Hazel M

documents to attach to 175 application.??

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    can anyone give me a link for a list of the documents that need to be attached to the online 175 visa application please?

    I just want to check that I've got everthing needed - any other nurses know what they have had to send?

    Im also wondering if I'll need to send EVERYONE'S birth certs and our marriage cert as well as the skills assessment details?


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    Guest ems

    Hi Hazel.


    Go onto following link and then into document checklist:



    You will need all your birth certificates, i believe your marriage certificate (sorry not 100% as single) plus your skills assessment.


    When you go through the checklist it does look long but bear in mind you won't need all of what is on there,it depends on what sections you have filled out and what applies to you.

    Good Luck.x

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    Guest Allie Bloss


    You do need you marriage certificate & all documentation of any other names you may have had i.e. previous marriage / divorce etc.

    Along with all birth certificates & proof of nursing skills assessment & all these will need to be certified if you are going to post them.

    Hope this helps.

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