How much does it cost to build a house?

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    Hi all,


    The house hunting is not going too well - just wondering if building could be an option for us. Have absolutely NO idea of how much the building would cost on top of the land. We'd be looking for a 4 bed, possibly 2 storey. I'm not sure the house and land packages would suit us as they don't tend to be in the areas we are after (Glenalta, Blackwood, Seacliff, Marino etc). Plus aren't the plots often smallish? We'd like to have a fair sized yard for the kids to play in.


    Any guidance appreciated!


    Jo xxx

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    We're in the early stages of building. We have land in Hallet cove. The main problem we have found with building is finding suitable land to build on. Flat Plots were small & expensive . Larger plots around this area are mostly sloping, which can be a problem finding a suitable affordable house to build on it plus higher footings costs..

    The house prices on show homes are for the basic house.. they dont include any flooring, Air con/heating, insullation or footings as well as lots of other hidden costs in relation to building. .. for the house we are building, we have had to upgrade on lots of things as the basics are often not what you would expect, especially after looking around a lovely furnished show house. Our house cost was over $150k more than we originally expected and thats not even going top speck!!

    Its a very slow process and will take approx 1 year from signing a contract to having a finished house..but we have never lived in a new house before and would never have been able to afford the house we're building in the UK. After looking around show homes, I couldnt imaging myself living in anything else!!

    I'll just have to be patient and wait for it to be completed!!

    Oakford homes still have some plots for sale which are larger plots (they are sloping although not to the degree of most other plots ive seen)as they dont build split level or 2 storey homes but you can use any builder, although they aren't advertising the land. Speak to Eileen. (sorry, cant find her number, but head office is 8132 4500). We're building a 2 storey as this will still give us a decent sized garden.

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