I've trained as a primary teacher in New Zealand now and we intend returning to Oz (Adelaide) soon. I'm relying on supply teaching when I return as I'm not sure if there's full time work available? My registration (I've only got the provisional as you have to have a minimum of 2 years' full time here and jobs are non-existent, except supply) is reciprocal. What is the situation with supply work in Adelaide? What about getting a permanent position or long term relieving? Has anyone got any ideas? I read a post from Brisbane where one person had only got 1 day's work in 3 months, and that's scared me! Do you go to each school individually or is it centralised? How about the Catholic schools? Has anyone tried them? Hope someone can give me some advice and let me know the realities!!! I don't want to be unemployed! Chris
  6. Got state sponsorship for queensland (475 visa), and thinking about applying for a 176 visa for SA. Could do with knowing employment prospects in and around Adelaide. Happy with relief teaching initially, but long term plan is to secure a permanent post. Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  7. candylis


    hi well when im older i wanna be teacher so i was wondering wat its like and im planning to train in the uk and teach in japan or school of the air and mayb teach in auz but i was wondering wats best to do primary or high school wats it like just everything really p.s this will help with plp alecia:wubclub:

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