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Guest Fancy a Beer

The Quality of Kids Toys these days!

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    Guest Fancy a Beer

    Well we survived another birthday at the weekend where my son turned 6, but have to say we were both amazed that he received so many presents (very gratefully received to!!) which all on the surface (or should I say on the box cover) looked fantastic, but needless to say a few hours later having opened them all up and put them together and started to play with them, there was many missing pieces, or they were so badly made they were played with and broke, or the picture on the box was so misleading showing this great item and game with all these bits, but actually when you finally managed to put it together half of what was shown needed to be bought seperatly (Typically Ben Bloody 10, that is such a rip off that stuff!!).


    We had transformers that didnt transform, Football (soccer) nets that came without instructions to put together and about 40 pieces, Meccano sets and the vital piece missing, Connect 4 game broke with just one game played on it, Football (soccer) thing on string that you kick and comes back to you falls off all the time, and other bits to that were poorly made!!


    I always said I would never say "When I was a Kid" BUT the quality seems crap these days but the price has doubled, especially here in Adelaide trying to buy a present for under $50 is impossible, then I click onto Argos and there is the Ben 10 toy I spent over $35 on being sold for 6.00 (pounds) much more realistic pricing if you ask me, in relation to pocket money and wages!


    Anyway I just wondered is it just Australia where it seems so much of what you buy is just crap or have the standards in the UK also dropped, these huge toy companies constantly cashing in on the latest fad and ripping off our kids and more importantly the parents constantly stumping up the cash for more badly made rubbish??? :arghh::arghh::arghh:

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