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    Hello Everyone


    We are still waiting for our Visa but we are trying to work out what to take and what not to take with us to Oz. So I have a couple of questions....


    Is there anything that you did not bring you wish you had?




    Did you bring anything you wish you hadn't?


    I know everybody is different but thought it might be interesting. I am rack om brains from little things like cutlery to things like beds! :confused:




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    Hiya my advice would be bring everything!


    We got rid of loads of stuff before we came out and wish we had brought it. If you dont need it when it gets here you can always throw it.


    Jo x

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    We bought a new Dyson before we came out, on offer in comet.. So glad we did as they're quite expensive here.

    Stock up on kids clothes and get them in sales for when they grow. (next tesco george etc) also clarks shoes for kids.. they sell them here but are pricy and dont have a choice of widths. im having trouble getting decent shoes for my daughter as she has really narrow feet.Wish I had got a few more pairs.

    Babygrows are expensive here ( about $10 for 1, unlike pack of 3 in tescos for £4) The quality isnt so good here.

    Bring shoes.!!! ghd's!!

    Some things are cheap.. Target is good for kids things when they have a sale.

    I know it sounds silly, but bring hangers! the shops dont give them to you!!


    Im always thinking of things i wish i brought with me.


    I brought all my curtains with me and they dont fit any windows in my rental, so cant use them!!

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