Possible legal advice?

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    Ok, not sure if this is the right section to put this in, but seeing as how it's to do with mortgage, i'll put it here. Feel free to move it where it belongs.


    Anyone know a good lawyer for a civil case? I might not need it just yet, but good chance.


    Story is this, 8 months ago, bank agreed to give us mortgage. We put down deposit on house/land package, and then there was a delay on the part of builders (planning permissions etc still had to be sorted). So after the 4 month delay, the bank then asked for a review again due to the "economic downturn". After the review they decided that we couldn't afford the mortgage, which of course we could. Another department of the SAME bank then said the would give us the mortgage!! :arghh: After much messing about (ie papers had to emailed to me in South Africa, i then had to sign them and DHL them back to Adelaide, due to them not getting paperwork ready while i was home, despite me telling them i was leaving for Africa again) all was sorted 2 weeks ago, and a settlement was due to go through today. I get to work today to find emails from my mortgagae broker saying that the settlement has been delayed due to the bank LOSING my bloody paperwork.:arghh::arghh:


    The people who we are building with have now said that if we do not settle this week, we will lose the house/land package, and all the money we have already put into it. The bank have said they need me to sign the paperwork again, but i am in middle of nowhere, and the won't accept scanned email copy!! I am in very rural Uganda, with no fax machine, and if i were to print them, sign them and send them by post, i would arrive home in 3 weeks time before the paperwork. These people have been told countless times that i work away from home, and if they need to get stuff done, it needs to be in the 5 weeks I am back in Adelaide.


    So if anyone knows a decent lawyer, or just someone who can advise as to where i stand on this if/when the builders pull the plug and we lose everything, it would be much appreciated.


    And to top it all, if we lose the pacjkage, we will also lose our 25K first time builders grant, which has now reduced again.



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    Guest caoimhe

    I have no info regarding a lawyer, just want to wish you good luck

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    Guest Nick11

    That's awful.

    Can you not appoint someone to represent you here and they sign for you.

    Good luck



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    Hi Shaun,


    sorry to hear your news, I know how much you were looking forward to getting into your new home and how excited you were to share the news that they were laying the foundations.


    I have pm'd you with details of a lovely lady that I know personally who may be able to help you, or if she can't she will know of someone who can.


    Good luck x

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