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Attaching documents to online visa application????

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    Hey guys

    We are in the process of applying for our 176 going to put in the application asap (state sponsorship recieved), however was wondering if anyone knows at what point do you attach the supporting documents to the application? Also are you prompted as to what documents etc are required? Thanks Heidi xx

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    Guest familygood

    You wil get an online log in when you have submitted your application that will list all the information that you need. You can then go into the Attach Documnets area which will let you upload your documents. As long as they are colour scanned they do not need to be certified which saves money/time. There is a good information page on the DIAC website on how to upload your documents in what format and what size. A word of warning is that once they are uploaded you cannot take them off again so be careful what you put on there (i.e. dont put on an old CV like I did!!! - no harm done thank god!!!)

    Hope that helps!

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