Bricklayer skills test

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    A friend of ours is about to do the skills test for a bricklayer


    does anyone have any info on what he can expect?


    Many thanks in advance



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    Guest willow1234

    hi there my hubby did his test in accrington uk he was really bricking it (haha)himself but wen he got there they made him feel verry at ease.you are at the test from 8.00am till wenever you finish.you have to build a corner with 1 straight side and the other side with a rake sloping down also a 4 brick pilar approx 12 corses high with a corbbal top and a brick on edge on the top.to do this you are provided with a drawing.once you finish an australian assecor looks at it then you take it down then the test is done.wish your friend all the best and dont worry!

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    Guest PompeyPom

    Ditto Willow.


    Did my test in London my nerves were so bad my hand was shaking sad or wot build stuff all the time everybody was telling me i would walk it but its the unkown they might throw at you.Still shaking hand or not it went well and passed.We had to build the same as above L shaped cavity wall face brickwork both skins with a 45 degree slope,and the pier n corbeling.We also had a one to one chat with the assessor were he asked questions about bricklaying eg name 4 or 5 types of arch construction,how you lay concrete floors inc dpc dpm etc.All basic stuff really but still got the old ticker going LOL.To be honest looking back it was no worries mate but easy said when its all over.


    If i can be anymore help just shout regards Scott


    PLAY UP POMPEY:biglaugh:

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