travel insurance?

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    Havn't been on here for a while however in last 4 days we have got a visa caseworker, sold the house and visa application has landed in oz. :)Hubby looking to leave the uk in september with me and kids leaving in december.


    Just wondering if anyone knows what to do about travel insurance for the journey from the uk. Most places won't cover us as we are emigrating so not returning to the uk means we are not covered.smallest child a bit accident prone!!


    Any ideas greatfully recieved!!


    Can't quite believe its all happening so quickly, in 3 weeks we have to be out of the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:arghh:

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    Guest Here at last!



    We used Fortis Insurance, we also had a quote from Walkabout but Fortis were cheaper for not much difference in the cover.



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