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Found 6 results

  1. We have recently moved back to Adelaide after 17 years in America. We have a 17 & 19 year old and would love to meet other expats with late teens that have moved to Adelaide. Let me know if this is you! Thanks Kym
  2. hi im ellie , im 14 , 15 in february and i live in cheshire. me , my mum and dad got our visa last week and we are looking at the brighton area in adelaide , we're also thinking of brighton secondry school , anyone got any advice on starting the new school ? or any info on the school and area. hope to make some new friends on here x
  3. Guest

    FREE Mountain Bike

    FREE Maximal Byclons blue Mountain Bike. Body work in good condition but does have slight rust under the saddle and chain. Lack of use for chain, been in garage for at least the last year. My son has grown out of it plus he has a car now. Great for trails. 5 Gears with back and front brakes. Front springs. 670mm wheels. Would suit a child from approx 10 years or older. Would like to see someone get use of it. If your worried about just collecting it then bring 3 dog treats not necessary either!! Just give me a call or text to let me know your interested. While I'm at it I also have numerous Liverpool jerseys, all black jerseys and Irish ones for boys 7 to 10 approx. Again would just love to see them gone now at this point.... Lorraine
  4. Guest

    Struggling to settle in

    Hi - arrived 3 weeks ago and am really struggling with settling in. Have got temporary accommodation, and have almost bought a car (difficult to do here when you don't have a car already), and am now about to get my teenager into a school. We were out here last year for a few months and went back to the UK because it was so hard to make things work, and now I'm having a second go. Am finding everything an uphill struggle again, and worried about money because everything is even more expensive than last time! I'm feeling REALLY homesick nearly all of the time, and wondering if I have made a terrible mistake (again!). Any other newbies or nearly newbies out there feeling the same way? Or oldies who went through this in the beginning. Would also love to hear from anyone who migrated or settled as a single parent.
  5. To All, It's that time again for another BBQ/party at ours. Our previous one we had for my wife, Jane's 40th birthday BBQ at the end of January 2011 was a really good celebration, with over 63 people turning up - a great turn out. This time it is my daughter's 18th Birthday celebrations. Same guidelines as last time. Therefore I would like very much for all younger adults (male and female) to come and celebrate my daughter 'Shannon' birthday on the Saturday 16th April 2011. This will help you sociaslise with people of your own age and meet new friends. I am suggesting that we commence around (5.00 p.m.) at our home in Ferryden Park (North West), which is 9km from the CBD, near Woodville, Kilkenny, Athol Park, Angle Park and Croydon. This will help people to chat/socialise and a have drink, I will even put some BBQ food on. In addition we have Mam's and Dad's who are welcome as well. I would like all newcomers to join in, nice way to meet people who have been through the same experiences. I have found it hard to bring older teenagers/younger adults to Adelaide and for them to leave all their friends back in the UK, so come here and meet people your own age, who feel the same as you and have been or are going through the same as you. Every time we have a BBQ new people come and its great. Also I want the regulars to come along as well. If you would like to come, please can you inform me via this post or you can PM me if you require further details or you want me to keep you informed via telphone/text message, leave your details via PM. Each and everyone who states that they would like to come I will contact you via PM or telephone or text message with our address and which buses you can catch from the CBD. Bring your drink and nibbles remember and hopefully see you on Saturday 16th April 2011. Thanks and I hope to see you soon!!!! Tony
  6. This is aimed at every older teenager / young adult on this forum. My family and I will be arriving on the Wednesday 10th February 2010. We are a young couple with a daughter Shannon aged 17, son Nathan aged 21 and another daughter Charlotte aged 11. I am extremely worried about my kids being isolated and not gaining good friends in Adelaide. I am not so worried about my Nathan has he is a professional sportsman and has very outgoing nature, but its my Shannon she is more resiliant about our family adventure with our new life in Adelaide. Basically does not want to be in Adelaide. So what I am hoping to arrange once we have settled is to arrange a a BBQ at our place for all you teenagers / young adults to socialise. Hopefully this will not just help my kids but other young people to meet new friends. Maybe some like minded parents can tag along as well lol. Obviously we will not be in Adelaide until Feb, but I will post an update nearer the time. Furthermore I have coached and managed soccer teams for the past 22 years here in the UK, plus my son has been a professional. I am going to look into sorting out a team from scratch and enter a Saturday/Sunday league. Maybe we could call the team PIA FC. What do you think moderators. We could arrange Parents V Kids Soccer match. I understand that you young ones - that it is horrible for us older people/parents trying to get you friends etc, but this BBQ is meant with all good intentions. Hopefully some good can come from this socialable event and you had the chance to gain acquaintances and exchange contact details and sorted out your own future arrangements regarding meeting each other. I look forward to your replies...................

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