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Buying a house

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    Guest Mrs Imp

    Hello, I am very new to here but have a burning question...


    Are we able to buy a house on either a 457 or 475 visa? We don't mind renting if we need to, but would much prefer to buy either a new house or one thats not too old - over 20 years if the exchange rate picks up in the near future?


    Also is it fairly easy to find a furnished house for a couple of months until our belongings turn up or do we need to just make do until the big box comes?


    Many thanks

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    Yes you can buy a house on the 475 or 457.


    If you are buying to live in it you do not need permission.


    If you require a mortgage generally you can only borrow 80% of the property price.


    In terms of short term furnished rental, yes these are available, some advertised on here even. Tyke on here for example offers this service.


    If you want longer furnished rental ie 6 months or 12 months, again yes these are available but are very few and far between.


    Hope this helps.



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