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Found 32 results

  1. Being an international student in Australia, one must be aware of what MARA agents are. MARA agents are the migration lawyers registered & authorized by the Australian government to act on behalf of their clients who are looking for migration consultation or assistance with the visa applications. These migration lawyers know the Australian migration law inside-out and play a very major role in filing visa applications for international candidates in Australia. With all the visa-related information available on the official website of the Australian government, the authorities have also made it possible (and easy) for the applicants to file their visa applications on their own. Despite this, most of the applicants seek the help of MARA agents to file their visa applications; and there are good reasons to do so! Here are some of the top reasons that MARA agents are required for different visa processes in Australia. MARA Agents are Helpful in Many Ways Right from a basic visa consultation to a full-fledged visa application, a MARA agent can help you with literally everything. Thousands of international students come to Australia every year and most of them seek help from education & migration consultants, whether in their home country or in Australia. MARA agents are also helpful to people who visit Australia on a work visa or even a partner visa. When in a foreign land and unaware of the migration laws, MARA agents can come in really handy! MARA Agents Know the Australian Migration Law Inside-Out As mentioned earlier, MARA agents are the migration lawyers registered & authorized by the Government of Australia to represent clients who are looking for migration consultation or assistance with the visa application. As the migration laws keep changing from time to time, the MARA agents have to keep themselves updated with the latest changes in different migration policies. In short, the MARA agents know the Australian Migration law inside-out and can help the students and professionals get the best possible advice on their visa applications. Filing visa applications is a part and parcel of their work, and the agents are fully aware of the documents that one may need for certain visa types, including the tips, tricks, and way-outs of different situations! MARA Agents Provide Best Advice on Visa Filing Because MARA agents have a complete know-how of visa policies and scenarios, they can provide suggestions to increase the likelihood of positive visa outcomes. MARA agents are better aware of the latest happenings and changes that may happen in future, which puts them in a better position to provide insights on visa outcomes. This is the reason that one must consult a MARA agent before taking suggestions from a friend/acquaintance, for it can make a huge difference in the visa application. End-to-End Assistance with Visa Application MARA agents can provide complete assistance with their clients’ visa applications. Although the clients can fill and file their visa applications on their own, they may not be fully aware of the documents that need to be attached; this is the reason most of the clients get assistance from registered MARA agents. MARA agents are authorized by the Government of Australia to file visa applications on behalf of their clients. Communicate with Department of Home Affairs on behalf of the Client In certain cases, the Department of Home Affairs asks for additional documents from clients to make a decision on their visa application. On the first hand, a MARA agent makes sure that the client’s application is filed in the best possible way with no documents left to be attached. On the other hand, if the Department of Home Affairs asks for additional documents, the case can be better handled and responded to by a MARA agent. Hiring a MARA Agent is the Right Choice to Make There is a reason that most international students and professionals choose to hire a MARA agent instead of filing their own application, for it is totally worth it. Hiring a MARA agent is one of the best decisions one can take if planning to get their visa extended or call a family member into Australia. MARA agents also provide the best possible suggestion to get PR in Australia in the shortest time possible. If you are looking to hire an experienced MARA agent, please feel free to get in touch with us. Asia Pacific Group employs more than 10 MARA agents of different nationalities who can take care of your visa application and provide the best possible solution to different situations in Australia.
  2. G'day Mates, I started to fill in the 887 application on immi site. I was not prompted at an stage and was not asked to attach any document throughout the entire form. So the question is, Is the stage of attaching documents is after submitting? Although it says that this information will be provided by the application form, it is not :( whether to attach documents before or after you submit Cheers!
  3. Hi all, I am 21 years and 2 months old, currently pursuing bachelor of engineering at Adelaide University (third year). I am on a 489 Visa here. Its been 2 years since we have moved to Australia and we have satisfied all the conditions of the 489 visa. We will be applying for the 887 Visa now. I live with my parents and am financially dependent on them for my international tuition fees and other needs. Currently 887 visa processing time is ranging from 19 -22 months, I are bothered due to such a long processing time period. Because it's mentioned on DIBP website that A child who turns 23 while your application is being processed and who does not meet these ( dependent ) requirements cannot satisfy the criteria for this visa. Will there be any exception regarding the above highlighted portion since I was granted an eligible 489 visa as a family unit? Can anyone please clarify, your opinion will be highly appreciated. Best Regards Hamza Khan
  4. Nissanka


