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    Its been a while since i last posted anything although have always read the useful information.

    After 3 times of trying we have just received a successful TRA application (thought it would never happen).

    Basically we were informed by our agent to apply under my OH old job as more years experience and qualifications, however this didn’t seem to be good enough. Despite contradicting advice my OT took some more qualifications in his current job, put together another more detailed TRA application with references etc and we submitted this whilst in Oz.

    We were told we wouldn’t get it but did!!

    Now the visa info has changed we now have enough points (with English test) to go for a 175 visa but have decided to go for a 176 as his job is on the critical jobs list and as we are only planning on SA think this will be a quicker and easier option.

    Sponsorship application is now in so looks like things are moving.

    So anyone out there who is getting down with the TRA application process, my advice is keep at it, it will be worth it in the end.


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    Guest Nicky&Andy

    brilliant news , congratulations, now things should get moving for you

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