Second hand or new car?

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    Hiya,been looking at car prices lately,and cannot believe how much old cars fetch here,like up to $4000 for 20 yr old bog standard saloons .Wondering now whether to bite the bullet and buy new! Old cars here seem to be viewed differently than in the UK.

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    Guest kangomik

    With no MOT it's a bit of a minefield and prices vary so much, the good stuff goes word of mouth. Beware dealers selling below a certain price carry no responsibilities regarding warranty, which makes it worse when you see something "cheap"

    Its a good time to haggle with dealers, and you could get a good deal, make sure prices quoted are on the road, not + tax etc. Don't rule out demo's for a few more bux off


    If you want a good warranty Mitzi, Kia , Hyundai will give good piece of mind.

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