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Found 5 results

  1. soo_the_panda

    Travel insurance - for UK trip

    Hi. Wondered what people generally do re. travel insurance when returning to the UK for holidays/to visit family? I am British and now also an Australian citizen. My partner is Australian. Our daughter has an Australian passport, was born here, but dual citizen as I am British. I have always just purchased an annual travel insurance policy, but ours is currently out of date. We don't have any other big trips planned this year, so wondering about purchasing cover just for a trip this year which is 3 weeks in the UK visiting family and 2 weeks in France. Presumably I am covered for medical issues in the UK and I wouldn't need to be insured for spending time in the UK in my parents' home... but obviously want to be covered for any flight issues / trip cancellation / luggage loss. Or is there no way to separate these, and we need just to buy general travel insurance cover, just as any Australian family would when visiting the UK? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. YiSUN

    My first 6 months in Adelaide!

    Hello, every one here ! I am a Chinese exchange student and have been in Adelaide for 6 months. Life here is totally different form it in my hometown. As I live in West Beach, few shops are open in the evening. You know in China, it is always crowded.. I love the lifestyle in Adelaide. People are friendly and giving me smiles all the time. Except that some "Naught Boys" scared me some times when passing by... I still have 6 months left here. Besides wild life park, Hahndorf and Barossa, can you please tell me something else that must do in Adelaide? Thank you very much! (or Cheers~)
  3. My family and I arrived in February 2010 on a Skilled Regional Passport (Subclass 475) and then in March 2012 we gained Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887). We still have the old visa label in our current passport and two members of our family have gained new UK passports and currently have no visa label in their passport. We are aware that you no longer require a visa label to work in Australia, but do we need a label if we are leaving Australia and want to return to Australia to live and work, if NO! Is there anything we need to do before we leave Australia so we can return without any problems. I look forward to your responses................... With kind regards Tony
  4. Hey ladies and lasses, I hope you're all well. It's been ages since I've been on here, apologies for my absence! I've been busy blogging and trying to figure out how to improve my website (I am definitely not tech savvy, so it's taken a while). Anyway, for those that are interested in what day-to-day life is like here in Oz, then you can check out my blog. I've been here a whole year now and so, if you want to find out everything from the start then use this link as it gives all the posts from January 2011 http://kacymru.wordpress.com/2011/01/ (start reading from the bottom upwards). Most of it is mundane stuff, like going shopping, and the differences I have noticed between here and the UK, there's also plenty of pictures up there too. During my 12 months here I've lived in Adelaide and Whyalla, I've travelled to Darwin, Port Douglas and Melbourne, plus a few places inbetween and I've also tried a whole host of different things including sea kayaking, hotair ballooning, sailing (on a catamaran) and plenty more adventures. If you're thinking of coming over for just a year (like I originially did on a working holiday visa), or if you're thinking of migrating then check out the blog, it's got plenty of info about stuff to do with kids on there, since I am lucky enough to have my brother, his wife and their two kids (aged 2 and 7) over here. Feel free to leave comments, give feedback or ask questions either on here, or preferably on one of the mediums below.. www.kacymru.wordpress.com Twitter: kacymru Thanks for taking the time to read :-) Karen
  5. G'day all!! How the devil are you all? As most of you know I headed off to Whyalla for 6 months work as a travel and accommodation co-ordinator on a construction/ steelworks site (loved it - loads of friendly people and good pay). Luckily for me this enabled me to get my 2nd one year working holiday visa - happy days!! So I'm in Oz until Jan 2013 at the least! As luck would have it again - I got my tax rebate and together with my savings I went for a little jaunt up to Port Douglas in Queensland, I was there for 3 weeks before Chris came to join me and we had the best 2 weeks holiday in Queensland ever - we drove down to Mackay and spent 3 days sailing in the Whitsundays before heading back up and onwards to Cape Tribulation etc. After Chris left I drove from Port Douglas to Darwin, via Mount Isa - a nice long drive through miles of nothingness - which was a bit lonely on my own but still, gave me time to think and reflect. Now that I'm in Darwin there doesn't seem to be a great deal of work here so I may as well head back to Adelaide and see what's occurring! For those of you that want to have a nosey at what I've been up to since arriving in Oz then feel free to check out my blog http://kacymru.wordpress.com/ Anyone that fancies meeting up for food/ drink & a good old chin-wag then feel free to get in touch! I've met loads of lovely people and good friends through this site so am always up for meeting more :-) Cheers! Karen

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