Contracts Exchanged, Completing in 7 days time 25th July 07 !

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    At long last I received the call today to confirm that the contracts have finally been exchanged sign60.gif


    We were more or less 'told' that we had to complete next Wednesday the 25th July.......& yes this was by the 1st buyers at the bottom of the chain.


    Unfortunately Doree Bonner, our shippers are full next week. If they get a cancellation we can have it on the Monday or Tuesday but if not we will be shipping a few possessions from the in-laws on Monday 30th July into UK storage for a few weeks.


    Can you believe it we were asked to sign our contracts at least 5/6 weeks ago & have been waiting ever since for the same couple, who have delayed everyone by opting for 2 surveys & then having further queries.


    But great relief felt by all, even the kids I think as they are much more aware of what has been going on than I thought rolleyes.gif


    Our flights are now booked with Singapore airlines for Monday 3rd September 18.30pm, with a stop-over included. I think we arrive in Adelaide around 6am on the 6th September 653.gif


    I also resigned today, my last day at Boots is Thursday 9th August. And in addition to this I was awarded the brilliant customer service award, a certificate, cup, £125 vouchers & a bottle of champers sign61.gif A nice end to the day I'd say.


    I'm just reading through all the OAA & Meet / Greet services & deciding whether to apply.


    Good luck to everyone

    Angela, Ashley & Kids

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    Guest lastboyscout

    Congrats Angela , well done and I hope your new life in Adelaide is all you want :)

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    Guest ralph n bev

    Congratulations to you Angela and all your family, Finally.


    What a great time to go too, when the kids break up here for the 6 week holls, perfect.

    If i were you id apply for O.A.A. if its really dire ,in a really bad place , then it gives you time to find a good rental in a place you want to be.

    How exciting , for you all.

    I think id be tempted to start the kids at school in January too, give you all time to settle in to your new lives , find the perfect place for you all.

    Im so envious i want to move in September too !!!

    Bev xx

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    Guest happy-jools

    Go Get Em Girl.


    Well done.


    And the boots thing for Brilliant Customer Service is well deserved if you ask me;);)


    Keep in touch and good luck:cool:

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    Guest jen&ian

    Congrats Angela,


    We finally exchanged today ourselves after the most long winded process ever! our buyers had 2 sets of solicitors and their first time buyer was a nightmare. Looking foward to completing next week too - you'll beat us by 2 days:p.



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