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Guest graham and niki

peer electrician course

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Guest graham and niki

Hi all

fairly new here- and just thought i would share where i am with the electrical peer course.

If anyone has any info on the exam it would be great and if anyone needs any info on what i have already done i would be happy to share.

I have got my visa and have gone the TRA route and have my ARTC

I am now doing the distance learning course with PEER and will fly to Adelaide to sit the exam then transfer it to which ever state we settle in.

At least this way i have half a chance of finding work from day one.

A few questions-

Can I take the wiring regs etc into the exam?

Is it multiple choice?

does anyone have an example of the questions?

how long will i need in OZ (3 days jet lag, 2 days revision /exam and a couple of days to get the licence?)say 10 days to allow for weekends and fun?

Do i need a H&S and first aid course to get the license?

Anyone have a job for a good electricain with 15 years experience?

Many Thanks to all that answer


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Guest Davey0401

hey bud yeh i did the wiring rules course 2 months a go its pretty easy and yes its an open book exam.you need 90% to pass sounds alot but it only works out to be 70% per section and there 6 section.do you have a copy of the wiring rules AS/NZS 3000/2007 book?if yes try and concerntrate on maximum demand questions as thats got alot of maks riding on it.as for a job try ranstad agency on henley beach road and ask to speak to heath jury.hope this helps!

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Guest mantis88

I'm doing the regs course with PEER on a corespondents course (what a con, same price as doing it in class but with only a folder of questions and no help) as I can't do Mondays and Wednesdays due to work! I guess thats what your doing and it includes a revision session pre test which I think is gonna make sure you pass so I wouldn't worry too much!

On this subject I've managed to borrow 2 of the regs books I needed from apprentices at work but can't get a 3012 book has anyone got one I could borrow for a few weeks? Don;t want to lash out money on things I will never use once the course has finished!


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Guest cleeton

Hi Graham,


I am just applying for a 175 and going through Vetassess, not sure what is required or expected, experience, qualifications and so on or would you recommend an agent to deal with it.

Can you help.







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