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3 month Update!

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    Guest Lisajonesey

    Hello Everyone!

    Without even realising it, I just realised what date it is!! It was 3 months on Wednesday that we arrived on Planet Adelaide!


    Time has flown by, but I thought I'd give an update on what we think and how it's going.


    When we first arrived, we (I’ve moved out here with my boyfriend) we so jetlagged. We stopped in Hong Kong on the way here, and I was completely covered in Mossie bites, which made flying and sleeping really horrible..

    Anyway, we had signed up for the meet and greet service, and we were staying in On Arrival Accomadation.

    Our Guy met us at the Airport and popped us in a Taxi and gave us the keys. We opened the door of a block of government flats, and our hearts sank. It was like a prison cell (with in house cockroaches!) We were just too tired to cry.. so we set about finding somewhere to rent immediately.

    We soon realised that renting is a lot different to the UK. The Pictures on Realestate and Homehound aren’t what you’d call an accurate portrayal, so you have to view everything. The Estate Agents have “viewings” where loads of people all turn up at the property and you have to submit an application if you want it.

    After seeing 3 places, we found a lovely 3 bedroom flat right on the beach. We thought we’d be paying less rent than in the UK, but we’re paying about $200 a month less. We are right on the beach though, in Glenelg and LOVING IT!

    2 months in, we thought it was time to get jobs, as we’d spend quite a bit of cash. We were job hunting for about 4 hours in the internet cafe, and I had a call the next day asking me to go in for an interview! The other half had an interview the day after.... and we both got the jobs! – hurrah!

    My OH is earning pretty much what he was on in London, and my take has increased 40% - awesome.

    So things are looking quite rosey for us – I’m starting to miss my friends a bit, as everyone in my office is a good 20 years older than me – and I haven’t quite given up on the odd heavy drinking session yet.

    Our friends from Sydney are coming over next month to help us drink ourselves into a stuper though, so that should help!

    On the whole, it’s been a huge change, but we’re both feeling a lot more settled now, especially now we have jobs. The Aussies are so friendly and helpful, and coming home each night to a beautiful sunset over the beach is a dream come true!



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    Guest Lisajonesey
    Good to hear you are enjoying it now...


    But if its beers you want....just give us a call!!




    Sounds Like a Plan!!!



    Where abouts do you live?

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