    Dear friends I’m going to apply for 887 visa on August 2019 my current visa 489 will expire on Dec 2019 i came to Australia on last 2 years out of 4 years time period of 489 Visa can an I work on metropolitan areas after dec ???
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for clicking on this message and apologies if it's not appropriate for this board. If you're a US citizen or lived there previously and then obtained/applied for your PR in Australia, you can definitely provide help. I'm preparing for my PR application which includes police check, and unfortunately I need to reapply for the State police check since the one I used before has expired. State of California requires "original" fingerprint form (FD 258) only. It would be fascinating if I can get one in Australia because this will make the process much faster than waiting for it to arrive from the states. Do you happen to have some leftover or know anyone who might have the form? I'll happily provide compensation. Lots of time an money can be saved if I get this single sheet of card without waiting.. I'll look forward to hearing positive responses! Thanks so much for reading. Have a wonderful one
  6. Hi All, being on 489 visa can we visit New-Zealand or we need tourist visa? For tourists visa do we have to get it done from our home country or from Australia? At last, if we want to visit Europe from Australia(while on 489 visa), from where I will apply Schengen visa, Australia or home country? if someone had similar experience and want to share their perspectives/thoughts please:)
  7. Harry Swallow

    2nd year visa 417 Sign off

    Hey all, Im new to Adelaide, been here around a month or so after travelling Australia an I'm looking for regional work to sign me off for my 2nd year visa! Currently on 1 year working holiday... Don't know if this is the right place to ask but thought it would be worth a try and see if anyone knew anything or had any suggestions? Thanks all, Harry
  8. Hi guys, I need your advice. I am working with a company that agreed to be my sponsor, but because they are afraid to invest and fail in the visa process, they asked me to organise a migration agent. Could you please advice me which migration agent will be efficient, helpful and has a wide experience in 457. Thanks a lot!! Silvia
  9. My family and I arrived in February 2010 on a Skilled Regional Passport (Subclass 475) and then in March 2012 we gained Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887). We still have the old visa label in our current passport and two members of our family have gained new UK passports and currently have no visa label in their passport. We are aware that you no longer require a visa label to work in Australia, but do we need a label if we are leaving Australia and want to return to Australia to live and work, if NO! Is there anything we need to do before we leave Australia so we can return without any problems. I look forward to your responses................... With kind regards Tony
  10. Hey Guys, I need some help with my 485 visa, just wonder which Migration Agency would you suggest to go in Adelaide, Agency that you have previously dealt with? Cheers Gari
  11. Guest

    Over 30 issues

    Hi guys, Probably going to be reprimanded for writing this but I am living in the UK with my Adelaidean girlfriend. We are looking at moving back to Aus for a couple of years but becuase I am over 30 with no qualifiable skills, I can see no Visa I can apply for and am therefore, not wanted by Australia Is this really the case?
  12. once you send off for the visa how long does the process take if you are accepted?
  13. Hi, In the process of applying for a 187 visa - State Sponsored Permanent Residency. I am in the fortunate position of being sponsored by a large company and was wondering whether anyone else has gone through this process before, not found much on here about 187 visa's. I have been told about 6 months for the visa to be approved, this is the same as the website says but do you think having a company supporting your application helps/shortens the time? The company in question has a firm of lawyers doing the application for them if that will make any difference? thanks for any replies in advance Anthony
  14. Guest

    help with everything!

