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Guest mOZzy

newcomers in adelaide - new website and meeting service!

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    Guest mOZzy

    hey guys, i 'found' this one on another site ;)





    Online at


    Newcomers Network - Australia's first network for newcomers

    Started in 1999 - originally launched online in May 2001 - 55,000 visitors every month


    MEDIA RELEASE - New Website Launch and Muslim Man to Welcome Newcomers to Adelaide every month


    Sue Ellson, the Founder of Newcomers Network (based in Melbourne) will be returning to her home town of Adelaide to launch the newest version of the Newcomers Network website on Friday 20 July 2007 at the Sebel Playford Lounge Bar at 120 North Terrace Adelaide from 6:30pm.


    Ms Ellson will also be launching the very first 'Welcome to Adelaide' monthly event that will be hosted on the second Friday of every month by Mr Amgad Elmahdi, a Muslim man who moved to Adelaide in January this year. Mr Elmahdi has received formal recognition for the Cross Cultural Group at the University of Melbourne that he founded in 2005 as he was chosen as a 'Harmony Hero' in 2006 and this year, he has been awarded the Presidency of the Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS).


    Ms Ellson says that after leaving Adelaide in 1994, she had no idea that she would end up welcoming newcomers to Australia. Newcomers Network has been hosting Welcome to Melbourne events every month since January 2005 and Welcome to Sydney events every month since March 2005. 'I am very grateful that Amgad has volunteered to host these events in Adelaide as I have received so many requests via email for something of this nature to be available to new arrivals in Adelaide.'


    'The events are open to anyone that has moved to Adelaide from any location - this includes expatriates, migrants, Australian repatriates, international students, domestic migrants etc. They may have arrived in the last month, year or several years ago - but what they are looking for is someone who is open to sharing stories and discussing something other than sport or local news. As a free event open to all ages, cultural backgrounds and faiths, the only cost to attend is the price of any refreshments that they purchase during the evening.


    Newcomers Network is a private enterprise because people coming from some countries are suspicious of anything related to government and some people view not-for-profit organisations as 'charity.' We are a network that connects people to the information and people that they need to effectively settle in Australia and our services are provided thanks to the support of advertisers and consulting services provided by Sue Ellson to various organisations.'


    Newcomers Network is essentially a publisher of information, from all sources, that enables newcomers to manage their own settlement more effectively.


    We advocate for better settlement processes by consulting to government, attending forums and events and writing submissions to inquiries.


    We have completed two significant research projects and invite people to participate in academic research from around the world.


    As an independent organisation, we do not paint Adelaide or any other location as 'perfect' - we try and provide the skills and strategies for people to make the most of their new life in their new location, regardless of where they have come from or how long they plan to stay. As it is based in Australia, it is written in English, a skill that is essential for living here.


    The new website is in a new format Content Management System (Joomla, free and open source) and will include a lot more specific information about Adelaide and people will be able to subscribe directly to event reminders and email newsletters - again, free of charge and online on Friday 20 July 2007.


    Further details:

    Sue Ellson or 03 9812 7288 or 0402 243 271

    Amgad Elmahdi 0400 122 665

    Lyn Shea 0417 895 690

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    Guest happy-jools

    Brilliant, more stuff to read online.


    The numb bum syndrome is terrible. And the fact that my hubby doesnt speak to me if a spend too long online.;)

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