Beautiful day today

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    What a beautiful winters day today!Me and the missus went down the beach for a 2 hr stroll,and we were amazed,warm in the sunshine,and in short sleeves,amongst people walking around in summer wear,walking their dogs,smiling,chatting and generally enjoying life.This in the height of winter!I kept thinking of that U2 song.It ain't half good in Adelaide sometimes.

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    Guest Fulwood

    If anyone is missing the UK, let me add that this morning was glorious. I did the grass, moved the dining room furniture into the garden so I could clean the floors etc and as I stopped for a brew the sky turned and the heavens openned!


    I then had to launch everything back into the house at 100mph, and an hour later the garden was dry again.


    Argh happy UK summers eh! 22 days until our Oz adventure begins....

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