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    Stressful times now for us,gotta find a suitable rental(location,size,price etc)in one month!

    Not an easy task,we are finding it a bigger jungle than ever,with agents wanting to know the ins and outs of a cats harse before they will even consider further scrutiny.The cheek of them,like how much do you earn,how much is in the bank,etc ! Of course,i do understand where they are coming from,but still,i find it all a bit excessive to say the least.Then when we do find a suitable place,i suppose we will have to offer more to secure.Defo looking into buying a place of our own within the next year,cant be doing with all this Crap anymore.

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    It must depend upon who you are dealing with !!!! as us, our friends and neighbours have all secured rentals pretty quickly without having to jump through all those hoops let alone offer money up front.


    You do have to offer alot of info up front as they really do need to know whom they are letting property out to.



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    Guest Izhevsk

    Dear Sueoc,


    Hi, your profile caught my attention. I have a 3 bedroom house in Hallett Cove that I would like to sell. It is near schools and only a short drive to the new Hallett Cove Shopping Centre. If you are interested please send me a message.





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