Portable Clothes Rails Needed

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    We are just about to redecorate our bedroom and refurbish our walk in wardrobe. Does anyone have any portable clothes rails we can borrow or buy from them to hang my husbands, yes my husbands abundance of clothes on LOL.


    I would be willing to purchase them from you or if you just wanted to lend them to me for a couple of weeks I'd be happy to pick up and collect. there would certainly be a carton of beer or a few bottles of you favourite vino in it for you.


    I will probable need at least a couple and I dont really want to buy new as I'm not sure I'd have much use for them after this.


    I hope someone will be able to help





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    Guest Here at last!



    How soon do you need them? We have 3 but are using them until the 25th July when we move into a house with built ins. You are welcome to borrow them after this date.



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