10 Good things about my suburb

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    Ok, so for new people coming out here, I thought this might make some good reading. Without blagging other places, let's have ten good things about the suburb you live in.


    I'll start with Highbury.


    1. Lots of trees and green open spaces - Linear Park is the ace in the hole, but lots of smaller parks too

    2. Cables and telegraph lines are underground - looks neater and more modern somehow

    3. Good local schools, and plenty of other choices within ten minutes drive

    4. Close enough to the City to head there for an evening and for kids' activities, and good public transport in and out

    5. Good mix of nationalities - got aussie friends, dutch friends, south african friends, finnish friends, sri lankan friends...

    6. Good location for maximum choice of work places - easy reach of City, Port, Industrial places on Grand Junction Road, Salisbury, eastern suburbs, Barossa...

    7. Good shops - choice of supermarkets within easy reach and Tea Tree Plaza close by for everything else, as well as couple of nice local shops - an "open all hours" deli, chinese, chippie, pub, restaurant, dentist and doctors all in Highbury

    8. Great library locally at Tea Tree Plaza, saves me a fortune on books!

    9. Quiet - no major road noise, wake up to the sound of birdsong

    10. Good range of housing from posh and new to older-style, means good cross-section of people and no airs and graces


    Could go on, but 10 is a good number! Let's hear it from the rest of you....



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    Guest Andrew&Ren

    Gelenlg (Holdfast Bay):)


    1. Beach - The beach here is lovely and Brighton and Henley Beach are 5-10 mins walk too.

    2. Tram - Tram goes straight into the city centre in about 20-30 mins and you can always get a seat as its the first/last stop!

    3. Shops/Amenities - Jetty rd is great, newsagents, grocers, clothes shops, cheapaschips,Florist,hairdressers.....everything you need really. Coles and Foodland supermarkets are also in Glenelg.

    4. Restaurants - The selection in Glenelg is fab, it has every kind of food for every budget.

    5. Low Crime - Its a safe area and crime is very very low compared to other areas.

    6.Community - People say hello and are proud to live here, there is a community centre,library,youth centre etc

    7. Families/Kids stuff - Ive no children but theres loads for kids to do like the Beach house amusement park, bike hire, surf club...

    8. Lively/nice atmosphere - it has a busy feel about it and always lots of people about so never feels like your stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    9.Outdoor Life - The beach, Marina area, golf courses, skate park, cycle routes....

    10. Property - although not cheap...the property here is really good, not many run down places to be seen.

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    Guest Rob and Clare

    Mawson Lakes.

    1. Open Space - We have 26km of walkways along creeks, around lakes etc.. and with an irrigation system that is not affected by drought we always have green grass.

    2. Close at Hand - Come the weekend we have everything on our doorstep, supermarket, bakery, fast food, choice of cafe's, choice of restaurants, pub, dvd shop, hairdressers, banks, library, planetarium (ok i've never used that), gym's, leisure centre, beach volley ball, tennis courts, basket ball court, golf course, dog park, public bbq's... We can leave the car at home until Monday.

    3. Location - 10 mins to the city by train, 15 mins by car, 15 mins to the beach, 20 mins to Entertainment Centre and Adelaide Utd, 15 mins to watch Adelaide basketball, 20 mins to AAMI stadium for AFL, 10 mins to the hockey stadium, 30 mins to the barossa, 45 mins to the york peninsula, Adelaide's only 2 proper garden centres within 20 mins.

    4. Activities - We have our own community website highlighting planned activities within the area including Spring Fete's, Christmas Concerts, Outdoor Cinema, Firework nights, rock and roll nights, kids bmx competitions, kids holiday clubs. The activities are great for a relatively small new suburb.

    5. Neighbours - Maybe this is more luck than good planning on our part, but our neighbours are great (we had good neighbours in the UK too though so there's no preference), we have a mix of nationalities with another british couple living close by, mostly aussies, some polish and some Asian families, we've gone out together, and had a few BBQ's. We also joined our local environmental group where we look after our area from planting trees, tidying rubbish and reporting broken lights etc...

    6. It's unique - Some people don't like it, some people do, but it is quite different in aesthetics from most other suburbs which I find relaxing to come home to.

    7. Environmentally Friendly - Whilst some houses I admit are not that environmentally friendly, the developers and Salisbury council have developed our water system to be sustainable in drought conditions, we have some solar street lamps and we're also part of Adelaide's solar city.

    8. A village atmosphere - whether walking the dogs round the lakes or sitting outside the cafe's having a latte you get to know many of the locals and so many people now stop to say hello. (Must admit we enjoyed this too in the UK in Lichfield)

    9. Feeling Safe - We have no gangs hanging around on street corners, the shops don't have shutters on them, and I never feel unsafe walking our dogs at any time of the day or evening, even at 6:00am you will find men and women going for runs or going for a morning walk. So people are not scared to go out.

    10. One of Adelaide's top 50 liveable suburbs, whilst I didn't agree 100% with the reasoning, I was still proud that an unfinished area made the top 50.

