Bulldozer roit.

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    WOW!The Aussies by me don't mess around where there is dosh to be made,Two good brick built houses in our street,occupied two weeks ago,have disappeared!We were awoken at 7.45 am by a right old racket across the street,the wrecking crew had arrived.Four blokes smashing the house to bits, come dinner time in came the demolition machine smashing a perfectly good house to smithereens. Already,footings are appearing.Sad i thought,but its going on all around here now,and as we have seen recently here,there will soon be two new houses for sale or rent where our neighbours house recently stood.Enterprising,and brave those Aussies.

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    Guest Libby1971

    There is no messing about when their mind is set to it. I drove past the school where I work today. On Friday there was an ex-boarding house, recently office block. Today half the building was missing and the roof gone. I am expecting a big hole by the time I get back to work the week after next!

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