Finance on cars for 475visa holders

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    Hi everyone


    I am looking for some answers on getting finance on a car on a temporary visa. I have asked questions about finance on cars before but didnt state what visa we were on so not sure whether the answers were relevant to us.

    We decided to buy one car out right when we arrived but now I need a good (less than 3 years old) car for work, I have a car allowance of $13,000 and a deposit of around $5,000. Does anyone know if its possible to get finance in this situation on a temporary visa.


    Thanks if you can help.



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    Guest Team 'W'
    Hi Denise


    Yes it is possible, usually the finance term will only run for the term of the visa.


    Ours was arranged through St George Bank and we were on a 495 visa.


    Hope this helps.




    Hi Andrew


    Does that go for all Provisional Visas. We are on a 4 year 164 Provisional Business Visa and I'll need to source a car when we arrive. I don't wan to use any of the money we are taking over so I was looking at financing if possible.


    Did you shop around before you went with your financiers?

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