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    Well I live in Hallett Cove, so here goes:-


    1. Community:- I love the community spirit here, yes there are a lot of brits, but because of this we all help each other out, as we have left our families (baby sitters) behind. We all look after each other and help when needed.


    2. Schools:- my kids go to Hallett Cove East and they love it, they have plenty to occupy them both in and out of school. They are encouraged to go to the school after hours and use the playground and footie/soccer pitches.


    3. Houses:- a great mixture to suit all budgets.


    4. Nationality:- although a lot of brits, there are aussies, croation, south african, belaruse families here too.


    5. Pub:- the cove tavern, great company and good food which is easy on the pocket.


    6. Beaches:- close to many beaches, Hallett cove, Brighton, Seacliff, Glenelg, Moana, O'sullivans, Christies....the list is endless.


    7. Hills/Boardwalk:- I know it's 2, but Hallett Cove is hilly and makes for great walking and exercise, but also the views. The boardwalk at the beach is brilliant, you don't realise how much exercise you are getting because of the views they are breathtaking.


    8. Central:- easy driving distance to both North and South with major roads not too far for ease of access to city and beyond.


    9. Mall:- we now have a mall, granted not as large as some, but it's great all the same.


    10. Sports:- There always seems to be something sporty going on, football, cricket, cross country, netball.....the list is endless and everyone is always more than happy to have an extra person join in....the people here are so friendly and welcoming and smile/acknowledge even when out walking.


    I love it!!!!1

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    Beach, we have a nice beach here and another round the corner at outer harbour.

    Housing. Nice houses, mixture of socioeconomic backgrounds and nationalities

    shops, we are very near to shops at north haven and then semaphore and port Adelaide are less than ten minutes away

    Neighbours are mainly Aussie

    location, 30 minutes from the city, on a good train route

    pubs excellent pub at the Marina, semaphore pubs ok. Port Adelaide some pubs are good especially port dock brewery, again 30 mins to the city

    for the Kids, lots of play parks near here, nil graffiti on these and schools

    Cafes lots of cafes and kiosks ideal for the climate to sit outside and watch the sea.

    Quiet area not much fast traffic, good if you have cats and dogs

    parking all shopping areas have free parking

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    Guest Libby1971

    Reynella East


    established - no new builds, what you see is what you get here, and although small-ish, especially compared to Woodcroft and Happy Valley which border Reynella East. No land for building on.


    reserves/ parks - STACKS of them, all over the place, and not tiddly little ones either. We have one with a playground and a duck pond outside our house.


    school - the only public high school with a waiting list is the zoned school here, it has an excellent reputation, and we're really pleased. Also in line for a major investment from the government, millions, and so totally refit is due, including large investment in ICT facilities.


    transport links - 2 mins to a junction with South Road adn Expressway. Also park and ride next door to this junction. 2 train stations nearby (5/ 10 min drive). By car you can be in the city in half an hour early rush hour in the morning


    commuting - easy. Due to road links, traffic moves quite smoothly. From Norwood, it takes 35 mins to get home leaving there at 4.00pm. I have not spent more than an hour in the car on the way home, although usually it takes me 20-30 mins to get into the heart of the city.


    shopping - Collonades is 10 mins south and Marion is 10 mins north. Both have an excellent range of shops although clearly Marion is twice the size of Noarlunga Collonades. Harbourtown is about half an hour away and with all three so good, there is little need to go elsewhere. Basic food shopping and extras can be bought in near by supermarkets such a Foodland (Happy Valley and Old Reynella), Woolworths (Old Reynella) and Coles (Southgate Plaza, Morphett Vale). Southgate plaza is great, very accessible, popular but not overly busy.


    beaches - lots and lots and lots of those are within 10 mins drive away. We're far enough away so the prices are more reasonable but close enough that we can still get to them all. This is driving times, not walking times. Fave beaches are Christies Beach, Port Noarlunga Beach, Brighton and OSullivam Beach (last one is a doggie friendsly beach)


    sports - bloody everywhere!!!! Sports centres, after school clubs, swimming pools, gyms...they are everywhere!


    Expats? Mostly poms in he vicinity but large numbers of poms nearby so easy to find people who want a coffee.


    housing. Only 3 double storeys that I can think of, mostly 3 or 4 bed places, gardens are reasonable, no 'scruffy areas' that I can think of although it is slightly noisier nearer the school for obvious reasons.

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    1) Close to Beaches...Seacliff/Brighton/Glenelg minutes away

    2) Houses...Good mixture of sizes and styles

    3) PPL...We seem to be the only poms in our street

    4) Transport...Train/Bus/Tram...easy access to city

    5) Warradale...Great pub...they almost know what pint i want when i walk in!!

    6) Peacefull...Being so close yet still far enough away

    7) Commute...10 mins to where i work

    8) Shops...Close to Marion (huge!!) and as said the city/noarlunga/ glenelg

    9) Park...Lots of parks incl tennis/basket ball/football


    Not exactly suburb related....


    10) Friends...Priceless.



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