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Found 1 result

  1. Rob and Mel

    White card

    Just thought I would post something on here about the white card situation so others don't fall for the trap that I fell for. I did my white card online about a year ago after being told that all white cards are equal and will be accepted Oz wide no matter where issued. Well its turns out that this is a load of ****. Because one of the states will not come to the party the others have thrown there toys out of the pram so you have to have one issued in the state you wish to work. I know there has been a few conversations on here about the white card and how to get one. So the conclusion is, If you have a white card issued in another state with no picture on it its only fit for scraping ice off your windscreen. You will have to get a new one issued in SA with your picture on it. Sorry to bring you bad news but hope I can help someone with this info. Rob and Mel Ps..A white card is the safety card you need to work in construction of any sort.

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