Hallett Cove and Flagstaff Hill

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    Hi everyone,


    We have been looking at places to live in Adelaide and we came up with a couple to look at and thats Hallett Cove and Flagstaff Hill. Does anybody already live there or are planning to live there? Just to see if there is anymore info you can give us.




    Mark, Natalie, Abigail and Jessica:notworthy:

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    Lived in Flagstaff Hill when we first moved to Oz. Lovely area, with lots of wildlife. Happy valley just down the road, with the Hub shopping centre. Not far from south road, and direct route into city. About 20-25 mins depending on traffic. Hallett Cove is another nice area. Lots closer to the see, and again about 20-30 mins from city depending on traffic. In my experience, Flagstaff Hill seems to be slightly more expensive to rent or buy. Both nice areas, and the schools are good too. So really just depends what you can find there, how much you are willing to spend, and possibly what your looking for? Hills or seaside.

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