    Hey my names leah im super new to this site and ive just discovered you all in my last month here in adelaide! oh well I was wondering if anybody could offer me any help at all! im here on a working holiday visa and I have to head back to the uk to finish my studies and i hope one day to make australia my home but until then i hav elots to be getting on with. The reason I came to oz was to stay with my fiance and now her mum has decided to move back to the uk so I been doing research into shipping containers etc and flying the pets back but its taking forever to hear back from people. I Am slowly reading through all the other discussions in this section but I have one main thing i need help with. My fiance is australian born, her parents are scottish and live here in oz. however she just applied for a Uk passport and got it (yay) however i have now heard that she has to live in the uk for 3 years before this passport is worthwhile? so what Im getting at is will she need to apply for a visa to work in the uk? sorry for rambling on its so much info to get through all at once but any help from anyone would be perfect! thankyou!!
  15. Hi all I'm moving to Adelaide with my Aussie partner in a few weeks. I'm going on a working holiday visa. we are looking to move to oz permanently so are considering the de facto visa. As we are a young couple and he is a student we do not have a joint bank account. But we will be getting a letter from the landlord saying we have been living together for 8 months over here(plus the year in oz) will also be getting a letter from his doctor has he informed them when he moved in. I can also supply bank records of our spending. when we move to oz he will be going to college again and we will be living together in his family home. Has anyone been in a similar or harder situation and been granted the visa? Sick with worry now thanks
  16. Thank goodness!! Visa stuff is so nerve wracking not to mention time consuming! It took me nearly 3 months to fill out my Onshore Partner Visa Application (Subclass 820). I'm currently on my 2nd One Year Working Holiday Visa (WHV) which finishes in January 2013. My partner and I have been together for 15 months so we thought we'd best submit the application. Apparently there's a 13 month processing period at present!! Well, that's what the automated email said - when you submit your visa app you get an automated email that let's you know they're received your application and also has a list of FAQs. A friend of mine waited 12.5 months for her visa! Anyway, I went trawling the internet for useful info on how to put it together and what to put in it etc, there were some useful posts on various sites but nothing overly detailed, or rather, nothing particularly current. I've written about my personal experiences on my blog: www.kacymru.wordpress.com it also has links to all the forms that I downloaded from the official Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) website so I'm hoping people will find it pretty helpful. However please be aware that I am not an expert and don't have any qualifications - it's just about my personal experience with Australian Visa applications and details of how I put it together and submitted it :-) If anyone has any questions then please feel free to ask me - I know how stressful this sort of thing is and sometimes it's just good to chat to someone who's been through it.
  17. HI guys not sure if anyone else has had the same problem. We submitted our visa a couple of weeks back and when you get into your portal it displays all the names that are relevant for the visa. For the first week my wife’s name was displayed as her married name which is correct and is on the visa, but has now changed to her Maiden name, I have gone back and looked on our application form and we have filled in all correct but not sure why it has changed. All correspondence is going to maiden name too now! Another glitch in the system! Have found many on our journey! Any takers? Cheers
  18. Guest

