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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there wondering if anybody knew of any visa lawyers in adelaide, that can post my visa and advise us on it, telling us what to get etc. I am a British, and my boyfriend is from New Zealand, he is only 17 (as am I) and he wants to apply for a youth mobility scheme visa.. Also,we don't know what kind of visa to apply for after that. thanks rebecca
  2. Hey guys moved here in 2009 made a few friends but would love to meet more! I love a very wide range of things such as sports, movies, going out partying! and so on and i am very interested in trying new things! If your interested in meeting up please pm me, interested in meeting people my age, mid 20's or younger! Cheers!
  3. Guest

    Here we go...

    Hey, Just wanted to say a quick Hi! Myself and my OH are at the starting line for our application for Oz. We have decided (with a little encouragement from the SMPs ) that Adelaide is the place to be! We have hired an agent and in the process of getting OH stuff together for skills assessment! Really sociable and hoping to make a few friends before we get out there to ease the pressure. Been having a little wonder around forums and everyone here seems lovely and helpful, even more than PIO! Hope to get chatting with you all soon! Jade x
  4. To all young adults! My son is 21 years old on the Tuesday 16th March 2010. We have just emigrated from Newcastle upon Tyne and my Son Nathan has not met any mates as of yet. So celebrating his 21st birthday is not going to be so special. Therefore I would like very much for all younger adults (male or female) to come and celebrate my son Nathan's 21st birthday on the Saturday 20th March 2010 and to go out around Hindley Street on the drink. I am suggesting that we have a later afternoon session (4.00 p.m.) at our home in Ferryden Park (North West), which is 9km from the CBD, near Woodville, Kilkenny, Athol Park, Angle Park and Croydon. This will help people to chat/socialise and a have drink, I will even put some food on. Then if the mood takes us we can end up going out around Hindley Street later, (this may change on the night). For those people who like pass the parcel, sorry been told that's a no go area, but jelly and custard I will try my best for, lol. I have also a daughter 'Shannon' nearly 17 years old who would like to meet friends at a similar age, so you can come along as well. We also have a 11 year old girl as well 'Charlotte', who requires friends as well, so bring them too. In addition we have Mam's and Dad's who are welcome - as my wife and I will be going out as well. If not we might be left with the cleaning up instead. If you are short of money then don't do the Hindley Street , but still come to our home to join in the celebrations. Please make my son's 21st Birthday memorable in a great way. If you would like to come, please can you inform me via this post or you can PM me if you require further details or you want me to keep you informed via telphone/text message, leave your details via PM. Each and everyone who states that they would like to come I will contact you via PM or telephone or text message with our address and which buses you can catch from the CBD. I hope to hear from you very soon, by the way our home will be without a lot of furniture as our furniture does not arrive until the end of March. Thanks and I hope to see you soon!!!! Tony
  5. This is aimed at every older teenager / young adult on this forum. My family and I will be arriving on the Wednesday 10th February 2010. We are a young couple with a daughter Shannon aged 17, son Nathan aged 21 and another daughter Charlotte aged 11. I am extremely worried about my kids being isolated and not gaining good friends in Adelaide. I am not so worried about my Nathan has he is a professional sportsman and has very outgoing nature, but its my Shannon she is more resiliant about our family adventure with our new life in Adelaide. Basically does not want to be in Adelaide. So what I am hoping to arrange once we have settled is to arrange a a BBQ at our place for all you teenagers / young adults to socialise. Hopefully this will not just help my kids but other young people to meet new friends. Maybe some like minded parents can tag along as well lol. Obviously we will not be in Adelaide until Feb, but I will post an update nearer the time. Furthermore I have coached and managed soccer teams for the past 22 years here in the UK, plus my son has been a professional. I am going to look into sorting out a team from scratch and enter a Saturday/Sunday league. Maybe we could call the team PIA FC. What do you think moderators. We could arrange Parents V Kids Soccer match. I understand that you young ones - that it is horrible for us older people/parents trying to get you friends etc, but this BBQ is meant with all good intentions. Hopefully some good can come from this socialable event and you had the chance to gain acquaintances and exchange contact details and sorted out your own future arrangements regarding meeting each other. I look forward to your replies...................

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