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    Hi all


    We're arrving on the 24th Aug and in the process of sorting stuff, just wondeirng if it's worth bringing my kids unused uniforms(black/.grey trouser/skirts). What sort of school uniforms do they use there? I reckon it'll be different for each school but I just thought maybe the basic black/grey trouser/skirt will come handy.


    Any reply will be appreciated.



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    Uniforms vary from school to school...also depending on whether you go private or not....


    Primary State school are more relaxed with uniform....jogging bottoms/shorts/skirts etc....and polo tops etc...


    Stage High school are more specialised....for example, my daughters school have a green/white check skirt, which you cant get anywhere else!! and of the course the school sweatshirt/polo tops etc...


    If you have the room...bring never know...

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