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    We're arriving on 24th Aug and secured a rental in Acorn Ave, Blackwood. It's near Belair Primary. Anybody have children in this school? What is it like? We've looked at the website but first hand experience is better. Any feedback will be appreciated.



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    Guest ozziespurs

    Hi Richard


    Can you please tell me how you have managed to secure rental from the uk, We arrive a week after you 31 August and although I keep going on real estate and offering 6 months rent up front am having no luck as they say I need to view property first. How are you getting on in your preparations, and how old are your children. My children are 17, 13,11,8 and 8 and they are getting really excited now.

    Sorry I can't help out with your question but it would be really nice to hear from someone who is moving over about the same time as us.

    Many Thanks for advice.

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    Hi ozziespurs,

    Getting a rental from UK can be very frustrating. We used the website. I presume that you are looking for fully furnished accomodation initially? This web site is full of short term rentals ideal for when you first move over, just need to decide on location. We wiil start searching for unfurnished accom. when we in Adelaide. We arrive 24th and i start work on 31st. Not much time to do loads of paperwork and find a car. Packers come next week but are still trying to de-clutter. Charity shops are doing great business out of our move. Kids are 5 and 10 and will hopefuuly get them into local schools asap. Good luck with your move and if you want to ask any more questions feel free. This site is a goldmine of useful information.


    Richard & Chit

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