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Nursery Nurse seeking advice.......

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    Guest Kelly pj

    :chatterbox:Evening guys, our meds were finalised on fri and everything else seems to be in place (fingers crossed!!!) so thoughts are now steering to when we actually get there now..... so I was wondering if anyone can help. I have the BTEC National Diploma in Early Childhood and Education (qualified in 1999) Ive worked as a nanny and abroad a childrens rep. I am currently working as Deputy Supervisor in a private day nursery.

    Is my qualification recognised in OZ?

    Is there a demand for my Job in and round Adelaide, are there lots of nurseries/day centres there?

    also any idea what the pay scale is over there?

    Sorry so many questions!!! Any help/info would be very much appreciated.


    Also could look into Childminding as I have done that course here in the UK too, during my maternity leave as wasnt sure I wanted to return to a nursery so thats an option there a call for that in adelaide and surrounding areas.


    I have all my certificates etc...... thankyou in advance to anyone can help.... Kelly :chatterbox:

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    Guest Lulujim



    I've got the NNEB and NVQ 3 and they're not recognised out here as Qualified. But my friend in NSW has the Btec and is 'Qualified' here. It may be a SA thing though??


    There's a long thread on here about this - try searching for 'Childcare Qualifications' - and hopefully that'll answer your questions. There's a place on Currie Street in Adelaide CBD called Skills Assessment Centre where they look at your certificates and then print you out the equivelant Aussie one, or tell you where to go to do the extra studying needed.


    I need to do 6 more modules to be qualified here, costing about $500 on a 475 visa (cheaper for PRs) and done through TAFE.


    Hope this helps!


    Alexis :)

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    Well I can only speak for "Famil;y Daycare" which is equivalent to "Childminders" back at home - there is a great demand for it here.....I started up about 10 months ago - although at the begining it was slow I am now FULL with some fabulous kids.....

    If you require any further assistance please don"t hesitate to contact me via pm



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