    Adelaide Bound - Feb 2013

    Hi, So, after what seemed at the time like a long process but now feels like it went by in a flash, we got our 475 yesterday (3rd July 2012). Like many, the relief and nerves had kicked in yesterday but tonight was time to pop open the champagne and relax. Planning to get to Adelaide in Feb 2013 - I can't wait, OH suddenly nervous and a bit spaced. Happy that I could start a thread tonight as I finally give a bit a feedback earlier to a fellow ITer after many weeks of lurking and soaking up advice.
  19. Hello All, I am going to Australia next week to validate my PR. I have the visa label on my passport but is there anything else I need to be carrying with me (I will be carrying my grant letter too)? How long does the immigration take once I land in Australia? Please let me know. Thanks.
  20. Ok, so I've scoured the forums and can't find anyone else who's frustrated with this but I would bet my left whatsit, if I had one, that I'm not the only person going !!!!! My OH and I have applied for the new 190 and 489 visas for regional sponsorship (RSMS). The first correspondence we've received from SkillSelect, on 31st July states: "On August 1st, the first invitation round for Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) and the family sponsored Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visas will be held.As SkillSelect is a new and complex system, our first run of invitations will be reduced in size, to allow us to ensure that all elements of the system are working smoothly. As such, we will issue the following number of invitations: • 90 in the Skilled Independent subclass 189; and • 10 in the Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (family sponsored) subclass 489." Now, SkillSelect have kindly outlined priorities for EOI processing and issuing invitatgions to apply, as per the table below (http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm): Now, I'm pretty sure that OUR Visa subclass is priority 1 so why the hell is the first round of invitations for priority 4 subclasses???? I am so angry it is untrue; mainly because we only just missed the window to submit our application before the June closure of Immigration SA, while we waited for a skills assessment to be processed. It was a matter of days, we were otherwise ready to go and now not only do we have to contend with a new system where we have to wait for an invitation which, if we ever get one, will give us just 60 days to update our research and documents, but, to cap it all, they're not even sticking to the rules they've defined for themselves. ARGHHHHHHH!!! Anyone else having trouble?
  21. Hi all, I am researching options for employment in Auss and have recently graduated as a master of Economics of Trade. Does anyone know if I can qualify with it in the SOL and in which section? So far I did not find a way . Maybe an additional education will be needed in Australia? Please let me know your opinion about it. Thanks, Krissy
  22. Hi there, I am being transferred to Oz by my company and my boyfriend wants to join me. He is self-employed. He does motion graphics animation (and much more in that realm), which is on the SOL, so that part isn't a problem. I called the Australian embassy and they told me that he would have to apply for a 457 Visa and find a sponsor since we can not prove we are in a De Facto relationship. Is there anyone who might be able to provide different information? Perhaps I didn't provide her with enough information or I just asked the wrong questions. I have been on the http://www.immi.gov.au/ site and am overwhelmed by all the information. It looks like he could attempt to become a migrant worker, but I would think that would not be an easy process and I am not sure he would want permanent residency in Australia (though he wouldn't be opposed to it if it was not a painful process, which I would think it would be if it is anything like it is in the U.S.). Any help you guys can provide would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you SO much, Wendy
  23. Hello! My parents are aged 64 & 71 and both living in the EU and are EU citizens. I've been living in Aus now for almost a decade and have been an Australian citizen from around the days of kevin07. They visited me for the first time last year and loved the place (finally - they have seen the light!!) and want to migrate. We were all shocked to read on the immi.gov.au that you have to either wait 10-20 years or pay close to $90,000 for a double parent visa (the Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143). So I've been reading up about it http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/visa-costs-force-choice-on-migrants/2269916.aspx and of course this forum http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/adelaide-migration-issues/4509-cheap-parent-visas-part-i-9.html Having been through the migration process myself years ago, I know that there is more than one way to find a way in. Is there a way around having to fork out $90k? (That's seems like a dodgy bribe not an admin payment!!!!) Can one parent come in on the 103/143 and the other on a temp visa and then apply for a partner visa? I've read about bridging visas as well. I'm just hoping that there is someone out there who has been in a similar situation and can offer some practical advice. (And yes I will be ringing the Perth office as soon as they're open!) Thank you.
  24. Hi,As the title says, we have been living in Adelaide now for coming upto 2yrs and would like to apply ASAP (obviously!!)My question is; since we stayed with friends for 2 months during that time will we need something to "prove" that we were here like Stat Dec from said friends?We have bills in our names coming to address and stamp in passport which shows we entered Adelaide on said date. I emailed DIAC but got a standard thing back which told me what I already knew and didn't answer the question!! Just wondering if there was anyone in the same situation who did this?Thanks,Lynsey
  25. Guest

    457 visa granted!!!

    Hi everyone, I was FINALLY granted my 457 this morning..... timeline as follows: Adelaide Job Offer Feb 2010 Sponsorship + Nomination submitted 19/9/10 Sponsorship Approved 29/11/10 Nomination Approved 1/3/11 e457 submitted 2/3/11 Visa approved 13/4/11 we booked our flights for april 23rd so will be arriving on april 25th.... cannot wait!

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